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Skin Diseases and Wound Repair

As the largest organ of the human body, and the most important barrier between us and the elements, the skin is an important subject of research for LKCMedicine. With a world-class group of scientists working at the Skin Research Institute of Singapore​ looking into skin conditions prevalent in Asia such as eczema, pigmentary disorders, acne, skin inflammations and skin allergies, the Skin Research Programme focuses on keeping inter-disciplinary research for better health outcomes. We work with international collaborators and the industry to bring our innovations to the people that need them, addressing some of the most common skin concerns, even chronic wounds.

Primary Faculty

Maurice van STEENSEL
Professor of Dermatology & Skin Biology
PI, Tissue repair & regeneration

PI, Lymphocyte Signalling Research
Franklin ZHONG
Nanyang Assistant Professor (NRF)

Joint & Adjunct Faculty

  • Steven Thng (Skin Research Institute of Singapore)
  • David Leavesly (Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR)
  • Zee Upton (Institute of Medical Biology, A*STAR)

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