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Respiratory and Infectious Diseases

The Infectious Disease Programme is one of LKCMedicine’s research priority areas that integrates disciplines across microbiology, clinical infectious diseases and basic biology to exploit technological advances in systems biology and genomics, to gain novel insights into pathogen biology, pulmonary microbiome and disease pathogenesis, to address urgent global problems in drug resistance, pandemics and biosecurity.

Our focus is primarily on antimicrobial resistance (clinical and environmental, including tropical neglected diseases), redefining bacterial factors driving disease progression in the context of the microbiome, and developing diagnostic and therapeutic tools to combat infectious diseases. Another area of importance is infectious respiratory disease including environmental influence on pulmonary infection in chronic respiratory disease states, the pulmonary microbiome, and specifically how the fungi Aspergillus fumigatus and the bacteria
Pseudomonas aeruginosa affect major Asian respiratory disease states such as bronchiectasis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and severe asthma.

We have also set up The Academic Respiratory Initiative for Pulmonary Health (TARIPH) as a national research platform that addresses respiratory health and disease in Singapore which aims to bring together interdisciplinary teams that share common interests for the exchange of ideas and development of sustainable relationships thus providing an organisational framework for academic respiratory research.

Our team comprises a tightly knit group of researchers who have cultivated common research interests and working partnerships in identified niche specialities. We have interdisciplinary expertise with a large technological hinterland (basic microbiology, molecular and structural biology, virology, antibiotic development, pulmonary microbiome, bacteriophage therapy, low cost point-of-care diagnostic tools, microfabrication engineering) that allows us to delve deeper and further into the ever-changing world of infectious disease.

Primary Faculty

​​Kevin PETHE
PI, Microbiology &
Systems Biology
Eric YAP
PI, Medical Genomics
YEO Tsin Wen
PI, Malaria, Tuberculosis &
Global Health

PI, Systems Biology of Lipid
Metabolism in Human Health
and Diseases
LUO Dahai
PI, Molecular Mechanisms of
Viral Infection & Host Defense ​
PI, Translational Respiratory
Joint & Adjunct Faculty

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