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The LKCMedicine PhD by research programme is designed to train and equip students with essential skills in research that address the School’s key research themes – Metabolic Disorders, Infection and Immunity, Neuroscience and Mental Health, and Dermatology and Skin Biology. Students receive broad exposure to a wide range of expertise within the School and NTU before specialising in their chosen research area.

LKCMedicine PhD students must complete the following:

​Year 1


  • 2 core modules (6 AUs)
  • 2 elective modules (6 AUs)
  • 1 two-week Global Health Awareness attachment (not applicable to clinical students pursuing laboratory-based research)
  • 2 four-month laboratory rotations (applicable to non-clinical students)
  • 1 two-week Clinical Awareness attachment (not applicable to clinical students)
  • Epigeum Research Integrity Online Programme for Biomedical Sciences (online course)
  • HWG703 Graduate English (subject to possible exemption. Students must pass the course before enrolling for HWG702)
  • HWG702 Teaching Assistant Programme
  • Information Literacy Programme
  • Attendance at Research Seminars
  • Online Courses on Research Ethics
    NOTE: With effect from January 2017, it is mandatory for every student to register the online course offered by the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative Programme (CITI​) through NTU Institutional Review Board. Students are required to choose “Biomedical Research Investigators” as the required course. Students shall subscribe directly to CITI as a PhD student of NTU.
  • Exemption of Modules
    Students are required to satisfy a minimum of 3 graded courses, and abide by the minimum candidature period before they are allowed to graduate. Students must write in and seek approval from the Associate Provost (Graduate Education), through the School. The request must be supported by the supervisor and School.
  • Click here to view Core and Elective Modules.
Students will be assessed on the following during Year 1:
  1. Performance in in-course assessment and/or written examinations of the modules conducted at the end of each semester
  2. Quality of written reports and presentations of the rotation projects. Results (if any) of each mini-project should be written in the form of a scientific paper (1 to 2-page), for evaluation at the PhD Qualifying Examination in due course.
  3. Quality of written reports (1000 to 1500 words) of the Global Health and Clinical Awareness attachments
Pass the PhD Qualifying Examination between 12 to 18  months from the start date of candidature. The examination includes: i) literature review, ii) research proposal and iii) a report on research undertaken to date. Oral presentations are also required for items ii) and iii).


​Years 2 & 3
  • Commence main research project and choose one of the following Pathways:

    Pathway 1 - Mainstream
    - Complete at least two specialised advanced modules
    - Undertake project at LKCMedicine with a short overseas placement (three to six months) in Year 3

    Pathway 2 - Industry aligned
    - Complete at least two specialised advanced modules
    - Undertake project at LKCMedicine with industrial placement (six to 12 months) in Year 3

    Pathway 3 - Dual centre
    - Complete at least two specialised advanced modules
    - Undertake project conducted at LKCMedicine and Imperial College London (12 to 18 months) from second half of Year 2 to Year 3
Any additional costs associated with the overseas attachment are to be borne by the students.
Specialised advanced modules is conducted for no more than 12 hours and it is not graded. For a list of all specialised advanced modules, click here.


​Year 4
  • Attendance at Research Seminars
  • Students on all three pathways complete their main project at LKCMedicine and prepare their thesis for submission.
  • The PhD Thesis Examination consists of thesis, thesis defence in the form of an open seminar followed by a closed viva voce examination.



Please note that the above details are subject to change without prior notice.