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The GDSM curriculum combines online lectures and workshops to cater to the needs of 
me​dical doctors, who have to maintain operation of their clinics concurrently. The ratio of online (72 hours) to contact-hours (53 hours), therefore, balances competency development with flexibility for participants. To complement the online mode of teaching, students will also have access to consultation-sessions with the respective facilitator for each module.

The practical components of the programme comprise workshops held at LKCMedicine’s Novena campus on weekends and clinical / field attachments. Clinical attachments will be offered at participating Sports Medicine clinics.  

  • ​Facu​lty​​​​

    The faculty for the programme includes mainly Sports Medicine Specialists, Senior Sports Physiotherapists, Exercise and Sport Scientists and other allied health professionals from across Singapore. Beside the Singapore Sport & Exercise Medicine Centre @ Changi General Hospital, we are proud to have the support of other participating healthcare institutions in delivering the programme.

    The GDSM syllabus and programme have been reviewed by Professor Peter Brukner, who is Professor of Sports Medicine at La Trobe University and Visiting Professor at LKCMedicine. Professor Brukner is a highly respected Sports Medicine practitioner and academic and his textbook is the primary source of reference for major Sports Medicine programmes internationally.

    Programme Director: Associate Professor Fabian Lim, Assistant Dean for Research and Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology, LKCMedicine

    Course Director (Clinical): Adjunct Associate Professor Roger Tian, Senior Consultant, Singapore Sport & Exercise Medicine Centre @ Changi General Hospital

    Deputy Course Director (Clinical): Dr Lim Ang Tee, Registrar, Singapore Sport & Exercise Medicine Centre @ Changi General Hospital

  • ​Clinical / Field Attachments

    Students will be attached to sports medicine departments at participating sports medicine clinics to observe sports medicine clinicians practising on actual cases. Where possible, and if there are suitable ongoing sporting events, the clinical attachment will also include medical cover of sporting events.
  • Summary Training

    Students are expected to undergo training to support and help them in preparing for the examination. It comprises lectures, practical demonstrations and clinical skills assessment. ​

    Download details of the GDSM programme syllabus here​
    Download the GDSM programme calendar for the July 2020 intake here​​​.
  • Assessment & Examin​ations​

    1. Continuous Assessment for each module via multiple choice question (MCQ)
    2. Clinical Skills testing musculoskeletal physical examination techniques
    3. Final Examination
        (a) Written paper of MCQs and Short Answer Questions
        (b) Objective Structured Clinical Examination
    4. To be eligible for the final examination, students must fulfil ALL of the following 
        (a) Obtain a Pass grade for the continuous and clinical skills assessments 
        (b) Completed clinical attachment
        (c) Participate in all workshops and summary training

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