Our integrated multi-disciplinary curriculum aims to lay a firm foundation in the basic medical sciences whilst equipping you with the skills you need to practise medicine to the highest professional standards.

Our curriculum incorporates 3 key cross-cutting themes which span the 5-year programme:

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Years 1 and 2: Integrated Science in a Medical Context

In Years 1 and 2 you will encounter systems-based teaching blocks that emphasise the relevance of the scientific basis of medicine to clinical practice. Clinical scenarios highlight the connections with scientific principles and bridge across the disciplines of physiology, biochemistry, anatomy and genetics. In the classroom, you will learn through our distinctive Team-Based Learning pedagogy and hands-on practicals. Contact with patients begins in the first weeks of medical school, and through courses in integrated clinical practice, medical humanities and a long-term patient project, you will develop foundational skills in patient care, learning to appreciate illness and healthcare from the patient’s perspective.

Year 3: Core Clinical Medicine in Practice

In Year 3 you will be attached to clinical teams in hospitals across Singapore, developing core skills in General Medicine, General Surgery, and related specialties. Core tutors guide your academic learning, and you will develop and hone your clinical and professional skills through supervised interactions with patients, teaching ward rounds and tutorials. In between clinical postings, the whole year group comes together for campus teaching weeks,
focusing on cross-cutting themes such as professionalism, clinical communication, ethics, patient safety, pathology and pharmacology.


Year 4: Medicine for All Stages of Life & in Diverse Settings 

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In Year 4 you will start the year with a 6-week Scholarly project in which you will develop your scientific skills and explore the boundaries of medical knowledge. Much of this time will be spent in Novena's healthcare facilities, our Clinical Sciences Building, and also the research labs at our Experimental Medicine Building. You will then undertake postings in a range of specialties, where the focus is on medicine for all stages of life (including Family Medicine, Obstetrics, Paediactrics, and Geriatrics), as well as in diverse settings including Primary Care, Rehabilitation Medicine and Emergency Medicine. You will experience care integration through exposure to step-down hospitals and rehabilitation centres.


Year 5: Preparing for Practice as a Doctor


In Year 5 you will undertake an Elective block, gaining experience of healthcare in another country, and a home Selective, during which you may choose to enhance your clinical experience or undertake research. Following the successful completion of the final examinations, the final stage of the curriculum is a 12-week period of supervised apprenticeships or ‘Student Assistantship Programme', including postings in Medicine, Surgery and Family Medicine. This will ensure that all LKCMedicine graduates are prepared for practice as clinically competent doctors and future medical leaders.


Our course highlights include:

  • ​Team-Based Learning as an interactive and engaging alternative to lectures, through which you will develop skills in team work, communication and leadership. It is a very structured learning approach in which there will be many opportunities to consolidate theoretical knowledge and get doubts clarified by content experts
  • Hands-on science and laboratory practical classes to strengthen theoretical knowledge and explore laboratory techniques
  • Mobile, paperless learning, with curriculum materials and timetables available 24/7 via your iPad
  • Extensive use of simulation and simulated patients to develop and hone your clinical and communication skills
  • A Scholarly Project which gives you the opportunity to undertake a research project or area of scholarship
  • An emphasis on rehabilitation medicine that enables you to follow a patient’s journey from an acute hospital to community setting
  • An e-Portfolio for you to log your learning experiences, record your clinical assessments, and receive instant feedback from your tutors


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