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Our People

TARIPH’s academic activities are co-ordinated by a scientific committee which is co-chaired by the academic leads. The scientific committee has broad representation from clinical and academic institutions across Singapore and internationally, and is appointed on a fixed-term, rotational basis. The scientific committee reports to TARIPH’s steering committee, chaired by LKCMedicine Dean Prof James Best, with committee members including key academic and clinical leadership from all three healthcare clusters across Singapore. The scientific committee is also supported by the TARIPH International Advisory Board which comprises of intenationally recognised experts in various fields of academic respiratory research.

TARIPH Scientific Commitee​

​​​​ ​Co-Academic Leads​​
Healthy Lung​             ​Diseased Lung
Assoc Prof Fabian Lim (Custom).png 
 Assistant Dean for Research and  
 Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology  
Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine  
 Co-Academic Lead for Healthy Lung  
Asst Prof Sanjay Chortimall (Custom).png​​​​
  Asst Prof Sanjay Chortimall​   ​
  Assistant Professor and
  Provost's Chair in Molecular Medicine
  Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine 
  ​Co-Academic Lead for Diseased Lung

​​​ ​ ​ ​​Scientific Committee Members
Assoc Prof John Abisheganaden (Custom)v2.png Assoc Prof Augustine Tee (Custom).png Assoc Prof Mariko Koh (Custom).png Assoc Prof Chew Fook Tim (Custom).png
Assoc Prof

Head & Senior 
of Respiratory &
Critical Care Medicine
Clinical Director,
Case Management Unit,
Tan Tock Seng
Assoc Prof
Augustine Tee

Deputy Chairman
Medical Board
(Medical Disciplines), 
Chief of Medicine
and Senior Consultant,
Department of Respiratory
& Critical Care Medicine,
Changi General Hospital

Assoc Prof
Mariko Koh ​

Director, Clinical Trials
& Research Centre
and Senior Consultant,
Department of
Respiratory &
Critical Care Medicine,
Singapore General
Assoc Prof
Fook Tim Chew ​

Associate Professor,
Department of
Biological Sciences 
Vice-Dean for
Undergraduate Studies
& Student Life,
Faculty of Science,
National University Singapore

Asst Prof Thai Tran (Custom).png
Prof Lim Tow Keang (Custom).png
Dr Sudipto Roy (Custom).png
Prof Helen Smith
Professor of Family
Medicine & Primary Care 
Lee Kong Chian School
of Medicine

Assoc Prof Thai Tran
Associate Professor
and Head of Diseases 
Research Laboratory, 
Department of Physiology,
National University
Singapore and National 
University Health System

Prof Lim Tow Keang
Professor and Senior 
Consultant, Department of
Respiratory and Critical
Care Medicine, National
University Hospital

Dr Sudipto Roy 
Senior Principal
Investigator, Institute of 
Molecular & Cell Biology
(IMCB), A*STAR and 
Associate Professor, 
Department of Biological
Sciences and Paediatrics,
National University Hospital
and National University
Health System
Dr Gregory Chan (Custom).png
Dr Gregory Chan  ​
Senior Specialist Physician,  
The Occupational and Diving  
Medical Centre  
Assistant Professor,  
Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health,  
National University Singapore  
​  Assoc Prof Eric Yap
  Associate Professor of Human
  & Microbial Genetics
  Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine 


TARIPH International Advisory Board​

The TARIPH International Advisory Board will provide international expertise, advice and critical evaluation of TARIPH’s academic activities to help ensure their global competitiveness and alignment to international trends in respiratory medicine. 

​​​ ​ ​International Advisory Board Members​
Prof James Chalmers (Custom).png
Prof Wisia Wedzicha (Custom).png
Prof Christopher Carlsten (Custom).png
Dr Sundeep Salvi (Custom).png
​Prof James Chalmers
Professor and
Consultant Respiratory
University of Dundee

Prof Wisia Wedzicha
Professor of Respiratory
Medicine and Head of 
Respiratory Clinical 
Science Division,
National Heart & Lung Institute,
Imperial College London

Prof Christopher Carlsten
Professor of Medicine, 
Astra-Zeneca Endowed
Chair and Canada 
Research Chair in
Occupational &
Environmental Lung
Disease, University of 
British Columbia
Dr Sundeep Salvi
Director, Chest Research
Foundation, Pune, India

Prof Hilary Pinnock (Custom).png
Prof Darryl Knight (Custom).png
Prof Chung Kian Fan (Custom).png
Prof Gary Lee (Custom).png
Prof Hilary Pinnock
Professor of Primary
Respiratory Medicine,​
Usher Institute of 
Population Health 
Sciences and
University of Edinburgh

Prof Darryl Knight
Associate Professor
Pharmacology &
Therapeutics and
Canada Research Chair
in Airway Disease,
The University of British
Columbia, Canada 
Prof Chung Kian Fan
Professor of Respiratory
Medicine and Head of 
Experimental Studies
Medicine, National Heart
& Lung Institute, Imperial
College London

Prof Gary Lee
Professor of Respiratory
Medicine​, University of 
Western Australia​ 


TARIPH partners

The key component of TARIPH is our partners. At the time of our official launch, we had over 30 investigators on board from various local and international institutions. Our partners come from diverse and interdisciplinary backgrounds, ranging from physiology, engineering, data analytics, epidemiology and clinical medicine, and represent all stages of the bench-to-bedside chain. Partner institutions, where our members are based, include:


We welcome anyone who is interested in lung health and research to join the TARIPH family. We look forward to growing TARIPH together. Click here​ to join us.

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