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PhD by Research Programme


The LKCMedicine PhD by Research Programme​ admits students from a variety of backgrounds – natural science, medicine, social science and engineering,  and exposes them to a range of topics and disciplines such that on completion, graduates will have a deep knowledge and appreciation of b​oth translatable and translational medical research methods.
It is designed to train and equip students with essential skills that will enable them to conduct cutting-edge research in one of the following domains:
  • ​Lifespan Medicine
  • Population Medicine
  • Medical Biology
  • Medical Engineering
  • Medical Education Research
The four-year programme has three distinctive features: 
distinctive-features (Custom1).png 
Students are expected to complete the programme in four years. The programme is open to applicants who are keen to pursue PhD studies on a full-time or part-time basis (self-financing).
The minimum and maximum candidatures are as follows:*
  • Full-time: minimum 3 and maximum 5 years
  • Part-time: minimum 3 and maximum 7 years
  • Full-time and Part-time: minimum 3 and maximum 5 years
    (For students admitted from AY2020-21)​
Click here​ for the PhD by Research programme brochure. 

For enquiries, please email to
* NOTE: The above details are subject to change without prior notice. ​​​​​​​​

From the PhD Programme Director 
phillip-ingham shot (Custom1).png

​​"Biomedical science is becoming increasingly complex, requiring ​​researchers who are adaptable and able to work across multiple disciplines. The LKCMedicine PhD by Research Programme is designed to prepare students for the challenges of this exciting and rapidly changing field. From the outset, our students are exposed to a range of experimental and analytical techniques, through the research group rotations and the core and elective modules. The Clinical and Global Awareness attachments provide unique experiences that help establish the context of our reseaerch. We are confident that our graduates will leave the School well equipped to become the research leaders of tomorrow.​"

Professor Philip Ingham FRS
PhD Programme Director
Toh Kian Chui Distinguished Professor and 
Professor of Developmental Biology
Principal Investigator, Developmental Genetics Laboratory

Student Testimonials 
lee-shuen-yee (Custom).png

​ ​
"The LKCMedicine PhD by Research Programme comes from a medical school that is a marriage between two top universities, Imperial College London and Nanyang Technological University, ensuring an endless stream of opportunities for translational medical research and collaborations."

Dr Lee Shuen Yee 
Class of 2020

​​barnaby (Custom).png

"The modules have been useful in exposing me to new technologies and study methodologies. I was able to think about my chosen topic in depth and from many different angles and intend to apply this new knowledge to my clinical research projects beyond my PhD."

Dr Barnaby Young
Clinical Appointment
PhD Candidate, Class of 2020​​

"The research atmosphere at LKCMedicine is world-class. I particularly love that there are no barriers between various lab groups and everyone is a part of a big warm scientific family. By the end of this journey, I hope to achieve scientific excellence in my field of research as well as kick-start a career in academia."
Kelly Wong Li Lin 
PhD Candidate, Class of 2021 
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