NTU upcycles felled trees into sculptures and furniture


Dozens of roadside trees felled to make way for LKCMedicine’s Novena home and new campus buildings on NTU’s main campus have been given a new lease of life: as beautiful sculptures and furniture. In an exhibition called NTU Trees: Upcycled to open on Monday at the new extension, more than 50 works by artists, designers, faculty, alumni and students made from these fallen trees are on show. Cultural Medallion recipient and veteran sculptor Han Sai Por created four pieces, including one that looks like books stacked one on top of the other; while a visiting artist from Italy and a faculty member of the university's School of Art, Design and Media, Fabrizio Galli, made two impressive semi-circular, high- backed benches. The furniture was created out of 77 trees and 10 branches that were salvaged from NTU's main campus and the two new buildings of the LKCMedicine. The exhibition is curated by Ms Faith Teh, 43, deputy director and head of the NTU Museum, and Ms Caroline Pang, 47, deputy director and head of the medical library and heritage centre at LKCMedicine.

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