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Open Grant Calls

National Medical Research Council Nov 2018 Grant Call

​​​​Closing Date:

30 Nov 2018​ 

1) Open Fund Individual Research Grant (OF-IRG)
Support the conduct of research proposals in basic and translational clinical research relevant to human health and wellness as well as research that looks at the causes, consequences, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of human diseases.

2) Open Fund Young Individual Research Grant (OF-YIRG)
Sub-category of OF-IRG. A step for new investigator to a first independent national level grant.

3) Health Services Research Grant 
Seeks investigator-led HSR which may provide insights on new disruptive solutions for current and future healthcare challenges.

4) Health Services Research Grant New Investigator Grant (HNIG)
HNIG is a step for the new investigator to a first independent national level grant.

5) Clinician Scientist – Individual Research Grant (CS-IRG)
Provided to Clinician Scientists (CS) to carry out medical research on a specifically defined topic.

6) Clinician Scientist – Individual Research Grant – New Investigator Grant (CS-IRG-NIG)
Sub-category of CS-IRG for new clinical investigators.

7) Transition Award (TA)
Assist budding, young clinicians who have just returned from formal research training to build up their capability in research.

8) Clinician Scientist Award (CSA)
Provides salary and funding support for selected outstanding clinician scientists, in carrying out internationally competitive translational and clinical research.

2 categories
Investigator (INV) - Junior Associate Prof
Senior Investigator (SI) - Senior Associate Prof to full Prof

9) Singapore Translational Research Investigator Award (STaR)​
A scheme to attract and nurture established, world-class clinician investigators to undertake cutting edge translational and clinical research in Singapore.

NHIC Innovation to Startup (I2START) Programme 2018

Closing Date

31 Dec 2018

I2Start program is a streamlined funding pathway which brings together three successful grant schemes: SMART Innovation Grant, NHIC Innovation to Develop (I2D) and SPRING Startup SG Tech, in a manner to support company formation around medical technology innovations.

An I2Start application must clearly illustrate the technical feasibility of the technology, a defined go-to-market strategy, and demonstrate the potential for translation to a point where the technology would be attractive for a start-up company formation.

The team must consist of one Clinical Principal Investigator and one Technical Principal Investigator from Singapore public-funded institutions. The team should have a strong intention to start-up a company.

The Clinical PI must hold a primary appointment in a public hospital/public health institution/national specialty centre/academic medical centre/medical school in Singapore and be salaried by the institution.

The Technical PI must be employed by public-funded institution in Singapore (e.g. NUS, NTU, SUTD, SIT, SIM, SMU, A*STAR Institutions, Polytechnics, CREATE Institutions, SGH, DUKE-NUS, NUH and etc.). The Technical PI must have relevant scientific/technical background and possess necessary experience to co-direct the project being supported by the grant.

For any queries concerning eligibility, please contact the joint I2Start Grant Secretariat at

For more information, please click here.

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