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Students' Medical Society (LKCMedSoc)

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The needs and interests of LKCMedicine students across all year levels of the MBBS Programme will be promoted and represented by the LKCMedicine Students’ Medical Society (LKCMedSoc), which forms part of the larger NTUSU. Student engagement and representation is also encouraged on several LKCMedicine governance committees where you have the opportunity to provide direct feedback on the LKCMedicine Programme.



 Objectives of LKCMedSoc

  • To assist in enhancing the university experience for LKCMedicine undergraduate students undertaking the MBBS degree programme.
  • To represent the interests and needs of LKCMedicine students to the School and the University.
  • To promote and further advance the education of its members in the science and art of medicine.
  • To promote and encourage the interests of students in matters outside the curriculum, especially cultural, social, sporting, professional and welfare interests.
  • To promote and foster close ties within the faculty as well as with other NTU students, Clubs and Societies and to participate in the activities and events of the NTU Student Union as part of the larger NTU student body.
Organisation Structure
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LKCMedSoc Executive Committee AY2016/17


  • ​Sundheep Subramani (Welfare Director)
  • Daniel Tan Han Jie (Programme Director)
  • Lee Cheok Hon (President)
  • Brian Ho Han Khai (Vice President)
  • Natalia Mar Kai Hwee (Treasurer)
  • Ashwin s/o Singaram (Secretary)

M1 House Rep (Custom).jpg

​Year 1 House Representatives


  • ​Farhan Ishraq (Wu Lien-Teh)
  • Frederick Lee (Marie Curie),
  • Joel Chua (Lim Boon Keng)
  • Ameya Subodh (William Osler)
  • Charmain Koh (Alexander Fleming)
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​Year 2 House Representatives


  • Luke Low (Wu Lien-Teh)
  • Joshua Foo (Alexander Fleming),
  • Roy Ng (Marie Curie)
  • Xu Yitong (William Osler)
  • Zenn Soh (Lim Boon Keng
M3 House Rep (Custom).jpg

Year 3 House Representatives

L-R (Top Row):

  • ​Rin Hong Yu (William Osler)
  • Pirateb Sundaram (Marie Curie)

L-R (Bottom Row):

  • Rachel Teo (Lim Boon Keng)
  • Edlyn Tay (Alexander Fleming)
  • Amanda Chia (Wu Lien-Teh)
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​Year 4 House Representatives


  • Damon Tan (William Osler)
  • Benedict Tan (Alexander Fleming)
  • Seow Yi Heng (Lim Boon Keng)
  • Tan Wei Cher (Wu Lien-Teh)
  • Paul Poulose (Marie Curie) 

M5 House Reps (Custom).jpg
Year 5 House Representatives


  • ​Alexander Fleming: Lee Hai Quan
  • Lim Boon Keng: Tan Yuan Rui Leon
  • Marie Curie: Leong Kwong Fei, Eugene
  • William Osler: Tan Rui Xian Nathaniel
  • Wu​ Lien-Teh: Zachary Teo Ian Shern

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Year Level Representatives


  • Gabriel Tan (M3)
  • Angela Tham (M1)
  • Zenneth Lim (M2)
  • Year 4: Lee Kai Wei
  • Year 5: Benjamin Siow Rui Sheng

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LKCMedSoc Sub-Committees


  • Lee Vint Seng (Arts & Culture Head)
  • Ng Ding Yi (Freshmen Orientation Programme Chairperson)
  • Daphne Sin (Dinner & Dance Chairperson),
  • Christian James Lim (Sports Head)



  • How Jin Wei (Publicity & Publications Head)
  • Louise Lo (International Relations Chairperson),
  • Joshua Tan (CIP Head)

  • ​Byorn Tan (Research Head)
  • Aletheia Chia (Academic Chairperson)
  • Simon Ong (Careers Head)​