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Open Grant Calls

MOH Chronic D​iseases Management Grant Call

MOH National Innovation Challenge on Active & Confident Ageing

Application period
18 Sep - 15 Oct 2018

Expected result date
Mar 2019​

Translational research and innovations that could:
  • Identify seniors who currently have chronic diseases; and
  • Develop new care models and intervention programmes that are effective, have lower costs and provide quality of care.

Challenge Statement 
To develop a scalable intervention programme for seniors with chronic diseases that achieves significantly better measurable outcomes as compared with current approaches, in terms of improving adherence to management and disease control, identification of higher risk groups for additional interventions, reducing hospitalisations, empowering patients and care-givers for enhanced quality of life.

Project phases
  • ​Design phase (Proof-of-concept)
  • Development phase (Proof-of-value)
  • Implementation phase (Test-bedding) - at least one year
Project teams will have the flexibility to decide the time allocated to the phases

About National Innovation Challenge on Active & Confident Ageing Scheme
It seeks to catalyse innovative ideas and research in Singapore that can transform the experience of ageing in Singapore, tomorrow. It comprises of three key research thrusts:
  • ​Ageing in place - live independent lives despite physical frailty
  • Lengthening of health span - delay onset of disease and disability
  • Productive longevity - lead economically and socially active lives

Grant eligibility
  • Eligibility: All public, private or non-profit institutions, including healthcare providers, research institutes and institutes of higher learning.
  • Prerequisite: Implementation partner (e.g. service provider, community organisation) to test-bed proposed solutions.

Duration & amount
  • Amount: 80% of approved qualifying costs (no maximum cap) + 20% indirect research cost
  • Duration: 3 years (with possible 1 year extension)

Competitive Research Grant (21st call)

NRF Competitive Research Programme

Application period
27 Aug - 12 Oct 2018

Expected result date


NRF CRP grant scheme funds use-inspired basic research that is novel with potential for scientific breakthroughs. It supports ideas in all areas of science and technology, including Health & Biomedical Sciences (HBMS).

The focus of the scheme is on projects that have both intellectual and practical impact. Therefore, developmental or incremental projects where scientific breakthroughs have already been achieved do not fit well with the CRP scheme. On the other hand, proposed research should not be curosity driven - instead, they should be motivated by an important need or problem to be solved with a clear indication of potential applications that will arise from the research.

Firm industrial involvement is not required at the point of submission but letters of support from industry can be considered advantageous if these clearly convey industry's interest in the project and confirms relevance of the basic research project.

The internal review process is now optional with immediate effect. As such, the PI will decide if he/she will require the NTU CRP Panel’s advice. If the PI deems that this advice is not required, the PI will be allowed to submit his/her proposal directly to NRF through RSO once the NRF CRP grant call is open for application.

The 21st CRP grant call will be launched on 27 Aug 2018, 9am for application on Integrated Grant Management System (IGMS) and close on 12 Oct 2018, 12pm. Please refer to the attached grant call documents for the latest application documents for 21st CRP Grant Call. All interested PIs are to ensure that their team members i.e. PI, Co-I, Team PIs have activated their CorpPass and IGMS accounts in order to submit an application in IGMS (IGMS account not required for collaborators).

Click here for grantsmanship tips from past CRP awardees.

PIs from publicly funded Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), Research Institutions and Medical Institutions in Singapore are eligible to participate in the call. Private sector and other entities can participate as collaborators.

Lead and Team PI(s) must fulfil the following requirements at the point of application and throughout the project duration:

  • Hold a primary appointment (minimum time commitment of 9 months per year) in a local publicly funded institution;
  • Have a laboratory or research programme that carries out research in Signapore;
  • Be an independent PI with track record of leadership ability in coordinating research programme(s) and providing mentorship to research team(s), as well as having productive research outcomes; and
  • No outstanding reports from other national grants.

Duration & amount
  • Duration: Up to 5 years
  • Funding: No funding cap but total requested budget should reflect realistic estimation of project needs (​Recent CRP awards to NTU: Moderate budgets between $4m to 6m)


​NRF Intra CREATE Seed Collaboration Grant (4th grant call)​

NRF Intra-CREATE Seed Fund

Application period
12 Sep - 31 Oct 2018

Expected result date

The Intra-CREATE Grants aim to generate an impetus for collaborations to form between researchers from CREATE Partner Institutions co-located in Singapore, in order to achieve greater impact from collaborative research efforts.

Thematic areas include (1) urban systems, (2) environment systems, (3) energy systems and (4) human systems.

The grant call is open to researchers from CREATE Programmes and CREATE Partner Institutions (including NTU Singapore), and Singapore AUs and research institutions to conduct research as part of the CREATE programmes.

Lead PIs
  • Each proposal must identify 2 Lead PIs with different primary institutional affiliations;
  • Lead PIs must have a CREATE Partner Institution or CREATE CLG as their primary institutional affiliation OR currently be a PI in CREATE Programmes;
  • At least 1 Lead PI msut have a CREATE CLG or the respective overseas partner home institution as his/her primary institutional affilitiation.
Host Institution
  • Each proposal must nominate a Host Institution from 1 onf the following instutitions to take responsibility for the management of the project: BEARS, CARES, NTU, NUS, SEC, SHARE, SMART or TUM-CREATE.
  • Each proposal must be endorsed by both the Host Institution and the second Lead PI's affiliated institution.

Duration & amount
  • Each Intra-CREATE Seed Collaboration award will support up to S$250k per project, inclusive of all chargeable costs (e.g. indirect costs), over an 18 month period.
  • Funding support of 20% of the total qualifying approved direct costs will be provided as indirect costs.

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