Available PhD Projects


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Students’ research proposals should be aligned with one of LKCMedicine’s research themes - Metabolic Disorders, Infection and Immunity, Neuroscience and Mental Health, and Dermatology and Skin Biology. We invite prospective applicants to select a research project from the following list of offerings.

As the programme requires students to perform two laboratory rotations in Year 1, you may select two mini-projects from the following list. You will however only need to choose one of the two mini-projects as the thesis project after completing the rotations. Your research is to be conducted in the laboratories of NTU or Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine and/or other laboratories and organisations under special arrangements or agreements with NTU or LKCMedicine.

Here is a list of available PhD projects:
Health Systems and Population Health
Associate Professor Josip Car

Assistant Professor Lorainne Tudor Car
​Infection and Immunity​
Assistant Professor Sanjay Chotirmall​

Assistant Professor Guan Xueli

Associate Professor Fabian Lim

Assistant Professor Luo Dahai

Associate Professor Kevin Pethe

Assistant Professor Navin Verma

Associate Professor Eric Yap
​Metabolic Disorders​
Professor Bernhard Boehm

Professor Michael Ferenczi

Professor Sven Petterson

Professor Water Wahli

Associate Professor Fabian Lim

Assistant Professor Wang Xiaomeng

Assistant Professor Yusuf Ali

​Neuroscience and Mental Health
Professor Annabel Chen

​​​Professor Balazs Gulyas
Professor Dean Nizetic

Associate Professor Chew Sing Yian

Associate Professor Suresh Jesuthasan

Assistant Professor Anna Barron

Assistant Professor Ch'ng Toh Hean

Assistant Professor Christine Cheung

Assistant Professor Foo Jia Nee

Assistant Professor Hiroshi Makino

Assistant Professor Yasunori Saheki

Applicants are strongly encouraged to contact the supervisors directly if they are interested in the projects or have any enquiries relating to a project before making a formal application. Applicants who wish to explore project opportunities in areas not listed above, please approach the relevant research faculty.
Applicants who have chosen research projects with a co-supervisor from Imperial College London, will need to spend between 12 and 18 months at Imperial. The School will cover all administrative costs associated with the attachment and the student is responsible for his/her travel and living expenses.​

For enquiries, you may e-mail to gradprog_LKCMedicine@ntu.edu.sg.

NOTE: The above details are subject to change without prior notice.