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Heat injury cases remain low; Better ways to cool body
13 August 2018

The Straits Times carried two articles which focused on expert insights on heat stroke. Among the commentators is LKCMedicine Assistant Dean for Research and Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology Fabian Lim, who has studied heat-related injuries for more than 20 years. The first focused on heat-related injuries in the general population, which despite rising temperatures, remain low. Assoc Prof Lim highlighted that there are two types of heatstroke: the classical type, which affects the whole population due to a heatwave, and exertional, which occurs when physical activity is involved. 

The second article covered ways in which militaries like the SAF can improve the ways to treat heat injuries. Assoc Prof Lim pointed in particular to the contributing role of a compromised immune system, a risk factor that has only emerged recently. A compromised immune system can be a result of recent illness, being sleep-deprived for a period of time, or having prolonged intensive training without sufficient recovery time, he said.

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