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Open Grant Calls

National Medical Research Council (NMRC) May 19 grant call

The National Medical Research Council (NMRC) May 19 grant call is now OPEN.

Applications will be via the Integrated Grant Management System (IGMS).

Important note: NMRC had informed host institutions that they will be rejecting incomplete applications for errors listed in their “Read me” file from May 2019 and future calls instead of returning them for amendments; which was the past practise. This decision is due to the increasing number of non-compliant applications received.

The Open Fund Large Collaborative Grant (OF-LCG) which maximum funded amount is $25mil for 5 years will be launched at a later date. NMRC will update with details once available.

Grant call announcements, emails, application guides, templates and checklists etc will be available at NTU Grant Directory Call page by 6 May 2019.


NMRC May 19 grant call

For more details, please download the pdf here​:

Open Fund Individual Research Grant (OF-IRG)
Support the conduct of research proposals in basic and translational clinical research relevant to human health and wellness as well as research that looks at the causes, consequences, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases.

Open Fund Young Individual Research Grant (OF-YIRG)
Sub-category of OF-IRG. A step for new investigator to a first independent national level grant.

Clinician Scientist – Individual Research Grant (CS-IRG)
Provided to Clinician Scientists (CS) to carry out medical research on a specifically defined topic.

Clinician Scientist – Individual Research Grant – New Investigator Grant (CS-IRG-NIG)
Sub-category of CS-IRG for new clinical investigators.

Transition Award (TA)
Assist budding, young clinicians who have just returned from formal research training to build up their capability in research.

Clinician Scientist Award (CSA)
Provides salary and funding support for selected outstanding clinician scientists, in carrying out internationally competitive translational and clinical research.

2 categories
Investigator (INV) - Junior Associate Prof
Senior Investigator (SI) - Senior Associate Prof to full Prof

Singapore Translational Research Investigator Award (STaR)
A scheme to attract and nurture established, world-class clinician investigators to undertake cutting edge translational and clinical research in Singapore.

Timelines for NMRC
May 2019 grant call



1 May 2019

Grant call opens and availability of application forms via IGMS


2 May 2019

Mandatory: Indication of interest (IOI) from PIs in Grant Directory. RSO will only be sending email to PIs who have submitted and IOI on updates for this grant call after 2 May instead of mass email to NTU community.


2 May 2019

RSO eligible checks for OF-YIRG and CS-IRG-NIG (applicable to non-academic track applicants)


21 May 2019

Please submit your complete grant application in IGMS and download the application to RASS & RSO for 2-point checks.


Submission of the proposal in IGMS is required before you can download it for RASS & RSO checks. Signatures of all team members required. To be uploaded using the template provided in IGMS.


Please be assured that RSO can still return the application back to you for amendments.



23 May 2019

Submission for checks by RSO, facilitated by RASS.


29 May 2019

Finalised submissions ready for endorsement to reach RSO. 

Applications that are still incomplete or inaccurate after this deadline may not be endorsed.


31 May 2019

System closes for submission.


Important note:

 1)      Mandatory indication of interest at grant directory. RSO will be sending emails directly to PIs who have completed the IOI and will not mass blast emails to all faculty. Draft is also not visible to RSO in IGMS.

       2)      Use correct templates

o   Download the current template from IGMS

o   Paste the details from the attachment provided in earlier “RSO offline template” into new template

o   Reread the instructions on May 2019 templates to ensure all information have been provided

       3)      Follow all instructions by reading the following files

a)       Guidelines for the Management of MOH/NMRC (Grantor) Funding Programmes – includes Budgeting Requirements

b)   NMRC read me file

c)       NMRC application guide for IGMS

d)      Application scheme guide

e)   NMRC Research Grant terms and conditions (available from

       4)      Submission. PI will need to submit the proposal in IGMS and download it for checking by RASS

o   For administrative checks, combined checks will be carried out. (RASS check document → tag → send to RSO → RSO will add on → return to RASS/PI). This will save time and avoid multiple returns.

o   PI may encounter issues (missing file, file not updated) if application is downloaded immediately after clicking submit due to lag in the system.

      5)      NMRC will not grant any extension if PIs encounter issues in IGMS including urgent system maintenance as long as IGMS is functioning prior to deadline as a) this is a regular call, b) early announcements were made and c) system was open since 1 May.

o   PI will likely encounter issues due to high traffic as NRF will be using IGMS for FY2018 report submissions with the same closing date as the May 2019 call so please complete the application early.


For further enquiries, please contact RASS (Lim Hee at and Juliana at

To find out more about the open grant calls, click here​.

For LKCMedicine’s research faculty and staff, you may log in to the intranet here to learn more about recurring grant calls.

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