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Research Administration & Support Services

Website RASS PHOTO1 (Custom).jpgFrom left to right - 
Top row: Nur Khalidah Abdul Rahim, Jacqueline Teo, Raidah Rosli, Chang Chui Rhong, Dee Dee Toh
2nd Row: Lin Guobin, Timothy Wong, Beh Wei Ling, Karen Guo, Nurul Syafiqah Aniza
3rd Row: Manisha Cooray, Lew Qiao Jing, Winnie Tay, Koh Ee Kheng, He Yijun, Sufian Suderman
Front Row: Ken Wong, Dr Balakrishnan Kannan, Dr Andrew Ang, Dr Ng Sean Pin, Darren Yeong
Absent: Amaris Lam & Sonia Ow​

The Department of Research Administration and Support Services
provides an array of high quality services and specialised expertise to support the research mission of the school. The department collaborates with multiple corporate departments at the school and NTU to deliver effective research administration services, systems and processes to support faculty and researchers. The Department comprises Research Grant Management; Research Contracts Management; Research Seminar Support; Research Operations; Research Platforms and Cores; and Research Development Support.​

​​​Dr Andrew ANG Director
6592 3971
Research Grant Management

Research Grant Management performs the pre and post-award administration of external competitive grants and industry funding. The team supports the School’s faculty in grant applications and administration of externally funded research grants. The services provided include: 

  • Advise on grant opportunities for competitive grants
  • Facilitate grant applications for competitive grants
  • Advise on grant budgets and other costs for competitive grant applications
  • Support of School Grant Internal Review Process
  • Administer post-grant activities including  grant variations, grant extensions, progress and final reports, manpower verification
  • Manage reimbursement claims for grants including claims submission, billing and facilitation of grant certification audit
  • Provide updates on funding agencies’ requirements
​Click here for the grants calendar. 

Dr NG Sean Pin ​Deputy Director
6592 3167
​HE Yijun ​Assistant Manager (Post Grant)
6592 3954
​Sonia OW ​​Assistant Manager (Post Grant)
6908 4399
​BEH Wei Ling ​​Assistant Manager (Pre Grant)
6904 1067
​WONG Wai Quen, Timothy ​Senior Executive (Pre Grant)
6592 3902

Research Contracts Management


Research Contracts Management supports faculty and researchers in all research agreement matters. The team coordinates with the NTU Legal & Secretarial Office, NTUitive, and other LKCMedicine corporate and support functions to facilitate the drafting, reviewing and executing of agreements including non-disclosure agreements, material transfer agreements, project agreements, research collaboration agreements, confidentiality agreements, service agreements and memoranda of understanding.

Contract Management Office (General Email)

Darren YEONG ​Senior Assistant Director
6904 7143
Karen GUO ​Senior Assistant Manager
6592 3974
CHANG Chui Rhong ​​Project Executive
6513 6883

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Research Seminar Support


Research event support promotes the School’s research through:

  • Coordinating and organising research events, seminars, workshops and conferences

  • Coordinating and managing visits by external research faculty and guests

  • Assisting with the production of the School’s research collaterals

  • Maintaining the School’s research website

  • Acting as the point of contact for the research community with regards to the School’s branding and communication efforts

WONG Kang Ning Ken ​Manager
6592 3975
Sufian bin Suderman Assistant Manager
6592 3980

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Research Operations


Research Operations supports the School’s research activities by providing the following services:

  • Facilitate laboratory space allocation and set up laboratories for faculty

  • Manage the placement, installation, commissioning, maintenance, repair and replacement of research equipment

  • Research procurement for laboratory consumables and reagents

  • Provide training and grant access for usage of common research equipment

  • Monitor and report the utilisation of high value general and specialised equipment

  • Ensure smooth operations in the laboratories to minimise research downtime

WONG Kang Ning Ken​
6592 3975
Winnie TAY Yu Ling Assistant Manager 
(Clinical Sciences Building)
6592 3976
​LEW Qiao Jing ​​Assistant Manager
(Experimental Medicine Building)
6592 3978
​TOH Yin Jun Dee Dee Senior Executive 
(Experimental Medicine Building)
6592 3977
Raidah bte Rosli ​Assistant Executive 
(Clinical Sciences Building)
6592 3973
​Jacqueline TEO Soo Eng  ​Assistant Executive 
(Glassware Washing Facility @ Experimental Medicine Building)
6592 2655
Nur Khalidah Binte Abdul Rahim Assistant Executive 
(Glassware Eashing Facility and Goods Receipt Officer @ Experimental Medicine Building)
6592 3949
​Lam Qin Yu Amaris  ​Administrative Assistant 
(Clinical Sciences Building)
6592 3136

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Research Platforms and Cores


Research platforms and cores are centralised facilities that offer shared services, shared equipment, resources and expertise to biomedical researchers and investigators on a fee-for-service basis. They are made available to researchers of LKCMedicine and NTU, and external university or industry partners to create value for LKCMedicine and NTU and be optimally utilised to maximise return on investment for the School.

All current and potential users of these platforms and core facilities can access the assets through the electronic online reservation platform managed by the LKCMedicine Research Administration and Support Services team. Charges for using the equipment will apply. 

Click here for the LKCMedicine Research Platforms brochure. 

Dr NG Sean Pin  Deputy Director
6592 3167
Dr Balakrishnan KANNAN ​Assistant Director
Advanced Optical Imaging Platform)
6514 1256
Manisha COORAY ​​Assistant Manager
(Flow Cytometry)
6904 7015
Winnie TAY Yu Ling Assistant Manager
Histology Suite @ Clinical Sciences Building)
6592 3976
LIN Guobin ​Assistant Manager
(Lipidomics and NICE Platform)
6592 3952
​TOH Yin Jun Dee Dee  Senior Executive
Histology Suite @ Experimental Medicine Building)
6592 3977
Dr Ong Seow Theng ​Senior Research Fellow
Ion Channel Drug Screening Platform)
6592 3872

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Research Development Support

The Research Development Support provides administration support to the Research Division with the following key functions:

  • Management of annual research budget including endowment funding for strategic research initiatives

  • Administration of start-up grants, Dean’s postdoctoral fellowships, endowed professorship grants and Nanyang Assistant Professorship grants

  • Grant and publication statistics

  • Key research risks

  • Research recruitment and manpower tracking

  • Secretariat to LKCMedicine Research Committee

  • Secretariat to joint LKCMedicine-National Healthcare Group Joint Strategy and Implementation Committee

  • Secretariat to Joint Working Committee with National Healthcare Group

Dr Andrew ANG ​Director
6592 3971
Karen GUO ​Senior Assistant Manager
6592 3974
KOH Ee Kheng ​​Senior Assistant Manager
6904 7485
​Nurul Syafiqah Binte Aniza ​Assistant Executive
6904 7281

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Administration Point of Contact
For Assistant Professors: 

KOH Ee Kheng
Senior Assistant Manager
6904 7485

For Associate Professors: 

Chang Chui Rhong Project Executive
6513 6883​

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