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Research Faculty


Professor Philip Ingham, FRS 

​Zebrafish Models of Human Development and Disease

​Professor Daniela Rhodes, FRS

​Chromosome Biology Laboratory

Professor George J. Augustine

​Synaptic Mechanisms and Circuits

Professor David Becker​

​Tissue Repair and Regeneration

Professor Bernhard Boehm


Professor George Chandy

​Molecular Physiology

Professor Michael Ferenczi

​Muscle and Cardiac Biophysics

Professor Balázs Gulyás​

​Translational Neuroscience

Professor Dean Nizetic

​Mechanisms of Ageing and Diseases via Studying Down Syndrome

Professor Sven Pettersson

​Microbiota Host Interactions, Nutrigenomics and Metabolism

​Professor Artur Schmidtchen

​Dermatology and Innate Immunity

Professor Helen Smith

​Family Medicine and Primary Care

Professor Walter Wahli

​Microbiota Host Interactions, Nutrigenomics & Metabolism

Professor Annelies Wilder-Smith

Vaccine Preventale Diseases and Emerging Infectious Diseases

Associate Prof Annabel Chen​ ​Clinical Brain

Associate Prof Chew Sing Yian

Cell & Tissue Engineering​

Associate Prof Josip Car

Population Health and Living

Associate Prof Karen
Carmelina Crasta

Genomic Instability and Cancer

​Associate Prof Suresh Jeyaraj Jesuthasan

Brain States and Behaviour Laboratory

Associate Prof Fabian C.L. Lim

Exercise Physiology​

Associate Prof Kevin Pethe

​Microbiology and Systems Biology

Associate Prof Eric Yap Peng Huat

​Medical Genomics

​Malaria, Tuberculosis and Global Health

Assistant Prof Yusuf Ali

​Molecular & Cellular Dysfunction in Diabetes

​Assistant Prof Anna Barron

​Neurobiology of Aging and Disease Laboratory

Assistant Professor Lorainne
Tudor Car

Evidence Based Medicine

Assistant Prof Tom Carney

Dermal-Epidermal Interface​

Assistant Prof Juliana Chan

Nanomedicine and Tissue Engineering​

​Assistant Prof Christine Cheung
​Molecular and Vascular Medicine

Assistant Prof Sanjay Har​esh

Translational Respiratory Research
Assistant Prof Rinkoo Dalan​ ​Vascular Function (Endothelial Function) in Metabolic Disorders
Assistant Prof Foo Jia Nee

Genetics and Genomics of Neurological Diseases

Assistant Prof Ch'ng Toh Hean

Neurobiology of Long Term Memory

Assistant Prof Guan Xue Li

Systems Biology of Lipid Metabolism in Human Health and Diseases​

Assistant Prof Luo Dahai

​Molecular Mechanisms of Viral Infection & Host Defense

Assistant Prof Hiroshi Makino ​Systems Neuroscience Laboratory
Arteries in Health and Disease

Assistant Prof Yasunori Saheki

​Cell Biology and Molecular Neuroscience Laboratory

Assistant Prof Amartya Sanyal

3D CATG (Chromatin Architecture, Transcription and Genomics)​

Assistant Prof Navin Kumar Verma​

​Lymphocyte Signalling Research

Assistant Prof Wang Xiaomeng

Vascular Biology

Assistant Prof Woo Wei Meng​

​Cell Signalling and Tissue Regeneration

Assistant Prof Xia Yun ​Stem Cell Specification and Organ Regeneration