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Community Involvement Projects

August 2018

LKCMedicine Community Involvement Project (CIP) Recruitment Fair​ 2018​

The LKCMedicine CIP Fair was held on 29 August, allowing students to explore opportunities to serve the community – both in Singapore and abroad. The CSB Multi-Purpose Hall was abuzz with conversation as students engaged with various CIP booths. Presentations were also made by CIP groups to share their past experiences, with videos bringing these to life. External organisations and projects spearheaded by National University of Singapore (NUS) students also participated in the fair, encouraging collaboration and broadening the spectrum of opportunities for our students. 

March 2018

OCIP throughout Asia 

During the March school holidays, several groups of LKCMedicine faculty and students travelled to Nepal, the Philippines and the Indonesian island of Batam for their OCIPs. Project Aasha, comprising of five Years 1 and 2 students, three doctors from KKH, TTSH and SNEC and two nursing students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, headed to Nepal to conduct a free cataract surgical camp for rural communities in the Gorkha province. During their time in Nepal, the team also visited the Sree Saraswathy Higher Secondary School to teach students some useful first-aid skills, and travelled to Barpak village which was situated near the epicentre of the 2015 earthquake, and the Amppipal Community Hospital to explore new areas for collaboration. 

The Project Davao team, which was made up of five Year 1 and four Year 2 students, travelled to the Philippines. Led by LKCMedicine Associate Professor of Human & Microbial Genetics Eric Yap, the team partnered with local NGO Sowing the Master’s Seed Ministry to conduct free health screening for the residents in the Barangay Mintal area. They also provided antenatal health education for mothers in the slums of Barangay Magtuod and conducted a qualitative health survey to understand the locals’ challenges to accessing healthcare. During their trip, the team also ran English and Science programmes for the students at Langub High School, incorporating DIY experiments and career education to enrich students’ learning. The students involved in Project Daya returned to Batam and worked with their NGO partner, Peduli Bangsa, training their volunteers in health education. During their visit, the Project Daya team also went door-to-door to visit villagers, put on skits and played games to educate the children about health in a fun and informative manner.

September 2017

Project Songkeum: Students raise funds for Project Songkeum
songkeumbanner.pngOn 4 Septemb​er 2017, LKCMedicine students who participated in the Project Songkeum OCIP held a fundraising event at CSB. Through the sale of Cambodian-made elephant pants at $10 each, the students successfully raised $460, which will be donated to the Build Your Future Today Foundation, a Cambodian non-governmental organisation committed to improving the quality of life, education and healthcare for the people residing in the villages of Siem Riep.

For the third year running, students involved in Project Songkeum made their yearly trip to the villages of Siem Reap earlier in July and interacted with the villagers and children, bringing much joy to the community.

September 2016

Fundraising for Project Songkeum
dcfrundraising.pngFourteen LKCMedicine students who went on their Overseas Community Involvement Project (OCIP) to Songkeum, Cambodia, in July, organised a fundraising event at the Experimental Medicine Building on Monday, September 5. The OCIP, known as Project Songkeum, aims to bring health education and basic medical services to villages in Cambodia. LKCMedicine students worked with Build Your Future Today (BFT), a Cambodia-based voluntary welfare organisation on this OCIP.​

The students raised funds by selling the traditional Southeast Asian elephant-print trousers (known as elephant pants). More than 80 pairs were sold to LKCMedicine staff and students, raising more than $650. The team behind Project Songkeum was heartened by the support from the LKCMedicine family. All proceeds go towards aiding the villages under Project Songkeum and supporting BFT in its various programmes.

August 2015

Project Daya (Batam)
With the aim of ‘Translating Hope, Empowering Generations’, it was with both excitement and worry that 11 LKCMedicine students embarked on a 7D7N Overseas Community Involvement Project (OCIP) from 19th to 26th July 2015. Project Daya (strength or power in Indonesian) was a student-led initiative to bring community health development and education to the slums of Piayu, Batam.

In addition to having a two-day community development seminar by Professor of Infectious Diseases Annelies Wilder-Smith, and Dr Lim Su Min, the students also conducted a series of programmes on sanitation, health education and financial literacy. Their goal was to impart skills such as handwashing and budgeting, as well as encourage long-term planning, health-seeking behavior and community-led development amongst the villagers. The students also visited a school, a home for single mothers and sought to build up partnerships for future trips. The students thoroughly enjoyed themselves and found the experience educational and enriching.

Project Songkeum (Cambodia)
From 14 to 21 July 2015, 12 students went on a trip to Siam Reap, Cambodia. Besides conducting interview and first aid training sessions, the students also taught Cambodian schoolchildren basic hygiene such as the importance of regular hand washing and showering with soap. Basic nutrition and handling common illnesses and ailments in the local context (i.e. without healthcare access) were also taught.

The trip heightened the students’ sense of social justice and reminded them of the people’s need for compassion. They left Cambodia with mixed feelings – a heavy heart for the country and its people, made light by knowing that they will return next year to serve again however they can.

Project Saukya (Sri Lanka)
From 14 to 22 July 2015, the Project Saukya team set out for Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Besides surveying and interviewing the villagers and health care workers about dealing with illnesses, they also shadowed patients around the clinic in order to have a first-hand experience of the clinic functions.

The students learnt that it was extremely time-consuming for patients to travel to the clinic for follow-ups and that the clinic had to function with only limited resources, with the staff working long hours daily to serve the patients.

From this trip, the students had a better understanding about the Sri Lankan people, culture and systems, as well as how they could work to further improve patient management and education in simple ways within the clinic.

LKCMedicine Community Involvement Project (CIP) Recruitment Fair​ 2015
recruitfair.png​​​​​​​On 26 August 2015 , more than 100 LKCMedicine students gathered in the teaching laboratory for the first ever Community Involvement Project (CIP) Recruitment Fair at the newly opened Experimental Medicine Building. Organised by the LKC Medical Society Service Committee, the fair - the first of its kind focusing only on medicine and healthcare - featured 17 CIP booths and had projects organised by various groups, including those by NUS’ Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine.

Despite the differences in the preference of CIPs, attendees and volunteers alike shared the same sentiment when it came to what attributes they thought were most important in a person when volunteering for a CIP, and that is it has to come from the heart. ​​​​
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