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Setting up a joint partnership at the opening ceremony of the Singapore Health & Biomedical Congress 2016
​The Centre for Primary Health Care Research and Innovation is a joint initiative between Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine (LKCMedicine) and National Healthcare Group (NHG) that launched in September 2017. The Centre promotes innovative research and evaluation to strengthen and expand the contribution of Family Medicine and Primary Health Care to the well-being of patients and their carers. One of the ways it does this is by awarding seedcorn  funding for research in the following three broad areas:

  • ​Chronic disease and multi-morbidity
  • Development and evaluation of new interventions, including ways of preventing disease and delivering care
  • Patient involvement in the areas of self-management and user experience in healthcare improvement

Steering Committee & Scientific Advisory Board

The Centre is headed by a Steering Committee and supported by a Scientific Advisory Board, comprising members who are acclaimed in their respective fields of interests:

  • Steering Committee​

    Professor James Best (Chairperson)
    Dean and President's Chair in Medicine 
    Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

    Professor Helen Smith (Director)

    Professor of Family Medicine & Primary Care
    Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

    A/Prof Chong Phui-Nah (Director)

    Chief Executive Officer
    National Healthcare Group Polyclinics

    A/Prof Konstadina Griva
    Centre for Health Population Sciences
    Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine

    Professor Philip Choo
    Group Chief Executive Officer
    National Healthcare Group 

    A/Prof Lim Tock Han
    Deputy Group Chief Executive Officer, 
    Education and Research 
    National Healthcare Group

    Dr Lee Suan Yew
    Family Physician
    SY Clinic, Singapore

    Dr Lee Yike Voon
    Singapore Medical Association

    A/Prof Tan Sze Lee
    College of Family Physicians, Singapore

    A/Prof Yeo Tsin Wen
    Associate Professor of Infectious Disease and
    PhD Programme Lead for Global Health Awareness Attachment

    Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine
  • Scientific Advisory Board​

    Professor Jane Gunn
    Professor of Primary Care Research​
    University of Melbourne, Australia

    Professor Kamlesh Khunti
    Professor of Primary Care Diabetes & Vascular Medicine
    University of Leicester, United Kingdom 

    Professor Louise Robinson
    Professor of Primary Care & Ageing
    Director of Newcastle Institute of Ageing, United Kingdom

    Professor Martin Dawes
    Professor of Family Practice
    University of British Columbia, Canada 

    Professor Ng Kirk Jenn
    Professor of Primary Care Medicine
    University of Malaya, Malaysia

    Dr Benjamin Koh
    Deputy Secretary, Development
    Ministry of Health, Singapore

  •  ​​​​

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