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Centre for Population Health Sciences

The Centre for Population Health Sciences (CePHaS), hosted by the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine), was launched by Health Minister Gan Kim Yong on May 6, 2016. CePHaS is currently headed by its Founding Director, Associate Professor Josip Car.

Founded in 2016, our mission is to transform, and where needed, challenge the conventions of the way health education, prevention, healthcare delivery, treatments, and diagnostics occur. Through our ideas, work and research, we aim to drive innovations that seek to transform health care at various levels – from policy and health systems to accessible, affordable and high quality care – in order to ultimately improve the health of the population.

At CePHaS, we acknowledge that the most pressing challenges in population health, such as the dramatic increase of chronic conditions, require more than a single-discipline approach. We are a multidisciplinary, international and dedicated group of clinicians, scientists, and researchers working from Singapore with local, regional and global focus through various partnerships and collaborations. Active areas of research include digital health, digital education, and health services and outcomes research.  

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Our Aim

We aim to impact the 4 pillars of population health: chronic care management, quality and safety, public health, and health policy.

Through our work, we:

  • Inform policy makers about the optimal future of healthcare
  • Develop new approaches and find innovative ways to solve complex health problems in today’s world
  • Aspire to lead in digital health, digital education and health services and outcomes research, in order to impact health and healthcare and be a catalyst for changes

Bringing discoveries into people’s lives and health systems –

for healthy families, communities and populations​


Join us!
CePHaS is a dynamic and ambitious team, committed to excellence and hungry to making a difference in population health in Singapore and beyond. We come from a wide range of disciplines including medicine, public health, life sciences, nursing, pharmacy, economics, psychology, sociology, engineering, computing, statistics, etc. We collaborate widely across LKCMedicine and Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, and our partner university, Imperial College London. We also work closely with the local Ministries and health institutions, and international industries and organisations, including the World Health Organisation.

Contact us at for more information.​

Or reach us at our social media pages:
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