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Research Facilities

​​The LKCMedicine research laboratories are designed on an “open-lab” principle, with no walls or partitions separating one research group from another.

Open Lab Concept
The open lab format facilitates communication between scientists with varying expertise to promote synergy in collaborative research and establishment of interdisciplinary research units. Bench space and support rooms are communal, as are the core facilities and common shared equipment such as biological safety cabinets, autoclaves, ultracentrifuges, incubators and other common sophisticated bench-top equipment like real-time PCRs and fluorescence plate readers.

Research Core Facility

Our Research Core Facility covers imaging, flow cytometry, histology, a biological resource facility and other essential services to better support research at LKCMedicine. Where possible, new cutting-edge technologies or equipment are centrally acquired and shared.

Zebrafish Facility
Zebrafish are a major model organism for biomedical research, due to relatively low costs, and ease of imaging and genetic manipulation. The Zebrafish Facility houses 2760 tanks and will provide researchers from Singapore with access to a range of wild-type, transgenic and mutant zebrafish lines. The facility also contains a quarantine room and can assist with the import and export of embryos, husbandry and IVF procedures, and has a nursery with robotic feeder for optimal growth rates. Procedure rooms are equipped with fluorescent microscopes for imaging as well as injection apparatus for generation of transgenics or knockouts.


The research core facilities encompass a broad range of services, technology and expertise. The multidisciplinary scope of core facilities encourages sharing of scientific resources to enable focused development of technology that serves all research efforts across the spectrum of biomedical science. As a guiding principle, all faculty, their staff and students may utilise these shared resources.

Below is the list of approved charging rates for core facilities equipment and specialised equipment. The charging rates are effective from January 2018.

To download the Research Platforms brochure, click here​

For any enquiries, please contact Ken Wong @

​​​Advanced Microscopy Facility ​Location ​​​User fee ($/hour)​
​​ ​​ NTU Others
LSM800 Inverted Confocal with Airyscan​ EMB, Level 7 50 ​60​
LSM800 Upright Confocal-Zebrafish Facility EMB, Level 4  ​35 ​45​
Light sheet Microscope EMB, Level 4  60​ 75​
In Cell 2200 Analyser EMB, Level 7
45​ 60​
Slide Scanner CSB, Level 11 20​ 30​
Nikon TiE inverted fluorescence microscope EMB, 03-02Y 15​ 20
Leica DM5500 upright Widefield EMB, 03-02Y
15 20
Leica SP8 upright Confocal  CSB, Level 12 50​ 60​
Leica SPE upright Confocal  CSB, Level 12 15 20
Leica DMI6000 inverted Fluorescence Live Cell  CSB, Level 12 20​ 30

Flow Cytometry Facility ​​Location ​​​User Fee ($/Hour)​
​​ ​​ NTU ​Others
​BD FacsMelody (3-lasers)
(User Operated)
​EMB, Level 7 85​ ​115
​BD FacsMelody (3-lasers)
(Staff Operated)
​EMB, Level 7 ​120 150​
​BD FacsAria Fusion (4-lasers)
(Staff Operated Only)
​CSB, Level 11 ​125 175​
​BD Fortessa X-20 Analyser (5-lasers)
(User Operated)
​EMB, Level 7
CSB, Level 11
​40 60​
BD LSRFortessa X-20 Analyser (5-lasers)
(Staff Operated)
EMB, Level 7
CSB, Level 11
75 ​95​

Specialised Equipment ​Location User Fee ($/Hour)​
​​ ​​ NTU ​Others
Perkin Elmer TopCount Scintillation Counter EMB, Level 7 20 ​30​
Glassware Washing Facility Location ​​​User Fee ($/Hour)​ ​ ​
​​ ​​ NTU Others
Glassware washing service per basket E​MB, Level 2
CSB, Level 3
20 30

Core Research Platform @ NTU - Histology Facility ​Location ​​​​User Fee ($/Hour)​ ​ ​
​​ ​​ NTU ​Others
Leica Automated Tissue Processor ASP6025
E​MB, Level 7 20 30
​Leica Crytostat CM3050S ​E​MB, Level 4 ​10 15
Leica Microtome RM2255 ​E​MB, Level 7 10​ 15​
Leica Tissue Embedder EG1150  ​E​MB, Level 7 10​ 15
​Leica Autostainer XL ​E​MB, Level 7 20​ 30
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