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NTU scientists improve effectiveness of antibiotics

31 March 2016

The effectiveness of antibiotics could be enhanced by disrupting the cell-to-cell communication between bacteria and their ability to latch on to each other, said scientists from NTU. The findings will be a “major step forward” in tackling the growing concern of antibiotic resistance, opening up new treatment options for doctors to help patients fight against chronic and persistent bacterial infections, they added. Led by Asst Prof Yang Liang from SCELSE at NTU, the study found that a community of bacteria - known as biofilm - can put up a strong line of defence to resist antibiotics. Assoc Prof Kevin Pethe, an expert in antibiotic development and infectious diseases from LKCMedicine, said while the scientific community is developing new types of antibiotics and antimicrobial treatments, this discovery may help to buy time by improving the effectiveness of older drugs. Moving forward, the team will seek more ways to improve the efficiency of antibiotics for persistent infections. See news release.

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