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Lipidomics Platform

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has established a triple quadrupole mass spectrometer with LC
(SCIEX QTRAP 6500+ with SelexlON+ Ion Mobility Device) which allows quantitation of metabolites of interest for targeted lipidomics studies. The instrument enables researchers to understand the chemistry of the metabolites. It also offers the advantage of quantitative analysis, which is important for (i) confirming results from non-targeted screens, (ii) metabolic modelling and predictions, and (iii) diagnostics.

For non-targeted approaches, the platform offers users an additional high-resolution Time-of-Flight (SCIEX Triple TOF 6600 LC-MS/MS system) mass spectrometer with upfront separation tools. Spectra can be obtained and computation approaches can be developed for comparative lipidomics to determine differences in ‘lipid profiles’. This approach is semi-quantitative but offers the advantage of discovering novel metabolites for the first time.

This complements the activities at the Singapore Phenome Centre and positions LKCMedicine and NTU at the forefront of systems-based research in human health and diseases nationally and internationally.

Asst Prof Guan Xueli, the Principal Investigator in charge of the platform, is internationally recognised for pioneering novel lipidomic approaches for systems biology studies of lipid metabolism and functions. She has successfully demonstrated the power of such approaches in her work on discovering novel lipid mediators.

For more details, please email her at​

Reference Pricing 





​Data Analysis / Sample Prep

​​User fee/hour ($)​ ​ ​ ​ ​
1 ​Stakeholders EMB L5 150 250​ ​15-30/hr 
2 NTU department / instituition  EMB L5 250 400 ​20-40/hr 
3 External  EMB L5
350 600 ​30-40/hr
4 Organisations  EMB L5
400 1000 ​40-60/hr

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