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New find may help docs in war on diabetes

​​27 May 2016

Singapore is waging war on diabetes, and a new discovery by scientists here could arm doctors with the knowledge to better fight the disease. A widely known red flag of diabetes is elevated blood glucose levels. But scientists from LKCMedicine have found that for a specific group of diabetic patients, there could be another indicator: a higher than usual count of a type of lipid or fat that has yet to be named. Still, the discovery of the unusual lipid is encouraging because it could help patients predisposed to diabetes take preventive care, as there is no cure for diabetes. The research is led by Professor of Metabolic Medicine Bernhard Boehm, who is also the scientific director of the Singapore Phenome Centre at the university. Prof Boehm said people used to think that diabetes is just about sugar, and how insulin becomes less efficient at controlling it. But other compounds, such as amino acids or lipids, can play a big role, even in the early phases of the disease process.

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