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Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

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The Singapore Phenome Centre (SPC) is the first in Singapore and South East Asia to be equipped with the In Vitro Diagnostics Research (IVDr) system. This 600 MHz NMR IVDr system comprises the AVANCE III HD console, Ascend 600 magnet and a 5mm broadband inverse probe (Bruker, Z814601, PA BBI 600S3 H-BB- D-05 Z) that is a Z-gradient high-resolution probe, targeted at screening complex mixtures by 1H NMR for rapid identification and quantification of metabolites. 

The system also comes with an automated SampleJet sampler changer that can process up to five racks of 96 sample tubes and an additional 30 sample
positions on its carousel. The SampleJet system has a
cooling unit to cool samples to 4°C prior to measurement. Typical sample preparation for NMR measurement requires a minimum of 400µL of samplecfor plasma or serum samples, while a minimum of 600µL for urine.

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The comparison of lipoproteins derived from 1H NMR of plasma samples shows good linearity with clinical measured lipoproteins.​ 

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