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Tackling the Zika virus

5 September 2016

LKCMedicine scientists share their latest research that may help to tackle the Zika virus and give their insights on what is likely to happen. Fighting the Zika virus in the lab, researchers in Singapore have joined the war against Zika to create better ways to diagnose, understand and treat the disease and to stop its spread. The holy grail would therefore be to develop drugs or vaccines that can stop it. To that end, LKCMedicine Nanyang Assistant Professor Luo Dahai and his colleagues have spent the past year researching the virus. The expert in the molecular biology of viruses wants to understand the functions of certain Zika proteins and their next step would be to screen for drug-like molecules that can inhibit or stop its function.

In her commentary, LKCMedicine Professor of Infectious Diseases Annelies Wilder-Smith said that unlike Ebola and other infectious diseases, it always seemed to be a question of when, not if, a Zika outbreak would occur in Singapore. There is an immediate need for effective preventive strategies, new treatments and, ideally, a vaccine to help the people who are affected.

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