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Vision & Aims

Adapted from “Letter from Singapore,” by Chotirmall, S. H., & Koh, M. S., 2018, Respirology, 23(2), 228-229.

The vision for TARIPH as a ‘national academic platform’ for respiratory academia in Singapore was first published as an invited ‘Letter from Singapore’ in the January 2018 issue of Respirology, the official journal of the Asian-Pacific Society of Respirology. On 19 March 2018, this vision became reality as TARIPH was officially launched and featured in a follow up article entitled “International research collaboration: The way forward”. Details about our launch can be found here​.

TARIPH encompasses research interest groups that focus on the healthy and diseased lung. It aligns basic, translational and clinical questions from the primary to tertiary care settings, including health-services orientated research to seamlessly integrate exchanges between our various stakeholders.

TARIPH harnesses existing clinical strengths, synergises national efforts to improve lung health and provides a collective manifesto to: 

  1. ​Improve respiratory health through research by better understanding its unique features, health, economic and social consequences in Singapore; 
  2. Educate and inform society about  the importance of respiratory health and disease prevention; and 
  3. Support collaborative grant applications at the individual and/or programme level.

Our Vision & Aims

TARIPH vision (Custom).jpg

  1. ​Build upon existing and actively engage new partnerships
  2. Carry out innovative respiratory research
  3. Promote national collaborative efforts
  4. Host national and international symposia and workshops

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