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House Challenge

April 2018

InterHouse Championship Unsports Day 2018 

On April 4, 100 LKCMedicine students and faculty representing the five Houses gathered for the final round of the Inter-House Championships (IHC) – IHC UnSports – at the CSB Seminar Room 7-2. Over the course of the afternoon, students and faculty pitted their skills against one another in activities such as console games including Mario Karts, foosball, table-tennis, dancing as well as card and board games. As the event came to a close, Lim Boon Keng emerged top for the IHC UnSports, also claiming the overall Champion title.​​

November 2017

LKCMedicine InterHouse Sports Day
ih17.pngOn November 8, the five student Houses gathered for the Interhouse Sports Day at the NTU Sports & Recreation Centre. Dressed in their House colours, students and tutors battled it out in the first instalment of the year-long race for the title of House Champion. The Houses went head-to-head in various sporting activities including Football, Frisbee, Captain’s Ball and Dodgeball. Despite the hot weather, participants played hard on the field and morale was high. At the end of the event, Marie Curie House emerged as the winners of the Interhouse Sports Day.

​​January 2017

LKCMedicine Interhouse UnSports Day
On 18 January 2017, the students and House Tutors of the five LKCMedicine Houses gathered for UnSports Day at CSB. Over the course of the afternoon, students battled it out in various activities pitting their skills against one another in Mario Karts (a go-kart style video game), foosball, dancing and other card and board games.

Osler House eventually emerged as Champion, followed closely by Marie Curie House, while the other three Houses – Alexander Fleming, Wu Lien-Teh and Lim Boon Keng took third, fourth and fifth place respectively.

November 2016

LKCMedicine Inter-House Sports Day
On November 2, the five LKCMedicine Houses gathered for the showdown of the year at the NTU Sports and Recreation Centre. Dressed in their House colours, House representatives battled it out to claim the title of House Champion, competing with each other at various games including Football, Frisbee, Captain’s Ball and Dodgeball.

Despite the bad weather, participants played hard on the field. At the end of the event, Lim Boon Keng House emerged as House Champion. Congratulations to Lim Boon Keng House.
May 2016

InterHouse Remix

LKCMedicine students gathered at NTU- Crescent Hall on the 4th May 2016 for the final Inter-House event of the year – Interhouse Remix.
The highlights of this event were definitely the dancing and modelling components. It was very heartening to see entire houses coming together putting up a highly entertaining dance performance as well as the hidden fashionistas in each house. The atmosphere was filled with good cheer and all the participants were having a great time.

Ultimately, Curie proved to be the superstars of this event as they emerged top, earning themselves a lot of points to displace both Fleming and Wu Lien Teh, clinching the overall championship trophy of this academic year’s Inter-House Championship. Congratulations to Marie Curie House!

April 2016

LKCMedicine InterHouse Mania 2016
Students were up on their feet for the next game “Minute to Win It” where participants had one minute to complete various mini tasks. Examples included attempting to get the highest score on the pedometer through the shaking of the wrist and moving five cotton balls from one end to the other using only petroleum jelly on the nose. It was extremely entertaining for the audience as they cheered their representatives on, with kudos going to the sporting House Tutors who participated actively in the games. Congratulations to Alexander Fleming House who emerged overall champions!

March 2016

InterHouse Brawl

second game “Eagles and Hens” saw each House form human chains to steal the other Houses’ tags from the end of their chains. Watching this was highly entertaining as Houses forged and broke alliances with the sole purpose of outlasting each other. Following this was “Dance Monster” and “Telematch” but ultimately, it was Alexander Fleming House who, for the second inter-House event in a row, emerged victorious. However, all five Houses are still in the running for the House Championship, with Inter-House Mania the next event coming up in April.

January 2016

Interhouse UnSports Day
On 13 January 2016, the five houses gathered for an UnSports Day in NTU- EMB seminar room. It was an afternoon of fun and games, as the houses battled it out on the race track in Mario Karts, in underground mines in Saboteur, and even in spaceships in Space Team.

For the more intellectually inclined, there were games like Psych and Boggle, requiring houses to get creative and think flexibly under pressure. The event even saw some of our house tutors—doctors and scientists—stepping out of their comfort zones, partying on the dance floor to earn valuable points for their house.

After the free-and-easy segment, the houses came together for an intense round of Pictionary. Each house took turns to send one representative to the drawing board, and the representative was tasked to depict words from the following categories: Childhood, Movies, Characters, TV Shows and of course, Medicine. Congratulations to Alexander Fleming House, who won this round of words, wit and wisdom!
November 2015

Battle of the Houses
On a sunny 18 November 2015 afternoon, the three cohorts of medical students and their house tutors got together for the very first time at the lower field of NTU to participate in the much anticipated opening house event of the year- Interhouse Sports! A variety of games - soccer, captain’s ball, Frisbee, and dodgeball - were played to give everyone a chance to showcase their sporting talents. After battling it out, Marie Curie House and Lim Boon Keng House emerged as joint winners!
April 2015

Interhouse Variety Game Showdown
It was a battle of wits at the Interhouse Variety Game Showdown on 22nd April 2015. Held at NTU Crescent Hall 17, the students were tested on their general knowledge in several fields such as medicine, sports, Singapore history and pop culture through Jeopardy, Family Feud and a song guessing game. They then showed off different talents like stacking cups and being a ‘walrus’ in Minute to Win It, with Wu Lien-Teh House eventually emerging as the overall winner.
March 2015

LKCMedicine InterHouse Remix
On 11th March 2015, LKCMedicine students battled it out in Interhouse Remix at NTU’s Crescent Hall, showing off their abilities in dance, fashion, drama and song. Three faculty members were invited as judges. Each house put in their best and stunned the judges with their strong performances. Wu Lien-Teh house impressed the judges the most and emerged as the overall winner.

January 2015

pite the bright sun beating down, many excited students turned up on 28th January 2015 at NTU Sports and Recreation Centre to take part in the Inter-House Telematch organised by Marie Curie House.

Upbeat music pounded from speakers as everyone participated enthusiastically in the games, the highlight of which was definitely Bubble Soccer! The end of the telematch saw Lim Boon Keng House emerge the winner, but hardly anyone minded not winning as they walked off the pitch red from sunburn and exertion, but with smiles on their faces.

y 2014

InterHouse Easter Quiz
On Monday, 28 April, students and their House Tutors competed in the final event of the Inter-House Challenge Trophy of this academic year. Prof Martyn Partridge, LKCMedicine’s past Senior Vice-Dean had compiled this quiz as he wanted to make a contribution to the students’ enjoyment in LKCMedicine. The quiz consisted of four rounds which were tightly contested. As we entered the final game, Marie Curie and William Osler Houses were tied at 62 points each but Marie Curie House eventually emerged the winner. These scores will be combined with the other House events which will determine the overall winner of the House Challenge Trophy.
March 2014

Inaugural InterHouse Telematch
The inaugural Inter-House Telematch was held on 19 March and as promised it was a wet and wild affair where houses competed against each other to gain valuable points for the House Challenge Trophy. There were three main events played, namely Swim to Poke, We Splash You Scoop and Don’t get Infected. After a day of fun and joy and a friendly spirit of competition, Wu-Lien Teh and Alexander Fleming Houses both emerged as Joint Champions.
February 2014

InterHouse Board Games
The LKCMedicine Inter-House Board Games was held on 5 February 2014 at the Research Techno Plaza Seminar Room. Students and house tutors competed in numerous games, vying for points leading to the House Challenge Trophy. Ranging from simple games such as Taboo and Scrabble to more atypical ones like Munchkin, the event was a lively display of intellect, communication and strategy. Points were collated for all the games and William Osler House emerged as overall champions.
November 2013

1st InterHouse Games
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