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Student Activities

February 2020

Mock OSCE Examiner Training 2020 
mock osce_cropped (Custom).png 
Throughout the academic year, the Academic Committee headed by Year 4 student Lee Vint Seng Hein Lin Htut organises a Mock OSCE for each batch of students from Year 2 – Year 5. To ensure that these Mock OSCEs are conducted at a high standard, Mock OSCE Examiner Training (MOET) is conducted as a precursor event to provide a pool of trained examiners. This is the second academic year in which MOET is being run. MOET identifies students who will serve as future examiners in the various Mock OSCEs, and subsequently trains them to grade candidates fairly and consistently. The student examiners are briefed by faculty on how an OSCE is conducted – including the process of planning OSCE stations, setting a marking rubric, how and why a domain based marking scheme is used, calibration and standardisation of patients and examiners before the OSCE begins, and how the passing mark for each station is determined.

This year, each participant in MOET was exposed to all the various station types (History, Physical Examination, Counselling), more than the range available last year. Additionally, the station tasks were pegged appropriately to the level of the participant. This allowed for a broader experience and makes for more versatile student examiners.

January 2020

Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group (EM SIG) Sub-specialty talk

subspec talk (Custom)v1.jpg 
On 22 January, students interested in Emergency Medicine gathered for the EM SIG Sub-specialty Talk. Dr Chiu Li Qi, Dr Nursuhairi and Dr Daniel Quek, who are consultants in the Tan Tock Seng Hospital Emergency Department were invited to share more about their sub-specialties of Trauma, Toxicology and Critical Care respectively. They passionately shared about their clinical interests in the context of Emergency Medicine and how their sub-specialties played a role in a team-based setting of a busy shift. The session concluded with a candid Q&A session where the speakers engaged the participants and answered their questions on residency and how best to prepare for it. 

December 2019 

Christmas Celebrations for LKCMedicine Students
christmasv1 (Custom).png 

On December 16 and 17, the Arts and Culture Committee organised a Christmas celebration for LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 students. Donning red and green, students enthusiastically took part in a variety of activities including a Kahoot quiz on Christmas traditions and Don’t Forget the Lyrics competition. Indulging in the festivities of Christmas, cookies were also given out to every Team-Based Learning group which all students thoroughly enjoyed. Last but not least, students had a chance to take photos at the photobooth set up in the Learning Studio as souvenirs of this memorable day. 

November 2019 

Neurosurgery Sharing Session​

neuro2 (Custom).jpg
neuro1 (Custom).jpg​​

On 25 November, the LKCMedicine Students’ Surgical Society invited Adjunct Assistant Professor Jai Rao, Head of the Neurosurgery Service at Changi General Hospital and Programme Director of the neurosurgery residency programme, to share more about life in neurosurgery with the students. Joining Prof Jai were his colleagues, Dr Lester Lee, Dr Julian Han, and Dr Chen Min Wei, who shared their personal experiences during their neurosurgery training. The sharing session gave students a glimpse into the neurosurgery residency programme, as well as the triumphs and challenges they can expect to face pursuing a career in this surgical speciality.

Internal Medicine Student Interest Group Speaker Series
image 1 (Custom)v1.jpg
image 2 (Custom)v1.jpg
On November 22, the Internal Medicine Student Interest Group (IM SIG) organised a sharing session so that students interested in IM could learn more about the speciality and also get to know the respective Sponsoring institutions (SIs) for future collaboration. The invited speakers, Dr Regina Lim (Renal), Dr Lee Pei Xi (Infectious Diseases), and Dr Chong Lip Leong (Haematology) gave students an insight into what their sub-speciality entails, what inspired them to pick that sub-speciality, and the most fulfilling and rewarding part of their jobs. Students were able to clarify with the residents any queries they had about the sub-specialities that they were interested in, and to engage with the speakers in an informal setting, during the interactive session.  

October 2019

NUHS General Surgery Gathering
GS sharing (Custom)v1.jpg
On Oct 15, the previous LKCMedicine surgical society head, Dr Leong Kwong Fei, returned to LKCMedicine's Clinical Sciences Building to share the unique aspects of the General Surgery (GS) specialty. Currently a Medical Officer at the National University Health System GS department, Dr Leong also provided a short tutorial in GS topics.

During the session, participating students caught a glimpse into a typical day in the life of a resident and junior doctor including the work hours and job expectations. They were also able to better understand the residency system from personal experiences of the residents and consultants. A Q&A session was held where Dr Leong answered questions related to the being a doctor and the residency program. ​ 

LKCMedicine Paediatrics Special Interest Group holds sharing session on Year 5 electives

paeds sharing (Custom)v1.jpg 
On Oct 10, the LKCMedicine Paediatrics Special Interest Group (SIG) held a paediatrics elective sharing session at CSB Seminar Room 7-1. The session aimed at providing Year 3 & 4 students who may be interested in Paediatrics more information about elective opportunities in this medical speciality so they may make informed choices for their elective applications. During the session, four LKCMedicine Year 5 students, Candice Loh, Shafiqah bte Shahrin, Stanley Low and Teo Tong Lin, gave the attendees an overview about paediatrics as an elective and shared their attachment experiences in the Paediatrics wards in Singapore and abroad. They also gave tips on how best students can make use of their elective/selective opportunities to learn more about the country’s healthcare system and the various specialities available. The sharing session concluded with a lively Q&A which enabled the juniors to interact with the seniors and clarify their doubts regarding the application process.

September 2019 

6th LKCMedicine Students’ Medical Society: Introduction to Emergency Medicine 2019

EM2 (Custom)2.jpg

On Sept 9, 40 LKCMedicine students attended the talk “Introduction to Emergency Medicine 2019”, by speaker Dr Daniel Quek, Consultant with Tan Tock Seng Hospital Emergency Department. The talk is organised annually by Emergency Medicine Student Interest Group (EM SIG). During the talk, Dr Quek shared in depth about the experiences and expectations of the emergency medicine residency and the critical components required for the completion of the training programme. Students gained a clearer understanding of the attributes required to succeed in the emergency medicine residency and the career path of an emergency physician, through the comprehensive presentation, personal insights of speaker during sharing session and Q&A dialogue.

Children's Day Celebration

children's day (Custom) (1).jpg

The Arts and Culture (A&C) Committee organised a Children’s Day Celebration for LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 students. The celebration involved a game show during which the students reminisced their favourite cartoon shows. This involved students guessing the cartoon shows based on the theme songs played while naming the cartoon characters shown on the slides. The scores of the teams were tabulated and the highest scoring team won snacks. Students were told to dress in their secondary or JC school uniforms. A photobooth was also prepared for the students to take pictures.

In addition, the students enjoyed a variety of their favourite childhood snacks. Some snacks were also left in the student lounge for the Year 3 to 5 students to enjoy whom we were unable to organise a game show for due to their varied schedules in clinicals.

August 2019 

Family Medicine Extravaganza

FM1 (Custom).jpg
FM2 (Custom).jpg

The Family Medicine Extravaganza (FME) is an annual event organised by students across all three local medical schools and the Joint Committee of Family Medicine Singapore. Themed "Family Physicians of Tomorrow", FME was hosted by LKCMedicine at the Clinical Sciences Building on the evening of Aug 30.

Attended by over 180 medical students and doctors, the programme began with keynote speeches delivered by family physicians from various practice settings and backgrounds. Dr Ruth Lim who is Ministry of Health Director for Primary & Community Care spoke about the changing landscape of how Family Medicine is being practiced in Singapore, and what medical students should anticipate in the future. Dr Siaw Tung Yeng, Founder and Chief Eexecutive Officer of MaNaDr gave an overview of innovations in information technology that provide solutions to healthcare both locally and throughout ASEAN. Finally, Dr Tan Poh Kiang, HCA Hospice Care President and JurongHealth Medifund Committee Chairman shared his journey in becoming a family physician and his calling to serve in the area of community palliative care.

This was followed by a panel discussion with the programme directors, core faculty and trainees from Family Medicine Residency Programmes of NHG, NUHS and SHS, as well as the Masters of Medicine (Family Medicine) Programme offered by the College of Family Physicians Singapore. Panellists shared about the training structure of each programme and qualities enabling one to excel as a trainee.

LKCMedSoc National Day Celebrations 

NDP 1v1 (Custom).png
NDP 3v1 (Custom).png​​

On August 6 and 7, LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 students celebrated National Day. Donning red and white, students too​k part in the celebrations, which included a selection of local snacks, a Kahoot! quiz on Singapore’s history and a Don’t Forget the Lyrics competition to showcase their love for National Day songs. The festivities ended with the students using the photobooth set up in the Learning Studio tom commemorate National Day. The most enthusiastic teams for the quiz and Don’t Forget the Lyrics Competition were awarded with prizes.

June 2019 

A dazzling time at annual dinner & dance 

DnD3 (Custom).jpg
DnD (Custom).jpg

The LKCMedicine Students’ Medical Society (LKCMedSoc) hosted the Students’ Dinner and Dance 2019 for all students and faculty members at Chijmes Hall on June 6. Themed “Crazy Rich Asians”, the night saw attendees partaking in good food and a variety of activities including games, musical performances, a magic act and a photobooth.  

The annual event which was usually held at the start of the Academic Year (AY) in August, was held at the end of the AY, as a celebration of students’ achievements for the entire AY. The change was well received, with everyone in good spirits, brought about by their enthusiastic participation in the night’s activities.

After the welcome address by LKCMedSoc President Gabriel Tan and Vice-Dean for Education Professor Naomi Low-Beer, attendees participated in games such as Who am I?, Minute to Win it and Kahoot. The Class of 2023 also showcased their musical talent by putting on singing and dancing performances. A highlight of the event was the photobooth booth where photographs taken were posted on Instagram and printed copies were shared among attendees.

LKCMedicine Students’ Dinner and Dance 2019 was a success and capped off an amazing year for the LKCMedicine family!

DnD1 (Custom).jpg

DnD2 (Custom).jpg

April 2019 

LKCMedSoc April Fool's Celebration

april fools1 (Custom).jpg
april fools2 (Custom).png

In the first week of April, Year 1 and 2 students celebrated April Fools’ with joyous and fun-filled activities organised by the Arts and Culture Committee. After a long day of class, Year 1 and Year 2 students were able to let loose and joke around with a light-hearted modified game of ‘Cards Against Humanity’ where a random question would be posted for the students to see. Teams would then post their funniest response and vote for the best response! The self-generated humour made for many comical responses that fitted well with the rest of their classmates. Snacks were also provided for the students. The celebration came to a close with students posing and joking around while taking funny and creative pictures with their teams at the photobooth set up.​

March 2019

LKCMedicine at NTU Open House 2019
On March 2, LKCMedicine made its presence felt at the NTU Open House with a booth at the School of Biological Sciences (SBS) and at the Experimental Medicine Building (EMB) where various outreach activities were spaced out over three floors. Faculty, staff and students were on hand to field visitors’ questions on student life, campus, admission criteria, scholarships and financial aid, besides providing details about the MBBS programme and its strong links with Imperial College London. Scholarly Projects posters by Year 4 students were also on display for visitors to have a better understanding of the LKCMedicine MBBS science and research-based learning journey.

At the EMB Learning Studio, the visitors attended talks that gave an overview of the innovative MBBS curriculum. These full-house talks were presented by LKCMedicine Assistant Dean for Admissions Associate Professor Kwek Tong Kiat and Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee, Assistant Dean for Year 4 & Family Medicine. These talks were complemented by presentations by LKCMedicine students Lee Cheok Hon, Gabrielle Koh, Gabriel Tan, Brjan Kaiji Betzler, Grace Chua and Yeo Wei Ren, who generously shared their experience of the engaging learning environment and outside-classroom activities. The talks ended with a lively Q&A with the Assistant Deans fielding questions from an enthusiastic audience.

Visitors thronged the Collaboration Space and were intrigued by the teaching laboratory with interactive demonstrations at four stations.

Read more here. More pictures here

High Energy at Peanut Butter and Jam 2019 
On March 1, students across all five Years as well as LKCMedicine staff and their families came together at the Multi-Purpose Hall in CSB to celebrate the various talents displayed at the annual Peanut Butter and Jam (PBnJ) 2019. The programme boasted amazing performances with acts ranging from bands to dances and singing. Breathtaking songs were performed by Shaf, Jin and Elena, while there was lively Broadway-like dramatic singing by the Quirky Quilts. In addition to the usual performances, a jaw-dropping beatboxing showdown was performed by the MEDronomes. Aside from pop music, the audience had the pleasure of listening to classical music played by the Shostakovich Trio – comprising Gwyneth on the harp, Jonathan on the cello, and Christopher on the violin. The LKCMedicine house tutors even put together a dance-and-acting video which greatly entertained and captivated the audience.

With the theme of this year’s PBnJ being “Starry Nights”, the MPH was decorated to evoke a magical and homely atmosphere. Pictures of the students taken over the years in activities such as Inter-House Games and other Arts and Culture Events were attached to the strings of the floating helium balloons so that students could have fun going around trying to spot themselves in these photos. Bean bags, pillows and sofas were brought from the House Rooms to create a cosy and comfortable environment at MPH. 

In light of the long night ahead, the PBnJ Organising Committee prepared an array of snacks and packet drinks for the audience to nibble on during the show, aside from the dinner buffet. The NTU Concert Engineers were hired to manage the sound system and ensure that the performers could showcase the best of their abilities and that the performances ran smoothly. The night ended on a high with LKCMedicine’s very own a cappella group, Medlee, performing songs from High School Musical television series. It was a night of fun and bonding for the LKCMedicine family – students, staff and faculty – and served well to showcase the many talents beyond the academic.

Temasek JC students discover more about MBBS 

On March 7, more than 250 students from Temasek Junior College (TJC) enquired enthusiastically about the LKCMedicine MBBS programme at the JC’s Education & Career Fair. More than a thousand students from JC1 and JC2 attended the event which saw 35 educational institutions and organisations participating. The students were particularly interested to know more about the admission criteria, selection process, the Biomedical Admission Test and the Team-based Learning system. Staff from the Education Management and Communications & Outreach departments also provided an overview of the five-year MBBS programme and emphasised the strong links with Imperial College London.​

May 2018
 Prof Jenny Higham Collaboration Award Presentation Ceremony

On May 11, LKCMedicine held its inaugural Prof Jenny Higham Collaboration Award Presentation Ceremony at CSB Seminar Room 7-2. A live telecast of the event was also screened at LKCMedicine London Office Boardroom. The Professor Jenny Higham Collaboration Award aims to encourage both LKCMedicine and Imperial students to initiate and undertake innovative cross-border pursuits including activities on community involvement or humanitarian projects and medical education research. The event began with an opening address by LKCMedicine Dean Prof James Best. This was followed by presentations from six teams who won the award last academic year. For this academic year 2017-2018, two teams – OCIP Project Kyannmar led by LKCMedicine Year 1 student Ian Koh and OCIP Project Saukya led by Year 2 student Tag Wan Yi – were presented with the Professor Jenny Higham Collaboration Award. The evening concluded with a closing address by LKCMedicine Visiting Professor Jenny Higham. 

April 2018

LKCMedicine Anatomy Challenge 2018

On April 21, the second edition of the LKCMedicine Anatomy Challenge saw 206 pre-university students from 19 junior colleges and polytechnics pit their knowledge of human anatomy against each other to win team and individual prizes at the CSB Auditorium. Nanyang Polytechnic’s (NYP) School of Health Sciences students Milton Lew and Deborah Lee were the biggest winners, part of the top team while earning first and second spots in the individual categories respectively, outplaying teams from Hwa Chong Institution (HCI), River Valley High School (RVHS) and Singapore Polytechnic (SP). Organised and run by LKCMedicine students, the day’s event began with a welcome address by LKCMedicine Year 2 student and organising committee chairperson Marc Dany. After Marc’s address, Guest-of-Honour Professor Raj Mohan Nambiar, an esteemed visiting consultant surgeon at various public hospitals, delivered the opening address before the participants sat for the gruelling 40 multiple-choice question individual challenge. 
After the individual challenge, LKCMedicine Visiting Professor and Warwick Medical School Emeritus Professor of Clinical Anatomy Peter Abrahams delivered the keynote address. During lunch break, participants enjoyed interactive demonstrations of the high-tech, multi-modality anatomy teaching adopted by LKCMedicine, including plastinated specimens, the Anatomage Table and clinical imaging technologies such as ultrasound at the Anatomy Learning Centre. There were also interactive displays on ageing simulation and rehabilitation by allied health partners. The team challenge then took place in Auditorium where the top five teams – two teams from NYP, one each from HCI, SP and RVHS – competed in a gameshow-style quiz. Before the revealing the results of the team challenge, LKCMedicine Dean Prof James Best delivered a short address, in which he reiterated anatomy’s fundamental role in medicine. The event concluded with a prize-giving ceremony.

LKCMedSoc Staff Appreciation

On April 11, the LKCMedSoc Arts and Culture committee gave out hampers and personalised message boards to the School’s Corporate Affairs and Medical Education offices as part of their staff appreciation initiative. This initiative is an extension of the appreciation event LKCMedSoc organised for the School’s contracted vendors for their hard work in maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment for the School on April 4.

Appreciation night for School’s contracted vendors

On April 4, LKCMedSoc organised an appreciation event for the School’s contracted vendors – SMM and Koh Bus Transport Service – at the CSB Seminar Room 7-1. The evening began with an informal dinner reception during which students from various cohorts mingled with 20 staff comprising security officers, cleaners, bus drivers and technicians. The main event kicked off with a performance by acapella group MedLee, followed by an appreciation video. Year 4 student and LKCMedSoc Vice-President Brian Ho also gave a speech in which he thanked the guests for their hard work in maintaining a safe and conducive learning environment for the School. The event concluded with the distribution of goodie bags and handmade cards to the staff. 

April Fool’s Day 2018

On April 2 and 3, the LKCMedSoc Arts & Culture committee celebrated April Fools’ Day with the Year 1 and 2 students after their TBL lessons at the EMB Learning Studio and CSB Learning Studio respectively. During the celebrations, students participated in a variety of activities including a Kahoot! quiz, joke-telling competition and photo-taking competition, which saw them lay their hands on prizes including shopping vouchers. 

March 2018

1st student-organised health screening

​Over the two mornings of March 24 and 25, some 80 LKCMedicine Year 1 to 4 students, together with NHG and Pek Kio Community Centre, screened 300 residents over the age of 40 living in the Pek Kio neighbourhood, exceeding their target of 200. This was the first community health screening organised by LKCMedicine students, and the first such event to include a mental wellness assessment in addition to standard functional and physical tests. Driven by a desire to help tackle prevalent issues like chronic diseases, susceptibility to injuries, illnesses and psychosocial issues, the health screening took a year of careful planning by the students. To prepare for the health screening, the students had to undergo training by experts from IMH on mental and from the Singapore Cancer Society (SCS) on how to brief residents on the use of the Faecal Immunochemical Test (FIT) kits. In addition to the functional, physical and mental assessments, students offered free colorectal cancer screening kits for residents to take home and signed them up for flu vaccination, mammograms and pap smears, which will be provided by Mount Alvernia Hospital and SCS over the next few months. On Day 2, Member of Parliament for Tanjong Pagar GRC Mr Melvin Yong stopped by and interacted with the students and residents. To continue this effort of bringing public health screening closer to residents and improve community health, Mr Yong also announced on his Facebook page that Pek Kio Community Centre will be launching its Community Health Post next month to help residents with their health screening reports and referrals where needed. 

Talk on “Empathetic communication at end of life – nature or nurture?”
28617208_1397907243646495_1500146920434920118_o (Custom).jpg
On March 9, the LKCMedSoc Internal Medicine Student Interest Group (SIG) held its second talk at the CSB Seminar Room 5-1, which was attended by 30 students from various cohorts. The Internal Medicine SIG invited TTSH Consultant for Palliative Medicine and LKCMedicine Asst Prof Neo Han Yee to give a talk on “Empathetic communication at end of life – nature or nurture?”. During his talk, Asst Prof Neo gave tips and insights about how to broach the topic of end-of-life care choices with patients and their loved ones. Attendees also took part in a role-play exercise based on several commonly encountered scenarios.

LKCMedicine Seniors’ Camp 2018
Seniors Camp 2018.jpg
On March 4, 60 LKCMedicine students from various cohorts gathered at EMB for the annual Seniors’ Camp. Over the course of two days, the participants travelled to several locations including Sentosa, the School’s Novena Campus and the NTU Sports & Recreation Centre, to test a variety of team-building games such as aqua quidditch, beach wars, human foosball, for the upcoming Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP). It was a fun-filled event and the FOP organising committee obtained constructive feedback on how to improve on the programme.

Peanut Butter & Jam 2018
28619087_1393047034132516_513758445595901094_o (Custom).jpg
On March 2, 150 LKCMedicine students, faculty, staff and their families gathered at the MPH for the annual Peanut Butter and Jam. The event, which showcases the diverse talents of the School community, featured a line-up of performances from dance numbers and singing to beatboxing, pop & rock bands and a skit which was put on by the House Tutors. During the event, attendees also indulged in a variety of snacks including candy floss and popcorn. It was an evening of fun and bonding for the whole LKCMedicine family.

February 2018

LKCMedicine Anaesthetia Night
28337365_1388038427966710_7690568093353513513_o (Custom).jpg
On February 23, LKCMedicine Lead for Anaesthesia Assoc Prof See Jee Jian and House Tutor Dr Nelson Chua gave a presentation about their experiences and perspectives on the use of anaesthesia in medicine to 30 LKCMedicine students from various cohort at the HQ Seminar Room. Organised by the LKCMedSoc Anaesthesia Student Interest Group, Assoc Prof See and Dr Chua also talked about what their role as an anaesthetist means to them and the challenges they face. The session was insightful and answered students’ queries about this specialty.

December 2017

NTU Inter-School Games
From December 11 to 28, 80 LKCMedicine students participated in the annual NTU Inter-School Games. The LKCMedicine team competed against 15 other Schools in various sporting activities including futsal, squash, floorball and captain’s ball. The teams played hard on the field and morale was high. At the end of the event, LKCMedicine managed to get into the top four for frisbee, netball, and race relay and eighth place for badminton.

October 2017

Deepavali Celebration
On October 16, LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 students celebrated Deepavali at CSB. Organised by the LKCMedSoc arts and culture committee, students were dressed in ethnic costumes and participated in various activities including do-it-yourself diyas or oil lamps using CDs, tea light candles, sequins and markers and a photo booth. Year 3 to Year 5 students too did not miss out on the celebrations as they were treated to a variety of snack and sweets at the student Lounge.
September 2017

Children's Day Celebration
On 28 and 29 September, LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 students celebrated Children's Day at CSB. They came to class dressed in their old school uniforms and indulged in snacks reminiscent of their childhood. Students, in their TBL teams, bonded over games, winning movie vouchers and snack hampers. Year 3 to 5 students did not miss out on the celebrations either as they were treated to childhood snacks at the student lounge.
August 2017

National Day Celebration 2017
On August 11 and 17, LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 students celebrated Singapore’s 52nd birthday, indulging in traditional snacks such as iced gems, spin crackers and haw flakes, and taking part in a quiz that tested their knowledge of Singapore’s past, present and future. The friendly competition, where students learned a bit more about Singapore’s culture, came to a close with a photo-taking competition to encourage students to show their love for Singapore with creative poses and props that were prepared for them. The winners, Year 1 TBL Team 11 and Year 2 TBL Team 8, took home $30 Golden Village vouchers each.
July 2017

Students' Dinner & Dance
On 31 July, the LKCMedSoc committee hosted the fourth Dinner & Dance at the Lakeview ballroom in Jurong Bird Park. Themed “Malice in Wonderland”, the event was attended by 120 LKCMedicine students, faculty, house tutors and staff. The programme began with an opening performance by Littmann’s Classic III, which consists of LKCMedicine Year 2 & 3 students Lu Junde, How Jin Wei and Joanna Goh. This was followed by opening speeches by Year 4 student and LKCMedSoc Programme Director Edgar Yeo and Vice-Dean for Education Prof Naomi Low-Beer. Students and staff spent the rest of the evening participating in a slew of games and activities. The evening concluded with both LKCMedicine Vice-Dean Prof Lionel Lee and Vice-Dean for Clinical Affairs Prof Pang Weng Sun giving away prizes for the games and lucky draw, and a closing speech by Year 2 student and Dinner & Dancer chairperson Louise Lo.

Freshmen Orientation Programme 2017
From 24 to 27 July, LKCMedicine students put on a warm welcome for 115 of the incoming 120 freshmen who will join the School in its fifth cohort officially on Aug 7. Called “Alumes”, the freshmen orientation camp served as an introduction to the School, its campuses and wider community as well as the student body and life as a medical student. Starting with ice-breaker games at EMB, the camp grouped freshies and their orientation group leaders by House and challenged them over a series of games. On the last day, students spent the morning on a community involvement project, while the afternoon saw freshies stepping into patients’ shoes at an event held at the CSB Anatomy Learning Centre. At the end of the four days, Marie Curie House, under the team name Cazar, emerged with the most points, but much fun was had by all.

April 2017

Awareness Drive for HealthServe
On 28 April 2017, members of LKCMedSoc’s CIP and Arts & Culture Committees organised an awareness drive for HealthServe, a non-profit organisation dedicated to meeting the needs of migrant workers in the community. Apart from raising awareness of HealthServe’s work students also showcased their talents by busking at the TTSH Atrium. Student acts included singing trio Team 6.5, duo Bang & Andrew and acapella group MedLee, who performed to much applause from the appreciative crowd.

Peanut Butter & Jam
On 13 April 2017, around 200 LKCMedicine students, staff and faculty and their families gathered at the CSB auditorium for the annual Peanut Butter and Jam (PBnJ). This open mic event boasted a line-up of performances from singing, acapella to dance numbers and rock & pop bands, showcasing the diverse talents of LKCMedicine students, staff and faculty.
The LKCMedicine faculty also put together a ‘carpool’ karaoke performance which was led by LKCMedicine Executive Vice-Dean Prof Lionel Lee and Senior House Tutor Dr Mary Wong. They roused the audience with their rendition of “Can you feel the love tonight”. It was a night of fun and bonding for all who attended and everyone was impressed by the talents of LKCMedicine family.

March 2017

LKCMedicine Seniors' Camp
​​In preparation for the upcoming Freshmen Orientation Program (FOP), about 60 LKCMedicine Year 1 students attended a two-day Seniors’ Camp on 5 and 6 March 2017. Organised by the FOP committee, the two-day programme was packed with activities ranging from a cross-campus trail to pool and beach games at several venues in NTU, such as EMB, North Spine, Pioneer and Crescent halls, and Sentosa. The camp serves as a platform for Year 1 students to form stronger bonds and brainstorm FOP ideas to welcome the incoming batch of students to the School.

Project ANGEL@LKC Charity Concert 2017
On 1 March 2017, NTU students, staff and parents attended the inaugural Project ANGEL@LKC Charity Concert which was held at the Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre. The concert which was organised by LKCMedicine students to raise awareness of autism and funds for Saint Andrew’s Autism Centre (SAAC) featured performances from the NTU family including acapella groups Harmonix and MedLee, bands Emoki Mushroom and Descendants of the Bun and dance groups NIE DanceFuzion and NTU Salsa. The programme also featured an informative talk about autism, SAAC and Project ANGEL@LKC’s upcoming initiatives for the audience to learn more about autism and how they can support people with autism.
February 2017

Surf's Up 2017
On February 18, about 100 LKCMedicine students from the four cohorts gathered at Sentosa’s Siloso beach for the annual Surf’s Up event. Organised by the LKCMedSoc Sports Committee, students formed teams to take each other on in friendly beach games, such as Captain’s Ball, Dodgeball and Dog & Bone.
January 2017

Chinese New Year Celebration
CNY (Custom).jpg
LKCMedicine Year 1 and 2 students celebrated Chinese New Year (CNY) at the CSB Learning Studio on January 26 and 27 respectively. To usher in the Year of the Rooster, students were dressed in red and participated in CNY-themed games. They also enjoyed a variety of CNY goodies distributed at both events.
November 2016

Deepavali Celebrations
The M1 and M2 students celebrated Deepavali on 3rd and 4th of November after their respective TBL sessions. Students came to class dressed in their various ethnic costumes.

The celebratory mood started off with the distribution of various traditional Indian snacks and sweets. After TBL, there was a short sharing session on the significance of Deepavali by their fellow Indian classmates. The students then got a chance to demonstrate their creative prowess through the henna art competition. The celebration concluded with students taking photos with their decorated photobooth. Meanwhile, the M3s and M4s students had their share of festivities by enjoying the Indian snacks at the Mandalay Student Lounge.

The celebration was a great way to introduce Indian culture and fostering greater cultural appreciation among the students.
October 2016

Hari Raya Haji Celebrations
Organised by the Arts and Culture Committee, LKCMedicine Year 2 and Year 1 students celebrated Hari Raya Haji on September 20 and 22 respectively. Other than enjoying the variety of Hari Raya snacks distributed at both events, a short presentation about Hari Raya Haji on the meaning behind this festival gave non-Muslims a deeper understanding of the Malay Muslim customs and traditions. The celebrations ended on a high note with students participating in several activities such as a treasure hunt and photo competition.

Children's Day Celebrations
Children day.jpg
On October 7 and 10, Year 1 & 2 students came to class in their old school uniforms to celebrate Children’s Day at the Experimental Medicine Building. The students reminisced over old pictures, bonded over games and enjoyed snacks from their childhood days. Year 3 & 4 students too did not miss out on the celebrations as they were treated to childhood snacks at the student lounge at the Novena Campus.
August 2016

White Coat Ceremony 201613912650_1070944226327702_4536545146725025094_n.jpgThe Nanyang Auditorium was teeming with life as students, parents, faculty and staff gathered to witness LKCMedicine’s newest and largest cohort be officially inducted into the ranks of medical students at the School’s fourth White Coat Ceremony on Monday, August 8. Welcoming the Class of 2021, LKCMedicine Dean Prof James Best gave a welcome address promising the students an exciting journey ahead. This was followed a keynote address by the Guest-of-Honour Permanent Secretary for Education at the Ministry of Education Ms Chan Lai Fung, who shared her views about the changes in education, Singapore’s changing demographics and the changing needs of patients.

The 108 medical freshmen were then conferred their white coats on stage by their House Tutors, Assistant Deans and Prof Best, after which they recited the Declaration of a New Medical Student. They were led in reciting the declaration by Vice-Dean for Education Assoc Prof Naomi Low-Beer. This was followed by Class of 2020 student Elsa Wee reciting the poem Peau d’Orange by Marcia Lynch and National Healthcare Group Deputy Group CEO (Education & Research) Prof Lim Tock Han giving his closing speech, in which he called on students to put their patients first.

LKCMedicine Students' Medical Society 3rd Dinner & Dance 2016
The Students’ Medical Society (MedSoc) 3rd Dinner & Dance was held at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa, on Wednesday, August 3. This year’s theme was Sugar, Spies and Everything Nice. The event was graced by LKCMedicine Dean Prof James Best. The programme began with a welcome address by MedSoc President, Goh Kang Shiong. Thereafter, Prof Best gave an interesting speech about LKCMedicine’s growth and feature in the SMA’s magazine, SMA News. Students and staff participated in a slew of games and activities, and enjoyed captivating performances by our very own students.

July 2016
LKCMedicine Freshmen Orientation Camp 2016
FOP 1.jpg 
Held from 28 to 31 July 2016, seniors from LKCMedicine organised the Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) for the incoming batch of students. Known as IntroDOCtion 2016: Vitae, this year’s FOP achieved the highest participation from both juniors and seniors. The freshmen had a unique and memorable experience; having fun and working alongside with their peers and seniors in their respective Houses. The FOP organisers are happy to have the batch of 2021 joining them as a part of the LKCMedicine family.

April 2016
Senior Junior Games
Senior Junior Games.jpg 
The Senior Junior Games was held on 6th April 2016 at the NTU Sports & Recreation Centre. The aims of the event were to encourage bonding across the levels through sports and to provide an avenue for the students to de-stress in the midst of their studies. It also allowed students who had not tried the sports to do so whilst fostering a healthy competitive school spirit. Various sports were played with the highlight being bubble soccer which was facilitated by Bubble Soccer Singapore.
The Games ended in a draw with both seniors and juniors scoring in two games each.

March 2016
Seniors' Camp
ffop.pngDuring the recess week of 29th February to 4th March 2016, Year 1 and Year 2 students came together to participate in Seniors' Camp 2016 which was an initiative by the Freshmen Orientation Programme (FOP) 2016 committee, to try out the proposed games for the FOP which will be held in July 2016.
It was an opportunity for the organising committee and programme heads to experiment their games; test and tweak minor details to achieve a smoother, safer and more enjoyable FOP
At the same time, it was also a great way for the seniors to come together and have fun in the pool, at the beach and all around NTU over the three days. With the success of the Seniors’ Camp, the students are looking forward to welcome the freshmen at the end of July 2016.

February 2016
SGMarrow road show at NTU
February 2016.jpg 
The Asian Medical Students Association (AMSA) Singapore and Bone Marrow Donor Programme (BMDP) organised the SGMarrow roadshow which was held over four days from 1 to 4 February 2016 at the North and South Spines of NTU. The aim was to increase public awareness about bone marrow donation, as well as to recruit as many volunteers as possible into the bone marrow donor registry using a simple cheek swab. 58 LKCMedicine student volunteers participated in the roadshow to help educate NTU students and staff about bone marrow transplantation and even recruited over 1,000 new donors for the registry!

January 2016
Festive Fun for Students
Fresh from their holidays, the M1s and M2s celebrated the festive season by organising a Christmas and New Year celebration on 7th and 8th January 2016. The festive spirit was in the air as the event kicked off with a Secret Santa gift exchange where each student gave a gift to a randomly assigned friend. There was much delight as they discovered the sometimes useful, sometimes whimsical, gift left for them. The jolly mood in the air continued as festive snacks were distributed and the merriment concluded with a photo taking competition. The busy M3s were not left out of the festivities either as the snacks were brought over to the Novena campus for them to enjoy. Here’s to an exciting 2016!

October 2015
Halloween 2015
M1s and M2s celebrated Halloween 2015 on the 27th and 29th of October respectively. The students had a fun time on both days, filled with Halloween snacks and costumes. Many creative costume themes were seen, the best of which won the costume competition at the end of TBL, kindly judged by the content experts. The winning team for M1s was Team 4 with their theme ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarves’ and the winning team for M2s was Team 10 with ‘Scooby Doo’ as their theme. 

The M1s also enjoyed a spooky night of terror with a horror movie screening held in the EMB Seminar Room. 

Children’s Day 2015
On 8 and 9 October 2015, students came to class in their previous school uniforms to celebrate Children’s Day. As part of the reminiscing, balloons and snacks such as breakfast cereals and old-school titbits were given out to everyone.
September 2015

Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations
Mid Autumn Festival 1.jpg
The 3rd LKCMedSoc ExCo organised its first student event, the Mid-Autumn Festival Celebrations, on 21st September 2015. Held at the newly completed Experimental Medicine Building, where many LKCMedicine students attend lessons daily, the idyllic serenity of the School went abuzz with festive cheer. Mooncakes generously sponsored by Student Affairs Office, along with traditional paper lanterns, created a scene that has been replicated hundreds of times all over the world, having survived hundreds of years of cultural modernisation.

To add a twist to a very traditional celebration, voices were made hoarse with our very own karaoke session, made possible by the excellent sound system in our Seminar Room. Most memorable, however, was the rekindling of friendships by the moon and candlelight, as the M1 to M3 batches were able to interact and grow closer as one tightly-knit LKCMedicine family.

LKCMedicine MedSoc Sub-Committees, House Representatives and Year Level Representatives Elections
The Elections for LKCMedicine MedSoc Sub-Committees, House Representatives and Year Level Representatives was held on 21st and 22nd September 2015. Students from all three cohorts voted for the various positions.

Students were able to cast their votes either at Mandalay HQ or Experimental Medicine Building. With all votes counted at 9.30pm on 22nd September 2015, all positions of the Sub-Committees, House Representatives and Year Level Representatives were filled.

By-Election for 3rd LKCMedSoc Exco
The By-Election for the 3rd LKCMedSoc Exco was held on 9th September 2015. Students from all three cohorts voted for the remaining two positions of the MedSoc Exco - Treasurer and Secretary.

Students were able to cast their votes either at Mandalay HQ or Experimental Medicine Building. With all votes counted at 4.30pm on September 9, all five positions of the 3rd LKCMedSoc Exco were filled.

August 2015

NTU Union Day 2015: Election for 3rd LKCMedSoc Exco
LKCMedicine held its 3rd Student’s Medical Society Executive Committee (LKCMedSoc Exco) elections on 2nd September 2015 with students from Year 1 to Year 3 casting their votes at Mandalay HQ or Experimental Medicine Building.

All votes were counted at 4.30pm and the following students were elected to the 3rd LKCMedSoc Exco.

President: Goh Kang Shiong Vice President (Student Life): Lee Cheok Hon Vice President (Welfare): Ken Chua Kai Yang As there were no candidates running for the positions of Treasurer and Secretary, a by-election will be held at a later date.
July 2015

Freshmen Orientation Camp – Adunare Introdoction 2015
On 6th July 2015, the Research Techno Plaza foyer was bustling with excited Year 1 students as they arrived for the 5-day orientation camp. Organised by the LKCMedicine MedSoc, the theme of the camp was ‘Adunare’, which is Latin for ‘to unite’.

The activities were based on a storyline that introduced the ethical considerations of genetic modification and evolution, a highly debatable area of medical and biological science: “In a false utopia, the elite Engineers have pioneered a novel method to imbue laboratory-grown humans with superpowers. Their Creations initially roam around and enjoy the use of their special abilities, but unbeknownst to them, the Engineers have been spying upon them all along, with grand plans of their own …” The students were grouped into 4 orientation groups with distinct special powers which gave them an advantage in the games - Lycan (Stealth), Kheiron (Speed), Cerebro (Intelligence) and Minotaur (Strength).

LKCMedicine Students’ Dinner & Dance 2015
The end of the academic year was commemorated with the annual Dinner and Dance (D&D) which was held in the Lily Ballroom of Riverview Hotel on 1st July 2015. The theme of D&D was Footloose, and students got to celebrate the end of the examinations and start of holidays. It was a night full of joyous fun as the programme included interactive games, an open dance floor and performances put up by the students and House Tutors. The organising committee also created a photo booth, wildly popular with both students and faculty, to invoke a sense of 80s glamour.
April 2015

Peanut Butter & Jam 2015
Peanut Butter & Jam 2015 was held on 30th April, where our students and faculty gathered for a night of showcasing LKCMedicine’s very own performing arts talents. The event featured a smorgasbord of performances by students, including band and solo performances in addition to a dance and comedy skit. It was a joyous night to wind down and let loose as the end of the academic year approaches.
February 2015

First Class Reunion Dinner
The First Class Reunion dinner was a simple, light-hearted event organised by the Year 2 students. The event, held in the evening of 26th February 2015, promoted social interaction and bonding. Students participated in various games and activities, centered on the Chinese New Year theme to promote further interaction between students. These included a name guessing game to sort the students into teams, followed by various games in those teams such as “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” and a Food Guessing Game.

The First Class Reunion dinner was a simple, light-hearted event organised by the Year 2 students. The event, held in the evening of 26th February 2015, promoted social interaction and bonding. Students participated in various games and activities, centered on the Chinese New Year theme to promote further interaction between students. These included a name guessing game to sort the students into teams, followed by various games in those teams such as “Don’t Forget The Lyrics” and a Food Guessing Game.

Year 1 students Chinese New Year celebration
In conjunction with the festivities of Chinese New Year, the Year 1 students celebrated Chinese New Year over their TBL session on 17th February 2015 at Research Techno Plaza. The students came dressed in festive colours and traditional Chinese costumes, and to add to the atmosphere, everyone was treated to Chinese New Year goodies. The students also bonded over a non-competitive Chinese paper-cutting session to end off the celebration.

LKCMedicine students and staff spread festive cheer to patients
On 11th February 2015, LKCMedicine students and staff took part in a Lunar New Year Community Outreach Programme organised by the National Healthcare Group (NHG), the School’s primary clinical partner. LKCMedSoc collaborated with the School and NHG to bring an afternoon of performance and gift-giving to the patients at the six wards at Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Ren Ci Community Hospital. Besides enjoying themselves, the students appreciated the opportunity to interact with patients and bring some festive joy to them ahead of the Lunar New Year.
January 2015

Med-Nurse Games 2015
Med-Nurse Games 2015 saw LKCMedSoc hosting the games for the first time. The focus of this year's games was to bring together the various medical and nursing faculties for a time of fun and friendly competition. Participants included students from Alice Lee School of Nursing, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Nursing and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine. Over the one-day event, participants took part in sports such as Football, Captain’s Ball, Frisbee and Dodgeball, with the event culminating in a mass funball match. Through these experiences, we hope to bring together future colleagues and form bonds that will last long into the future.

House Meeting – Wu Lien-Teh House
On Thursday, 15th January 2015, our students came together for a House meeting led by Wu Lien-Teh House. Dr Wu Lien-Teh was known for his efforts to contain the plague in Manchuria in 1911. Using this as a theme, the students played a series of games, with interspersed lessons on the spread of infection and infection control. While demonstrating how quickly an epidemic can spread through social interaction, the students also had the opportunity to design their own personal protective equipment (PPE) from newspapers and other everyday materials. The “global handwashing dance” was also gamely performed by the students. The more serious elements of the meeting included a mini lecture by Senior House Tutor for Wu Lien-Teh House Dr Jeeve Kanagalingam and a “TED talk” by Myriam Sidibe on the importance of handwashing with soap in preventing infant mortality. The event programme proved to be a perfect balance of fun and serious, leaving those who attended thoroughly pleased.

A Little Pizzazzpizzaz.pngOrganised by LKCMedSoc, students and their House Tutors gathered together on the first day of school, 5th January 2015, at the Function Room of NTU Hall 6 for A Little Pizzazz. After catching up with sorely missed friends over Canadian pizza, the Houses bonded in a frenzied creative attempt to recreate a life-like portrait of their House Reps using a variety of interesting foodstuff for an evening of laughter and fun!
December 2014

Staff and Student Games Day
On 3rd December 2014, staff and students took part in the Staff and Student Games Day cum Inter House Games AY2014/15. This was the first year that the two games were combined into one with the aim of promoting interaction and familiarity between staff and students as well as within each House. Staff were split amongst the Houses and joined in the fun and games.

The games played were Bocce, Quidditch and Handball. LKCMedicine Dean Professor James Best presented the prize to the overall winner, which was the Lim Boon Keng House. The results from these games were added to the on-going House championship, which will conclude near the end of the academic year.

We would like to thank the organising committee, comprising of Marcel, Sunil, Sean, Melissa, Yirong and Sophia for all their hard work in organizing this successful event!​
November 2014

A Day of Sporty Fun at LKCMedicine
On 19 November 2014, LKCMedicine students traded the classroom for the sports field as the seniors took on the juniors in Captain's ball, Dodgeball, Frisbee and Soccer. It was an afternoon of fun-filled friendly competition as the seniors managed wins in the first three sports while the juniors put on a fight to finally emerge winners in the soccer match. Although the skies threatened to open on them throughout the afternoon, the rain was held at bay until the students concluded their day of sporting fun.

Halloween Celebration at LKCMedicine
Organised by LKCMedSoc, students were invited to celebrate Halloween by wearing themed costumes to class. The Year 2s celebrated on 6th November 2014 at Mandalay while the Year 1s celebrated theirs on 7th November 2014 at the Research Techno Plaza (RTP). Students, in their respective teams, turned up as Pacman, Minions and pirates. The facilitators were then invited to judge the costumes.

LKCMedicine's UnSports Day
The LKCMedicine UnSports Games was held on Wednesday, 5th November 2014 at Nanyang Crescent Hall, Function Hall. Students and house tutors competed in numerous games such as Boggle, Saboteur, Munchkins, Dance Central and Charades. 

After points were collated from all the games, Lim Boon Keng House emerged as overall champions. Two students in-charge Christopher Teow Kang Jun and Lim Junchen Melvin wrote the poem below to summarise the fun-filled event. 

October 2014

LKCMedicine Students Celebrate HealthCity Day
On Saturday, 25th October 2014, as part of this year’s Health City Day Celebrations by Health City Novena, essential packs full of various food items and daily necessities were distributed to needy residents of Whampoa. Eight LKCMedicine students volunteered for this event, assisting in ushering, conducting of the morning exercise for the residents, as well as distributing of the packs at the end of the event. 

This short event allowed students to not only volunteer alongside doctors and nurses from Tan Tock Seng Hospital but also gave the students an insight into the lives of the less fortunate in Singapore.

LKCMedicine Students Celebrate Deepavali
On Thursday, 23rd October 2014, several Year 2 female students celebrated Deepavali, the Festival of Lights, by dressing up in bright, cheery sarees with the help of student Aishwarya Narayanan. Preparation for the day began before the sun came up – Aishwarya began tying the sarees for the girls at 6.30am! 

The day’s long TBL session was significantly brightened with many learning about the meaning behind the ancient Hindu festival, which marks the victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, good over evil and hope over despair. The beautiful sarees were provided by Aishwarya and Mrs Ramani Saravanan, Assistant Director, Lead for Practical Skills so that these students were able to spread the festive cheer to their classmates and LKCMedicine staff.

Medicine Debates 2014
The Medicine Debates 2014 were held on 4th October 2014 at Shaw Foundation Alumni House, NUS with Singapore Medical Association President Assoc Prof Chin Jing Jih who is also LKCMedicine’s Assistant Dean (Integrated Care) as the Guest-of-Honor.

Debating the motion "Residency is the best way to train doctors effectively", the Proposition with Year 2 student Benjamin Lee as one of its members emerged victorious, but it was fellow Year 2 Lavisha S Punjabi from the Opposition who picked up Best Speaker. Besides participating in the debate, LKCMedicine students also supported the event by entertaining the audience in the form of a five-member band with two songs, while Aishwarya Narayanan was the co-emcee for the debate.

The teams comprised of students from all three medical schools and while it was a rather heavy topic compared with previous years, the participants felt it was a good opportunity to be more aware about the Singapore healthcare system. Before the debate ended, there was a Q&A session where senior doctors posed critical questions to the two teams.

Children's Day 2014
The Children's Day event was held on 7th October 2014 at the Seminar rooms of RTP (for Year 1s) and Mandalay (for Year 2s). It was an event which began with the inaugural batch last year, and was carried out again this year for both the junior and senior batches. The event was conducted not just to rekindle childhood memories, but also to inject excitement into school life by serving as a departure from regular TBL sessions, and encourage bonding between students through fun, games and food. The event took place throughout the TBL session, with a short segment afterwards for photo taking, games, and a video screening.

The highlights of the event included the wearing of JC/Secondary school uniform or school related attire to class, which was also done last year. However, the students also added a few segments to the event this year, including the providing of childhood snacks such as Polo Snacks and Haw Flakes for consumption during lessons; the playing of childhood games after class such as chapteh and blowing bubble balloons; and finally the screening of a video featuring childhood photos of all students and even some members of the faculty.

September 2014

LKCMedSoc Sub-Committee Elections AY2014/15
Over the past two weeks, students from both years running for House Representative and Academic Representative or the three Committee Heads for LKCMedSoc had to rally support through live speeches or video rallies posted on Facebook. All this culminated on September 22 when students from both Year 1 and Year 2 gathered at the Mandalay campus to elect their chosen representatives.

LKCMedSoc Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration
Mid Autumn.jpg
The Mid-Autumn or Lantern Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Lunar Calendar. Ethnic Chinese families from all over Singapore unite on this very day to enjoy mooncakes and Chinese tea while they admire the splendour of the full moon.

By the same spirit of gathering and thanksgiving, the LKCMedSoc is proud to have hosted their inaugural Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration on 15th September 2014. Held at the very heart of where LKCMedicine students live in NTU, the idyllic serenity of Hall 17 pavilion was abuzz with festive cheer on the event day. The students enthusiastically celebrated the festival with traditional paper lanterns and sparklers. They were served scrumptious mooncakes and ice-cream generously sponsored by LKCMedicine. Most memorable was the opportunity for the two batches of LKCMedicine students to interact in a relaxed informal setting and to grow closer as one tightly knit LKCMedicine family.

Year 2s start on Apollo's Dream
On 17 September 2014, the first group of Year 2 students headed to the Jalan Bahar Clay Studios to render their interpretations of Apollo’s Dream in clay. The 15 students from our inaugural cohort worked diligently on their designs with the expert guidance of artists Suriani Suratman, Hiroko Mita and Sutopo Ngasiman. Medical symbols and human anatomy provided inspiration for some, while others looked to nature for inspiration to let their ideas flourish.

Apollo’s Dream is collaboration with NTU Museum and has been made possible by donations from local Imperial alumni and supporters of LKCMedicine. When completed, it will be installed at the entrance of the Level 3 link bridge in the Experimental Medicine Building at our Yunnan Garden Campus. The next session in a series of workshops to create the artwork will be on Wednesday, 24th September 2014.

August 2014

2nd LKCMedSoc ExCo Elected

The 2nd LKCMedSoc ExCo elections took place on NTU Union Day, 28 August. More than 75% of the students turned up to cast their votes for the five office bearers. Congratulations to the 2nd LKCMedSoc ExCo and we look forward to their leadership in continuing the excellent work of the inaugural ExCo.

Inaugural Cohort Gets Creative
On 27 August, students from LKCMedicine’s inaugural cohort tried their hand at pottery ̶ many of them for the first time – at Jalan Bahar Clay Studios (JBCS), in anticipation of beginning work on Apollo’s Dream, the inaugural cohort commemorative artwork. Following an introduction to the history of JBCS, the students were guided by artists Suriani Suratman, Hiroko Mita and Sutopo Ngasiman on the different techniques for working with clay, and made original works which they will get to keep as souvenirs after the works are fired in the kiln. A second introductory workshop will take place on 3 September, where the students will get the opportunity to work on tiles similar to what they will create for Apollo’s Dream.

A collaboration with NTU Museum, the creation of Apollo’s Dream by the students and the artists has been made possible by donations from supporters of LKCMedicine. When completed, it will be installed at the Level 3 link bridge area in the Experimental Medicine Building at our Yunnan Garden Campus.

Year 1 Students Experience First Practical
On the morning of 21 August, the Year 1 students had their first practical in the 'Introduction to Medical Sciences' block. The students examined drops of blood under the microscope to identify different types of white blood cells and ran various types of haemoglobin to diagnose the effect of a mutation that gives rise to sickle cell anaemia.

LKCMedicine Team Bags ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz
LKCMedicine clinched the ‘Best Newcomer Award’ at the 12th Inter-Medical School Physiology Quiz organised by the Department of Physiology, Faculty of Medicine, University Malaya. Held from 20 to 21 August at the University Malaya campus in Kuala Lumpur, the Quiz saw 90 teams participating from medical schools from more than 22 countries. The event was also a great opportunity for our students to mingle with medical students and physiology experts from all over the world.

The LKCMedicine team, consisting of five of our Year 2 students - Ang Jia Wei, Christopher Teow, Ryan Chen, Lee Hai Quan and Lavisha Punjabi - was accompanied by Vice-Dean (Clinical Affairs) Assoc Prof Pang Weng Sun.
Governing Board Dinner with New Cohort
The Governing Board Dinner with the new cohort of students was held on Tuesday, 12 August after the quarterly Governing Board meeting at the Toh Kian Chui Annex, Novena Campus. Chairman of the Governing Board Mr Lim Chuan Poh congratulated the new students on choosing a noble profession and being part of the pioneering cohorts of students at LKCMedicine.

The dinner provided the students with an opportunity to interact with the Governing Board members as well as the leadership from Imperial College London and the School in an informal setting, coupled with a buffet spread of local delicacies in the open courtyard of the Toh Kian Chui Annex.

White Coat Ceremony 2014
LKCMedicine’s second cohort of 78 students received their white coats on 13 August, officially initiating them into the medical fraternity. In front of their parents, friends and senior leadership from NTU, Imperial College London and LKCMedicine, the Class of 2019 accepted their white coats from LKCMedicine Dean Prof James Best at the School of Art, Design & Media Auditorium. The Guest-of-Honour was Chairman of LKCMedicine Governing Board and Agency for Science, Technology and Research Mr Lim Chuan Poh.

Welcome Class of 2019!
The School was abuzz with excitement on 4 August as it welcomed its second batch of students. Arriving bright and early at Research Techno Plaza (RTP), the 78 students began Orientation Week at the Seminar Room where they collected their matriculation packs, paid for lab coats, had their photos taken, and were issued an iPad Air each.

Executive Vice-Dean Prof Lionel Lee, Vice-Dean (Clinical Affairs) Assoc Prof Pang Weng Sun, Assistant Dean (Phase 1) Prof Mike Ferenczi, and LKCMedSoc gave warm welcome speeches to the students, kick-starting what promises to be a dynamic journey ahead.

After lunch, the students attended “The Art and Science of Using Your iPad”, an interactive workshop aimed at introducing the freshmen to the School’s e-learning platform and technology-enhanced ecosystem.

The eventful first day ended with a welcome reception hosted by the Dean, Prof James Best. Set at the RTP rooftop, the reception provided a great opportunity for the Year 1s to mingle with LKCMedicine’s senior management, faculty, staff and Year 2s.

July 2014

Orientation Camp for New Cohort
LKCMedicine's Freshmen Orientation Camp “IntroDOCtion 2014: Contagion” was held from July 8 to 12. Organised by the current cohort, it welcomed freshmen to the healthcare community through a week of fun yet meaningful activities right before school begins. Some of these included a Community Involvement Programme event at All Saints' Home (Tampines), a day of sun and sand at Siloso Beach in Sentosa, an Amazing Race throughout Singapore, and Pool Games at NTU's Sports & Recreation Centre.

Freshmen were organised into four Orientation Groups (OGs) bearing the initials L, K, C and M. These OGs (Legionella, Kedougou, Coprococcus and Methanothrix) were named after bacteria, following the theme of our camp, “Contagion”. Besides the zombie motif, the theme also represented the camp's aim of spreading core ideas such as friendship and volunteerism to our freshmen. After five days, the Camp certainly succeeded in introducing the freshmen to their classmates, seniors and the LKCMedicine culture.

Inaugural LKCMedicine Cohort Dinner 2014
On the evening of 3 July, our inaugural cohort and over 40 faculty and staff gathered at The Legends, Hotel Fort Canning to celebrate the Students’ first Dinner & Dance, which was themed “Nautical”. It was a night full of joyous fun as the programme included interactive games, performances by our very own ‘Medicine Band’ and House Tutors. Students who performed exceptionally well academically were also awarded certificates of recognition by the faculty.

The House Challenge Trophy was also presented to Alexander Fleming House and William Osler House who emerged joint House Champions and bagged an enormous trophy. The Houses went through a series of keenly contested Inter-House games comprising sports, recreational games, a House relay and the Easter Quiz which put both brawn and brain to the test.

The D&D, which ended with the faculty appreciation, a photo montage and photo-taking, also marked the end of LKCMedicine’s first academic year.
June 2014

Inaugural Cohort Sits for Year 1 Final Exam
Final Exam.jpg
Our inaugural cohort sat for Paper 1 of the Year 1 MBBS Integrated Written Examination on 27 June 2014. All 54 students arrived bright and early for the 3-hour paper held at NTU’s Exam Hall C. Paper 2 will be held on Monday, 30 June and will wrap up an exciting and eventful first academic year at LKCMedicine.

Year 1 Students Receive Exam Welfare Packages
Exam welfare packages were distributed to all Year 1 students on 13 June 2014. The initiative, organised by LKCMedSoc, was in view of the upcoming Year 1 MBBS Integrated Examination in June/July.

Each pack contained light snacks, stationery, an alarm clock, a stress ball and sponsored gifts. Given the pressure that comes with exam preparation, the packs are a handy and motivational gift for our inaugural cohort as they tackle the final stretch of their first academic year.

Innovations in Medicine Lecture by Vice-Dean (Research) Prof Philip Ingham FRS
Innovations in Medicine.jpg
On Monday, 2 June, Vice-Dean (Research) Prof Philip Ingham FRS delivered to LKCMedicine students and staff a lecture titled “How the Fruit Fly Transformed Biomedical Science” at the Novena Campus. Part of the Innovations in Medicine lecture series, he shared about the impact of developmental genetics on our understanding of animal development, with a focus on how the field has transformed our knowledge of human biology and the implications of these discoveries on the understanding and treatment of human disease. The lecture proved to be an enriching session for both LKCMedicine students and staff.
May 2014

Med-SBS Games Day 2014
Our students participated in the Inaugural Med-SBS Games Day 2014 involving LKCMedicine and NTU’s School of Biological Sciences on 19 May.

It was a day of friendly interaction through sports as the participants from the two schools played frisbee, mixed tennis, netball, basketball, mixed badminton and captain’s ball.

House Presentation: Alexander Fleming
On Friday, 9 May, Alexander Fleming House took their turn to present the life and work of Alexander Fleming. Senior House Tutor Dr Endean Tan gave a brief introduction on the highlights of Alexander Fleming’s life and achievements and shared how Fleming’s disorganised way of working was instrumental in the discovery of penicillin as a petri dish left out whilst he was on holiday grew mould. A short video prepared by the students of Alexander Fleming House was screened, followed by a quiz about Alexander Fleming which the other four Houses took part in. Lim Boon Keng House emerged the clear winners and were presented with an voucher worth US$150 kindly donated by Dr Tan.

Peanut Butter & Jam
The inaugural Peanut Butter & Jam on Friday 9 May saw our students showcasing their musical talent, with dazzling performances from TBL Team 3, Alexander Fleming House, a solo piece by Zachary Teo and eight other bands and duets. The performances took place outside the Toh Kian Chui Annex against the backdrop of the setting evening sun.

Our students commandeered their voices and amazed the crowd with their display of musical talent on guitars, electric basses, drums, and even cajons, violins, clarinet and guzheng!

The faculty and staff, at Senior House Tutor Dr Mary Wong's nudging, also put up an impromptu performance with Dr Wong on the guitar while they performed two 'oldies'. Staff and students erupted into bursts of laughter and a standing ovation, making it a night to remember.

Dover Park Hospice Volunteer Training for LKCMedicine Students
On Friday 16 May, 15 students took part in a full-day training session in Basic Palliative Care to enable them to volunteer at neighbouring Dover Park Hospice (DPH).
The training session conducted by Mr Allard Mueller, Volunteer Programme Manager and Ms Tan Wee King, Head, Training Services from DPH, introduced the students to the concept of palliative care, the process of dying and the grieving process, as well as an awareness of the need for self-care when working with patients at the end of life.

Student Sketching Competition for House Plaques
The room for each House in the forthcoming Clinical Sciences Building will each have a plaque outside, depicting the key figure for each House along with a short biography of their life and work. The School invited students to submit a sketch to compete for the honour of their artwork being used on these plaques. Although there was only one entry, we were impressed by the standard and appropriateness of the style for this purpose. Year 1 Medical Student Mr Bryan Ng was awarded the prize of SGD$100 in Art House vouchers and has been asked to draw all five key figures so the House plaques will be consistent in style. Congratulations, Bryan!

April 2014

Overnight Movie Marathon
On 25 April 2014, LKCMedicine held its first Overnight Movie Marathon. The student-initiated event was held at the Novena Campus’ Seminar Room and attracted a total of 35 participants. Seven movies were screened, including ‘Dark Knight’ and ‘Lego Movie.’ Apart from watching the movies, the students also enjoyed dinner together and played board games.

Inaugural Inter-School Games Meet
Our team took part in the inaugural Inter-School games involving LKCMedicine, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine and Alice Lee School of Nursing. Held on 12 April, it was a day of friendly competition and interaction between three schools. The teams competed in five sports in total: dodgeball, captain’s ball, soccer, badminton and a wheelchair relay. LKCMedicine students demonstrated excellent team spirit especially at the final competition, the wheelchair race, where the entire batch present ran the whole race with our wheelchair athletes. Our dodgeball and captain’s ball teams came in first, and our badminton, soccer and wheelchair teams came in second, giving us the overall placing of first runners up. It was a great day that truly showcased the spirit of LKCMedicine students.

LKCMedicine Elective Programme
Our inaugural cohort had a chance to interact with ten Year 6 MBBS students from Imperial College London who visited the School via the LKCMedicine Elective Programme.

The programme kicked off on 14 April 2014 with a one-week orientation. The ICL students were given a warm welcome and brief introduction by Associate Prof Pang Weng Sun, Vice-Dean Clinical Affairs at the Nanyang Executive Centre at NTU. Associate Prof Wong Teck Yee, Assistant Dean, Family Medicine and Lead for Patient Centred Care also gave the students an overview of the “Different illness and disease as seen in Singapore”.

For the rest of the week, the ICL students visited Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital and Bukit Batok Polyclinic. They also had the opportunity to join LKCMedicine students and have a hands-on experience in using the iPad in a TBL session at the Research Techno Plaza Seminar Room. As part of the orientation, the ICL students visited the Night Safari as well. The orientation ended on Thursday, 17 April with a mask-fitting exercise conducted by Mrs Ramani Saravanan, Manager and Lead for Practical Skills.

Screening of I Hugged The Berlin Patient
berlin-patient.pngIn April our students enjoyed a screening of ‘I Hugged the Berlin Patient’, a documentary style film-diary about Singaporean cancer survivor Edgar Tang who made a spontaneous trip to Berlin to find Timothy Ray Brown, the first man in the world cured of HIV. The film provided different layers to the issues and struggles of Timothy’s journey and how this paralleled Edgar’s own experience with cancer. A Q&A session with the filmmaker followed after and two doctors from the Communicable Diseases Centre also spoke about the key factors our students should be mindful of when attending to future patients.

Staff and Students Games Day
LKCMedicine staff and students gathered on 2 April 2014 for a friendly sports meet at the NTU Sports Recreation Centre. They competed in various sports including floorball, basketball, netball, soccer and dodgeball. The winning teams were awarded with ice cream, ending the event on a sweet and happy note.
March 2014

LKCMedicine’s Inaugural Freshmen Orientation Camp
While busy with their studies, LKCMedicine students have managed to take some time out to organise the School’s inaugural Freshmen Orientation Camp, which they have cleverly named IntroDOCtion’14. This camp, planned to run from July 8 to 12, will mark the start of the medical school journey of the next batch of students and seeks to introduce them to the community which they will be working with, as they embark on a lifelong career in medicine.

Year 1 Students Learn CPR
LKCMedicine Year 1 students completed their Basic Cardiac Life Support (BCLS) provider certification on 3 and 6 March. BCLS includes adult and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) which means that all of our students have become qualified CPR providers if such skills are called on, for example during an emergency in a clinic or on board a plane.

Tan Tock Seng Hospital, a training centre recognised by our National Resuscitation Council co-organised the BCLS training and certification with LKCMedicine.

Lim Boon Keng - Humanitarianism is Medicine
On the afternoon of Friday, 7 March, Dr Lawrence Quek, Senior House Tutor for Lim Boon Keng House, led his House in a presentation on the life of Lim Boon Keng. A polymath, Lim Boon Keng was not just a medical doctor, but also an entrepreneur, a writer, a politician and an educator to name just a few of his talents. After the formal presentation, the students of Lim Boon Keng House showed their creativity by performing an original song and poem they wrote. The other Houses were then challenged to reconstruct the lyrics from coloured paper excerpts hidden throughout the lecture theatre, with Alexander Fleming House eventually emerging the winner of the hunt.
February 2014

LKCMedicine’s 4th Inspirational Lecture
LKCMedicine held its 4th Inspirational Lecture at NTU’s Lee Kong Chian Lecture Theatre on February 10, hosted by Senior Vice-Dean Professor Jenny Higham. Professor Bernhard Boehm, Professor of Metabolic Medicine and Director of Metabolic Medicine Research Programme, delivered the key lecture titled “Tipping Points: Why I became a Doctor”. His lecture was followed by presentations from Vice-Dean (Education) Associate Professor Naomi Low-Beer who spoke about what LKCMedicine can offer prospective students, and Assistant Dean (Family Medicine) Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee, who gave insights on what makes a good medical student. This was followed by a presentation on student life by LKCMedicine student Rachel Lim. The event ended with a panel discussion chaired by Professor Higham.
January 2014

Inter-Faculty Games Participation
LKCMedicine took part in five IFG games for the very first time this year, namely Tennis, Badminton, Frisbee, Captain's Ball and Futsal. Having neither the experience nor strength in numbers, our students showed impeccable team spirit in each of the games and fought to the best of their abilities. They performed beyond expectations - the students excelled especially at Captain’s Ball, reaching the top four among all of NTU. The students relished the bond forged during the games, and appreciated the rare opportunity to mingle with students from other NTU schools.
December 2013

Post-Examination Party
To celebrate the end of exams and to bond with the staff, LKCMedSoc organised a Post-Examination Party today at the RTP rooftop. 40 staff and students turned up for an evening of merry-making over ice-cream, buffet dinner, music and karaoke.

First LKCMedicine Formative Exam
Our students sat for their first formative written examination on the morning of 20 December 2014. In the session presided by Chief Invigilator Asst Prof Dinesh Srinivasan, who is Assistant Dean for Examinations and Assessment (Phase 1), the students were tested through multiple choice questions on Human Structure and Function (Introduction to Medical Sciences and Cardiorespiratory), Professionalism, Ethics, Law, Leadership & Safety (PELLS), Public Health & Epidemiology, as well as Scientific Enquiry & Special Study.

LKCMedicine’s 2nd Evening with the Deans
On December 3, 2013 LKCMedicine hosted about 200 prospective students to our 2nd Evening with the Deans, hosted by Senior Vice-Dean Professor Jenny Higham. Held at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Center, the event gave these students the opportunity to interact with key LKCMedicine staff and faculty members including the Vice-Deans and Assistant Deans at a reception before the start of the evening’s programme.

To kick-off the evening’s programme, Professor Higham gave her welcome address before proceeding to a series of presentations by the School’s faculty and students. Vice-Dean (Education) Associate Professor Naomi Low-Beer talked about the School’s innovative curriculum such as the use of eLearning in curriculum delivery, early clinical experience and Team-Based Learning. The School’s early clinical experience provided by LKCMedicine and its healthcare partners was then explained by Assistant Dean Associate Professor Wong Teck Yee.

This was followed by Assistant Dean Professor John Laycock who explained in detail the School’s rigorous admissions process which includes the BMAT and Multiple-Mini Interviews. LKCMedicine students Benjamin Siow and Yap Hong Wan concluded the series of presentations by providing insights into life as an LKCMedicine student.

A Q&A session chaired by Professor Higham with the School’s faculty and students concluded the evening’s programme.
November 2013

LKCMedicine Students Holds Thanksgiving Dinner
The Thanksgiving Dinner held at the rooftop of Novena Campus is a way for the entire class to give thanks to their fellow classmates and meant to encourage further bonding across the TBL groups. Dr Tan Lai Yong, who has dedicated his life to medical missionary trips to Yunnan, China, attended the dinner as a Special Guest. He spoke a few words about the things he is thankful for.

Presentation by House Tutors and Students from Osler House
On 29 November 2013, the students of Osler House and their House Tutors, Dr Mary Wong and Dr Jason Maroothynaden, entertained and educated us on the life and works of Dr William Osler in the style of a short sketch. Dr Wong then asked whether it is possible to practise medicine in Singapore today upholding Osler's values. She affectionately talked about some outstanding doctors in Singapore who she admires and how their practice demonstrated Osler's values, including our very own Prof Pang Weng Sun.

Anatomy Spot Test
LKCMedicine conducted its first Anatomy Spot Test on the morning of 26 November 2013 at the teaching lab at Research Techno Plaza, NTU. The test was presided by Chief Invigilator Asst Prof Dinesh Kumar Srinivasan, Assistant Dean for Examinations and Assessment (Phase 1), the students were tested through a 20-station circuit on gross anatomy, histology and radiology.

LKCMedicine conducted its first Anatomy Spot Test on the morning of 26 November 2013 at the teaching lab at Research Techno Plaza, NTU. The test was presided by Chief Invigilator Asst Prof Dinesh Kumar Srinivasan, Assistant Dean for Examinations and Assessment (Phase 1), the students were tested through a 20-station circuit on gross anatomy, histology and radiology.

LKCMedicine Donation Drive for Typhoon Haiyan Victims in the Philippines
The Typhoon Haiyan relief drive at LKCMedicine came to a close 22 November 2013, with a laudable effort by staff and students of LKCMedicine who donated generously in cash and kind to the victims of the disaster. A total of $4,435 was collected, along with about 30 boxes of essential goods. It may please everyone to know that OXLEY HOLDINGS has offered to match every donation to the Singapore Red Cross dollar-for-dollar up to a million dollars, so the impact of our donations may have doubled. The organisers would like to issue a big ‘Thank You’ to everyone for their generous support to this very worthy cause.

First Haemorrhage Simulation Training at SIMTAC, TTSH
LKCMedicine’s 54 students had their Cardiorespiratory module played out almost for real on 22 November 2013 as they went through a Haemorrhage Simulation Round at SIMTAC of Tan Tock Seng Hospital. For two hours, the students observed doctors, surgeons and nurses at work in the wards, managing medical cases with the help of simulated patients. The training was not just a first for the students but also a first for SIMTAC to host such a big group of junior students for a simulation session. The highlight of the round was a demo in SIMTAC’s ICU where a team of A & E doctors and nurses worked on a young ‘patient’ with a chest stab wound. The scenario allowed the students to watch the medical team in action, after which they were given the opportunity to pose questions and clarify on the procedures. The Simulation training was then followed up with a TBL session where students were given MCQs, presided by two surgeons from the demo earlier.

Students’ Ultrasound Sessions
The students completed a session on Introduction to Ultrasound on October 22, 2013 where they learned ultrasound basics using a “phantom” (a block of special grade jelly with tubes of fluid buried within that mimic tubular structures in the body) and also scanned one another’s neck region, to visualise tubular structures like carotid artery and internal jugular vein.

One week later, the students learned to use ultrasound to visualise the amazingly complex structure and function of the heart. The students were guided by doctors and sonographers experienced in performing and teaching ultrasound. Volunteers were arranged for the students to perform cardiac ultrasound scanning. Working with volunteers also presented a window for our students to learn to be patient-centred and respectful, which they demonstrated amply during the sessions on October 30 and 31.

LKCMedicine at Bone Marrow Awareness Drive 2013
Four LKCMedicine students attended the NIE Bone Marrow Awareness Drive 2013 on November 6, held between NTU’s LT7 and LT8. The students mingled and promoted the cause by answering queries from the crowd. The Organiser, iComleads@NIE, shared that the event went very well, achieving about 350 new donors and more than $850 through merchandise sale and generous contributions. The event successfully connected students across disciplines and left them informed about the cause. This goes a long way in fighting social stigma and misconceptions on the conditions and procedures associated with the disease.

LKCMedicine Long-Term Patient Project Begins
Our students began their journey on the Long-Term Patient Project on 1 November 2013 when they interacted with select patients from Hua Mei Centre for Successful Ageing and SilverAce @Whampoa. The programme, adapted from Imperial’s first Clinical Attachment Programme and given a sociological dimension, is helmed by Assistant Dean for Family Medicine Assoc Prof Wong Teck Yee. The project, a key component of the LKCMedicine curriculum, aims to provide hands-on training to hone students’ skills in patient communications. In the course of the next two years, students will make scheduled house visits to patients with chronic diseases to understand the patients’ circumstances, how their diseases affect their lives and that of their caregivers and how these patients can be better supported and cared for in the long term.

Our students interacting with a patient at SilverAce @Whampoa Students being briefed about their project at Hua Mei Centre for successful ageing
October 2013

LKCMedicine students celebrate Halloween
Organised by the LKCMedicine MedSoc, a Halloween celebration was held on October 31, 2013 at Research Techno Plaza, NTU. All 54 students were asked to wear themed costumes to class for the whole day. After class, all the students gathered at the RTP Lobby to take part in a Watermelon Carving competition. All nine teams were given one watermelon each to carve and Team 5 was deemed the winner for their creativity.
September 2013

House meeting - Wu Lien-Teh House
Wu Lien Teh.jpg
Today, September 27, Dr Jeeve Kanagalingam, Senior House Tutor for Wu Line-Teh House led an inspirational session on the life of Wu Lien-Teh, featuring a documentary "Wu Lien-Teh - Plague Fighter". We were also honoured to welcome two guests, Ms Ong Lay Hong from Mediacorp who produced the documentary and Dr Alex Ooi, Secretary of the Wu Lien-Teh Society. Dr Ooi presented us with a copy of the documentary and a book "Memories of Wu Lien-Teh - Plague Fighter" which will be held in the library.

End of Hospital and Polyclinic Orientation Week
Poly orientation week.jpg
LKCMedicine’s Hospital and Polyclinic Orientation Week comes to a close on September 20, 2013. The two-week orientation started on September 2, 2013 where 30 LKCMedicine’s students went to Tan Tock Seng Hospital while the other 24 students headed to Bukit Batok Polyclinic to learn about hospital and polyclinic operations. The second week started on September 16, 2013 with the students swopping healthcare sites. At the end of the Orientation Week, the students had to present their experiences to a panel led by National Healthcare Group CEO Professor Chee Yam Cheng and other healthcare professionals.

“Hospice is…”
This week some of our students and staff contributed to a collaborative arts project organised by Dover Park Hospice and LASALLE College of the Arts. Each piece of art uses the Dover Park Hospice dove at the centre and is a representation of what hospice means to the artist. Every piece was unique and in its own way portrayed themes around end of life and hospice care.

After photographing our contributions, we took them in person to the hospice. The doves will form part of an exhibition at LASALLE College of the Arts. Some will be put up for sale at the exhibition, others will be auctioned at Dover Park Hospice’s other fundrasising activities to raise funds for the hospice. Dover Park Hospice relies heavily on donations in order to continue providing quality hospice care to terminally ill patients.

Our contributions were organised by Dr Tanya Tierney, who has recently been appoined to the governing council at Dover Park Hospice (chaired by our very own Executive Vice-Dean Prof Lionel Lee).

Our first LKCMedSoc Executive Committee
First LKCMedSoc ExCo.jpg
The students cast their votes on August 29, 2013 in line with NTU Union’s Day. Vote counting was conducted under the surveillance of an election officer from another school which took place on the same day and our first LKCMedSoc ExCo was formed. Huang Baoxian will attend the Students’ Union First Council meeting (for AY2013-14) today at 7pm in her capacity as the MedSoc President.

HealthCity Novena Launch: Health City Day
On August 31, 2013, Tan Tock Seng Hospital held its inaugural Health City Day at Jalan Tan Tock Seng. The event which was launched by Guest-of-Honour Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Health & Ministry of Transport Assoc Professor Muhammad Faishal Ibrahim, began with a Health City Walkathon that brought participants through various heritage sites in Novena which includes LKCMedicine’s Novena Campus. LKCMedicine students and staff had fun at the walkathon which ended with a carnival consisting of a bazaar, health screening and game stalls. The event was well-received and participants enjoyed themselves.

A Patient’s Journey … Students’ Presentation on Part 1 of Hospital and Polyclinic Orientation Week
On September 6, 2013, our students presented "A Patient's Journey" which sums up their week-long experiential learning at Tan Tock Seng Hosptial (TTSH) and Bukit Batok Polyclinic. The presentations were held in the Seminar Room at the Bukit Batok Polyclinic’s Family Medicine Academy and the Lecture Theatre at the Novena Campus. Co-ordinated by Dr Harry Wu, Lead for Medical Humanities, students were creative in their presentations as they used videos and skits to convey their reflections.

Launch of Hospital and Polyclinic Orientation Week
The Hospital and Polyclinic Week kicked-off on Monday September 2, 2013 at the Mandalay Lecture Theatre. 30 students doing the Polyclinic week were ferried by the shuttle bus to the Bukit Batok Polyclinic where they would spend the next five days observing how patients utilize the public primary healthcare system and understanding how a polyclinic functions. The rest of the 24 students doing the Hospital Week walked over to TTSH where they would spend the week at the hospital understanding patients’ experience and journey in the hospital.

Our 54 students in a group photo after the Welcome programme Our students all excited to see the TTSH helipad ​
August 2013

Election of representatives for House System
On 22 August 2013, the inaugural batch of 54 students voted for and elected their first House Representatives. These Representatives will be their voice with the task of highlighting opinions and concerns raised by the students to the School.

The First House Meeting
The first House meeting on 14 August 2013 marked another milestone as the students were allocated to their Houses and met with their House Tutors for the first time. During the meeting, students and tutors discussed the meaning and purpose of the House system. The students signed the “Student Agreement”, which was witnessed by their Senior House Tutors and they also met one-to-one with their individually assigned personal tutor. Each House also took some time to bond, and students, tutors and faculty all took part in an uplifting activity where personal goals were written on balloons and batted around the function room, representing the upholding of these goals.

A Delightful Evening with our Presidents
On the evening of 14 August 2013, LKCMedicine’s inaugural cohort of students met the Presidents of the School’s parent universities – Professor Bertil Andersson of Nanyang Technological University and Sir Keith O’Nions of Imperial College London, along with members of the Governing Board chaired by Mr Lim Chuan Poh, Chairman of A*Star at the rooftop terrace of the Novena Campus.

The evening provided a chance for the students to wind down, relax over a light dinner and everyone was in great spirits throughout the evening with congratulatory messages aplenty as the students mingled freely with the Presidents, faculty and staff present.

LKCMedicine's Inaugural White Coat Ceremony
New Medical Student.jpg15 August 2013 marks another milestone for LKCMedicine as the White Coat Ceremony for our inaugural cohort of students was held that day. Presided by Guest-of-Honour Minister for Health Mr Gan Kim Yong, the ceremony took place at NTU’s iconic School of Art, Design and Media auditorium.

During the ceremony, LKCMedicine Dean Professor Dermot Kelleher highlighted the significance of the rite of passage before conferring the white coats, which was followed by a presentation of the stethoscopes by the respective House Tutors to each student.

The students then recited the Declaration of a New Medical Student led by Senior Vice-Dean Professor Jenny Higham. Following that, Assistant Professor of Medical Humanities Dr Harry Wu recited the poem “Song for Pythagoras”.

The ceremony concluded with a closing address by National Healthcare Group Chief Executive Officer Professor Chee Yam Cheng.

LKCMedicine Welcomes Inaugural Cohort
August 5, 2013 was a historic date as LKCMedicine welcomes its first cohort of students.
As they went about their first day in school, the students’ enthusiasm for what is fast promising to be one of the more innovative medical schools in the world was palpable.

Our students started their first day by joining fellow NTU students in the Freshman Welcome Ceremony. Onstage in the Nanyang Auditorium, our Vice-Dean for Education Associate Professor Naomi Low-Beer participated in the Faculty Procession led by the President of NTU, Professor Bertil Andersson.

Each student received a personal letter of welcome signed by the Dean of LKCMedicine, Professor Dermot Kelleher. In it, he wrote: “You will be joining a School with ambitious aims to redefine medicine… there will be many firsts for you as we equip you to reach the highest professional standards in the care you give to patients. At the end of this journey, you will complete your studies as confident and competent medical practitioners, ready to transform healthcare to meet the needs of Singapore.”

Later in the day, the students had the first welcome briefing by various members of faculty and members of the Academic Support staff. Following that, they were given an introduction to their IPAD and the IT-enhanced syllabus.

The day ended with a light dinner and refreshments at the rooftop terrace of the School at NTU’s Research Techno Plaza. As the evening wore on, the rapport grew closer and new friendships were formed, ties cemented. Proud to be LKCMedicine’s inaugural cohort, the students proved to be a group of confident and mature personalities – each outstanding in his and her own right. ​​​​​​ ​​ ​
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