SPC: Research Areas

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​Clinical research
The focus of SPC's clinical studies is to gain a better understanding of diseases in terms of: early detection, prevention of disease developement, disease progression and the impact of therapeutic interventions, leading to a higher quality of healthcare. This is of great interest as the incidences of many lifestyle diseases have been rising rapidly, both in Asia and worldwide, in the past decade. A first step towards these aims is the identification of biomarkers for diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic purposes. Identification of these critical disease-related biomarkers will pave the way for further in-depth mechanistic studies into the underlying causes of diseases. This would be a significant step towards the goal of personalised and preventive medicine.
Currently, there are several ongoing collaborations at SPC involving diseases, such as diabetes, fatty liver, Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD), and malaria.

Environmental research
In the area of environmental research, the primary aim is to ensure water quality. This is especially important in many developed urban societies where various commercial and industrial activities can affect water quality or availability. Gaining an understanding of how microbial factors can impact urban water treatment and quality will open up a range of options to improve water-care.
Currently, the existing projects at SPC include analysis of soluble microbial products (SMP) and extracellular polymers (ECP) in wastewater treatment systems, effects of biofilms in treatment plants, and the presence of pathogens in canals and reservoirs.​