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Medical Education Research

Like new treatment methods in clinical medicine, medical education needs to be evidence-based rather than based on tradition and convenience. Educational research is essential for finding new and better ways to educate health professionals.

Working with partners from across the world, this programme through LKCMedicine’s Medical Education Research and Scholarship Unit (MERSU) focuses on rigorous, theory-driven research which progresses knowledge of the cognitive, social, systems and material influences on learning and performance throughout the continuum of medical education, training and practice. We support important research which has immediate impact on national, regional and international practice and policy as well as more theoretical work which paves the way for changing thinking.

The key domains of medical education research at LKCMedicine are fundamentally interdisciplinary and include: performance and assessment at medical school and within the clinical workplace; clinical and diagnostic reasoning; emerging technology and innovation; and influences on medical career choices.

MERSU also focuses on building a strong research environment and fostering a culture of collaborative and scholarly thinking in medical education and aligned with the ethos of LKCMedicine.

Primary Faculty


Vice-Dean, Education
Jennifer CLELAND
Professor of Medical Education Research

Assistant Professor of 
Medical Education Resea
Sreenivasulu Reddy MOGALI
PI, Clinical Anatomy & Medical Education

Joint & Adjunct Faculty

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