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NTU unveils new book to mark 5th anniversary of Singapore’s newest medical school
1 December 2015



NTU launches book to mark the heritage of Singapore’s newest medical school
15 December 2014

New $100 million Rehabilitation Research Institute of Singapore established by NTU, A*STAR and NHG
26 September 2014 

NTU gene research promises better treatment procedures for children with leukaemia
14 August 2014

NTU increases its intake of medicine students
13 August 2014

Respected medical leader appointed as new Dean of NTU's joint medical school with Imperial College London
7 July 2014

NTU and TTSH to prepare healthcare workers for the next infectious disease outbreak
25 June 2014

NTU medical school’s integrated research strategy to meet Singapore’s healthcare
needs of tomorrow

11 February 2014



NTU holds inaugural White Coat Ceremony
15 August 2013

Imperial connection draws top students to NTU’s new medical school
3 July 2013

Plastic realistic: NTU medical students to use plastinated human bodies for anatomy learning
23 May 2013

Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine first in Southeast Asia to have cutting-edge tool for virtual dissection
26 March 2013

Toh Kian Chui Foundation makes S$20 million gift to Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
22 February 2013



Lee Foundation makes $150 million gift to NTU's new medical school
4 January 2011



Imperial and NTU's new medical school aspires to be global healthcare role model in meeting Singapore's future healthcare needs
29 October 2010

New Singapore Medical school to be created by Imperial and Singapore Technological University
(Source: Imperial College London)
1 September 2010

New medical school to start in 2013 
(Source: Ministry of Education)
1 September 2010​​