Health Systems and Population Health

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Developing early detection and therapeutic treatment for diseases will require a multidisciplinary systems approach that spans various aspects of the research spectrum, from “omics” studies of disease risk factors and epidemiology to diagnostic and rehabilitation technologies and health services outcome research. We bridge the research between healthcare costs and therapeutic treatment and rehabilitation through the cross cutting research theme in health services and outcomes research. We are developing health services outcome research, specifically on population health measurement and innovative models of healthcare delivery such as community health programmes for eldercare, end-of-life management and health financing. Our research is inherently inter- and transdisciplinary and we work with partners from NTU and other key institutions in Singapore’s health system, in particular the National Healthcare Group.
The Health Systems & Population Health theme led by Assoc Prof Josip Car aims to build a world-class research programme that will help innovate health systems not only in Singapore but around the world, based on the three forces of healthcare change: personalisation, integration and industrialisation.