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​First LKCMedicine Open Day welcomes 1,200 visitors

Published on: 03-Aug-2019


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By popular demand from prospective students, LKCMedicine today organised its first-ever Open Day to showcase the MBBS experience, particularly on its Novena campus through talks, hands-on demonstrations, immersive activities and up-close interactions with faculty, students and alumni doctors. Many expressed their interest to visit, right up to the minute before the doors were opened.

The Open Day was packed with all-day action over nine floors, with the research labs on level 12 opening to prospective students and parents for the first time.

There were also scheduled talks and activities such as A First-Class Education Talk in the Ong Tiong Tat & Irene Tan Liang Kheng Auditorium and the Team-Based Learning Demo in the Learning Studio at three timeslots while Anatomy in LKCMedicine Curriculum Lecture in the Anatomy Lab and the Career in Medicine Dialogue with our alumni at the Medical Library took place at two timeslots.

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The Dean Professor James Best welcomed the over-400 audience members in the Auditorium at the first two talks before touching on the achievements and respected standing of the School, not only in terms of education but also research. "I am delighted to see you, the students, here because you could be part of the future of LKCMedicine, which is off to a fantastic start and promise to get even better in the years ahead. With the population living healthier for longer, we're expecting our students to have 50-year careers in medicine."

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Vice-Dean for Clinical Affairs Professor Pang Weng Sun and Vice-Dean for Education Professor Naomi Low-Beer then followed with an overview of the MBBS course, admission requirements, pedagogy, tuition fees, and scholarships. The last admissions and curriculum talk was delivered by Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee, Assistant Dean for year 4.

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Both the "Career in Medicine" Dialogues hosted by Assistant Dean for Year 5 Associate Professor Tham Kum Ying and Professor Pang with graduates from the Classes of 2018 and 2019 were oversubscribed, with participants encouraged to address their burning questions to the young doctors directly.

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Many visitors had a go at the School's innovative Team-based Learning offered at Level 5. All three sessions for the day had good response from prospective students and parents curious about the engaging pedagogy.

There were also all-day Research Showcase, which displayed the research studies of Associate Professor of Molecular Medicine Wang Xiaomeng, Assistant Professor of Metabolic Disease Yusuf Ali, Associate Professor of Human and Microbial Genetics Eric Yap, Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology Tom Carney and Nanyang Assistant Professor Xia Yun.

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Level 7 was given over largely to anatomy matters with Head of Anatomy Assistant Professor Reddy Mogali's Anatomy in LKCMedicine Curriculum Lectures likewise seeing overwhelming attendance. The Anatomy Challenge showcase and Science Practicals also welcomed a steady stream of curious visitors who tried answering an anatomy quiz, as well as ageing and colour-blindness simulations.

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The Communication Suites on Level 6, and the Practical Skills Lab & Simulated Ward on Level 5 were very popular stopping points on every visitor's Open Day itinerary as well, with the staff, students and Simulated Patients barely able to enjoy a breather.

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The students of LKCMedicine were able to use the entire Level 8 to showcase Student Life, the Community Involvement Projects, Imperial Immersion Week and Elective experiences as well as their multi-faceted talent in the form of band, duet and a cappella performances. Prospective students could also ask current students about what it's like to study medicine at the School, either directly or through the scheduled talks. There were also popcorn and candy floss, as well as a photo booth to liven the atmosphere.

It wasn't all fun show-and-tell though. Those wanting to get down to finding out about getting into LKCMedicine as well as the research that students do would have benefited from checking in at the Admissions, Scholarships & Financial Aid booth, as well as the Scholarly Project Posters on Level 4.

All in all, it was a jam-packed inaugural Open Day which was very well-received. We look forward to welcoming many of the same faces we saw today back as LKCMedicine students.

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