MERSU Events



2017 MERSU Events
​31 May Empathy: Interventions and measurement instruments
​26 April ​UNITY 101 – A hands-on introduction to a free software to develop visualizations, games and simulations
​28 Mar ​​Maximising the benefits of simulated patients
​7 Mar Seminar: ​Teaching quality improvement in medical​​
​16 Feb Seminar: Innovative efforts in health communication 
​11 - 15 Ja​n Conference: LKCMedicine at 14th Asia-Pacific Medical Education Conference
​10 Jan ​Seminar: Building a program of scholarship in medical education - opportunities and challenges


2016 MERSU Events
​18 - 20 Nov Association of Standardised Patients Asia-Pacific Conference 2016
​14 Nov Seminar: Designing a scientific poster
​27 - 31 Aug Association for Medical Education in Europle Conference 2016
​27 Apr​ Seminar: For Better or worse - Context influences diagnostic accuracy
9 Mar ​​Seminar: Education on the move - quo Vadis 2030?
​28 Jan Workshop: Qualitative research workshops
​26 Jan Seminar: Talking the talk - The role of language in professional identity formation
​25 Jan ​​​Workshop: Writing workshops
​13 - 17 Jan Conference: 13th Asia-Pacific Medical Education Conference


2015 MERSU Events​​​ ​
​20 Oct ​Seminar: Educational Scholarship - What is it and why is it important?
​15 Oct Seminar: Theorising identity - Generational​ differences in the negotiation of discursive shifts
​14 Oct ​​Seminar: At the intersection of organisational practices and learning - Discourses of collaboration and construct of team learning​
​22 Jul Seminar: Effects of time pressure on diagnostic reasoning​
​6 May ​​Seminar: Conversation analysis - The study of communication and interaction
​10 Mar ​​​Seminar: Communication and professionalism in medical teaching
​4 Mar ​​Seminar: Using photos and text analysis for qualitative research
​4 - 8 Feb Conference: 12th Asia-Pacific Medical Education Conference
​3 Feb Launch of MERSU