MERSU: People

The members of MERSU bring about a wealth of professional experiences from their dynamic international perspectives.

MERSU Fellows​

Claire Ann Canning
Senior Lecturer, Office of Medical Education

Shenna Chong
Assistant Manager, Medical Education Research & Scholarship Unit

Paul Gagnon
Director, E-Learning & Instructional Systems and Services

Naomi Low-Beer
Vice-Dean (Education)

Sreenivasulu Reddy Mogali
Assistant Professor and Head of Anatomy

Preman Rajalingam
Deputy Director, Head of Educational Development and TBL Facilitation

Lucy Victoria Rosby
Senior Lecturer, Medical Education

Jerome Rotgans
Assistant Professor Medical Education Research, LKCMedicine
Lead for Course Evaluation, LKCMedicine 
Study Skills Counsellor (Lead), LKCMedicine
Adjunct Associate Professor, Erasmus University Medical Centre, IMERR
Editor, Health Processions Education​

Shien Chue
Research Fellow, Medical Education Research & Scholarship Unit
Tanya Tierney
Assistant Dean, Clinical Communication Training and Student Welfare

Nabil Zary
Visiting Associate Professor
Acting Director, Medical Education Research & Scholarship Unit
Co-Director, Games for Health Innovations Centre,
Visiting Associate Professor, Centre for Research & Development in Learning

MERSU Alumni​
Kathryn Cockett
Education Associate, Office of Medical Education

David Lloyd
Statistician, Office of Medical Education