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​Prof James BEST​​​ Dean
President's Chair in Medicine
Prof George AUGUSTINE Irene Tan Liang Kheng Chair Professor in Neuroscience
​Professor of Neuroscience & Mental Health
Prof David BECKER Professor of Tissue Repair &
Prof John CHAMBERS Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology
President's Chair in Cardiovascular Epidemiology
Prof Jennifer CLELAND​ ​Vice-Dean, Education 
Professor of Medical Education Research
Director of Medical Education Research & Scholarship Unit
​Prof Balazs GULYAS Professor of Translational Neuroscience
President's Chair in Translational Neuroscience
Scientist Module Lead, Mental Health
Professor Philip INGHAM FRS ​Toh Kian Chui Distinguished Professor and Professor of Developmental Biology   ​
​Prof LIM Kah Leong​ ​Vice-Dean, Research ​ ​​
Prof Helen SMITH ​Professor of Family Medicine & Primary Care ​
Prof Maurice van STEENSEL​ ​​Professor of Dermatology and Skin Biology
Scientist Module Lead, Skin​
Prof PANG Weng Sun Vice-Dean, Clinical Affairs
Lead for Professionalism, Ethics, Medical Law, Leadership and Patient Safety (PELLS)
​Prof WANG Yulan​ Professor of Metabolomics, Director of Singapore Phenome Centre ​
Assoc Prof Josip CAR Associate Professor of Health Services Outcomes Research
​​Director of Health Services Outcomes Research Programme
Director of Centre for Population Health Sciences
Scientist Course Lead, Digital Technology in Health and Healthcare​
Assoc Prof Yen CHOO ​Associate Professor of Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine  ​
Assoc Prof Norris Ray DUNN​ Associate Professor of Regenerative Medicine ​​
​​Assoc Prof Konstadina GRIVA​ Associate Professor, Health Psychology / Behavioural Medicine
Assoc Prof Suresh JESUTHASAN ​Associate Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience
Scientist Module Lead, Nervous System 
​​Assoc Prof Fabian LIM ​Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology
Programme Director for Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine
Scientist Module Lead, Musculoskeletal System ​
​Assoc Prof LUO Dahai​ Associate Professor of Infection and Immunity ​​​
Assoc Prof Joanne NGEOW
​​Associate Professor of Genomic Medicine ​​​
​Assoc Prof Kevin PETHE​ ​​Associate Professor of Infectious Disease and Assistant Dean, Research
Scientist Module Lead, Infection
Assoc Prof Andrew TAN​  ​Vice-Dean, Faculty Affairs
Associate Professor of Metabolic Disorders
​Assoc Prof WANG Xiaomeng Associate Professor ​of Molecular Medicine
Assoc Prof Eric YAP ​Associate Professor of Human and Microbial Genetics ​
​​Assoc Prof YEO Tsin Wen ​​Associate Professor of Infectious Disease
PhD Programme Lead for Global Health Awareness Attachment
​Assoc Prof Yusuf ALI ​​Associate Professor of Metabolic Disease
Logitudinal Course Lead, Innovations in Medicine
Scientist Module Lead, Endocrine System
Asst Prof Anna BARRON ​​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
​​Asst Prof Lorainne Tudor CAR Assistant Professor of Evidence Based Medicine
Scientist Course Lead, Scientific Enquiry and Evidence Based Medicine (SEEM)​
​Asst Prof Tom CARNEY Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology
Scientist Module Lead, Foundations of Medicine​
Asst Prof CH'NG Toh Hean​ ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Christine CHEUNG​ Nanyang Assistant Professor
Provost's Chair in Medicine
Scientist Module Lead, Child Health ​
Asst Prof Sanjay CHOTIRMALL​ Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine
Scientist Module Lead, Cardiorespiratory​
​Asst Prof GUAN Xue Li ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​xueli​
Asst Prof Franklin ZHONG Lei ​ Nanyang Assistant Professor (NRF) ​
​​Asst Prof FOO Jia Nee Nanyang Assistant Professor (NRF) ​​
Asst Prof Tsukasa KAMIGAKI​ ​Assistant Professor of Systems Neuroscience  ​
Asst Prof Sarah LANGLEY ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Marie Loh​ Assistant Professor of Molecular Epidemiology​
​​Asst Prof Jerome ROTGANS Assistant Professor, Medical Education Research
Assistant Dean, Assessment 
Lead for Learning Strategies
Scientist Course Lead, Scientific Enquiry and Evidence Based Medicine (SEEM)​
​​Asst Prof Hiroshi MAKINO Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Reddy MOGALI ​Assistant Professor
Head of Anatomy
Asst Prof Yasunori SAHEKI Nanyang Assistant Professor
Scientist Module Lead, Ageing ​
Asst Prof Navin VERMA ​Assistant Professor of Immunology & Cell Biology
Scientist Module Lead, Gastrointestinal System​
​Asst Prof Christine WONG​ Nanyang Assistant Professor
Lead for Science Practicals
Asst Prof XIA Yun Nanyang Assistant Professor​
Scientist Module Lead, Renal and Urinary System​
​​Dr Preman RAJALINGAM Senior Lecturer, Medical Education
Dr Lucy ROSBY ​​Assistant Dean, Years 1 & 2 (MBBS Programme)
Senior Lecturer, Medical Education
Dr Ranganath VALLABHAJOSYULA​ Senior Lecturer, Anatomy ​​
Joint Appointments​​​
​Assoc Prof Rupesh AGRAWAL ​ ​Associate Professor  ​ 
Prof Mary CHAN Professor ​
Prof Annabel CHEN ​Professor ​
​Prof CHEN Xiaodong​ ​Professor ​
Prof May LWIN ​Professor
Prof Euston QUAH ​Professor ​
​​Prof Leopold SCHMETTERER ​Professor​ ​
​​Prof TEOH Swee Hin ​​Professor​ of Bioengineering
President's Chair in Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Prof THENG Yin Leng  ​Professor  ​
Prof Peter Torok​ ​Professor ​
Assoc Prof ANG Wei Tech ​Associate Professor​ ​​
​Assoc Prof CHEW Sing Yian​​ ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Angela CHOW​ ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Gianluca ESPOSITO​​​​ ​Associate Professor  ​
Assoc Prof Andy HO ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof Nagaendran KANDIAH​ ​Associate Professor of Neuroscience & Mental Health ​
Assoc Prof Jimmy LEE​ ​Associate Professor  ​
​Assoc Prof Melvin LEOW ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof David LYE ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof NG Oon Tek​ ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof SUN Hsiao-Li Shirley​ ​Associate Professor ​​
​​Assoc Prof Mythily SUBRAMANIAM ​​Associate Professor of Neuroscience & Mental Health
Assoc Prof TAN Ern Yu​ ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Steven THNG ​Associate Professor  ​
​Asst Prof Bertrand Czarny​ ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Rinkoo DALAN ​Assistant Professor​ ​​
Asst Prof HOU Han We​i​ ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Michael STANLEY-BAKER ​Assistant Professor
Scientist Course Lead, Medical Humanities​
Asst Prof TEY Hong Liang​ ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof YEW Yik Weng ​Assistant Professor ​
​​​​​Visiting Appointments
​Prof Peter ABRAHAMS Visiting Professor ​​
​​Prof Christian 
​Visiting Professor ​
Prof Olivier BEAUCHET
​Visiting Professor ​
Prof Per-Olof BERGGREN​ Visiting Professor
​Prof Bernhard BOEHM  ​Visiting Professor ​
​Prof Stefan BORNSTEIN ​Visiting Professor
​​Prof Peter BRUKNER Visiting Professor
​Prof George Chandy ​Visiting Professor ​
​Prof CHUNG Kian Fan ​​Visiting Professor
Prof Paul ELLIOT ​Visiting Professor ​​
​Prof Michael FERENCZI ​Visiting Professor ​​​
​Prof Jonathan FLINT Visiting Professor​ ​
​Prof Keith HARDING ​Visiting Professor  ​​
​Prof Jenny HIGHAM ​​Visiting Professor ​
​Prof Atsushi IRIKI ​Visiting Professor ​​
​Prof Katsuhiko MIKOSHIBA ​Visiting Professor ​
​Prof Thomas WH KAY ​Visiting Professor ​
​Prof Dermot KELLEHER Visiting Professor
​Prof Darryl KNIGHT Visiting Professor
Prof Christof KOCH ​Visting Professor ​
Prof Naomi Low-Beer ​Visiting Professor  ​​​
​​Prof Hendrik LUESCH ​Visiting Professor​
​Prof Christian MALLEN ​Visiting Professor ​
Prof Paul MATTHEWS Visiting Professor
​Prof Jeremy NICHOLSON Visiting Professor ​
​Prof Michael NILSSON ​Visiting Professor ​​
Prof Sven PETTERSSON​ ​Visiting Professor ​​
​​Prof Richard REYNOLDS Visiting Professor ​
​​Prof Elio RIBOLI Visiting Professor
​Prof Guy RUTTER ​​Visiting Professor
Prof Hendricus SCHMIDT ​​Visiting Professor ​
​Prof Samuel STUPP Visiting Professor
Prof John SUCKLING ​​Visiting Professor ​​
​Prof Walter WAHLI ​Visiting Professor ​
​Prof Wisia WEDZICHA Visiting Professor​ ​
​Prof Annelies WILDER-SMITH​ ​Visiting Professor  ​
​Assoc Prof Deborah KURRASCH ​Visiting Associate Professor​

​​​​​​Adjunct​ Appointments​​​
Prof Roy CHAN Professor ​
Prof CHAY Oh Moh ​Professor
​Prof CHEE Yam Cheng ​Professor
​Prof CHENG Wai Sam Christopher ​Professor ​
​​Prof Philip CHOO ​Professor
​Prof CHONG Siow Ann ​Professor ​
Prof CHUA Hong Choon Professor
​Prof GOH Chee Leok Professor ​
​Prof Kenneth KWEK Professor
​Prof Birgitte LANE Professor​
​​Prof LEO Yee Sin Professor
Prof LIM Shih Hui
​Professor ​
​Prof LIM Tock Han ​Professor ​
​Prof LO Yew Long ​Professor ​​
​Prof LOW Cheng Hock Professor
​Prof NG Huck Hui Professor​ ​
​Prof ​NG Wai Hoe Professor ​
​​Prof Victor NURCOMBE Professor​
Prof Malini OLIVO ​Professor ​​
​Prof PHUA Kong Boo ​​Professor
​Prof C Rajasoory​a ​Professor  ​
​Prof Benjamin Seet Professor ​
​​Prof Eugene SOH Professor
​Prof Arthur TAN ​Professor ​
​​Prof TAN Eng King​ ​Professor ​​
​​Prof TAN Kok Hian ​Professor
​Prof TAN Suat Hoon ​Professor ​
​Prof TAN Sze Wee ​Professor ​
​​Prof Zee UPTON ​​Professor ​​
Prof WONG Kim Eng ​Professor ​
​Prof WONG Wai Keong ​Professor ​
Assoc Prof Abdul Razakjr OMAR A​ssociate Professor
Assoc Prof John ABISHEGANADEN ​Associate Professor
​​Assoc Prof Aaron ANG ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Brenda ANG ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Thaschawee ARKACHAISRI ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof AU Wing Lok  ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof AW Chen Wee ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Lavina BHARWANI ​Associate Professor
​​Assoc Prof Josiah CHAI ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Derrick CHAN ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof CHAN Kwai Lin Daisy ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Madelynn CHAN Tsu-Li ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof CHAN Mei Yoke ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Suresh CHANDRAN  ​Associate Professor ​​
Assoc Prof CHANG Hui Meng ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof CHEOK Cheng Soon Christopher ​Associate Professor  ​
​Assoc Prof Bernard CHERN ​​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Daniel CHEW
​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof CHEW Tai Loon Kelvin ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof CHEW Min Hoe ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Nicholas CHEW ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof CHIA Pow-Li ​Associate Professor  ​
Assoc Prof CHIN Jing Jih ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof CHIN Ngek Mien ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof CHIN Thaim Wai ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof CHIU Ming Terk ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof CHONG Bee Kiang ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof CHONG Chew Thye ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof CHONG Chia Yin ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof CHONG Phui Nah ​Associate Professor ​
​​Assoc Prof CHONG Yew Lam ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof David CHUA ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Karen CHUA ​Associate Professor ​​
Assoc Prof CHUA Sze Hon ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof CHUAH Khoon Leong ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Mary Daniel ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof DING Yew Yoong ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof George FERNANDEZ ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof David FOO ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Daniel FUNG ​Associate Professor ​
​​​Assoc Prof Julie GEORGE ​Associate Professor
​​Assoc Prof Anne GOH ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Eyleen GOH Associate Professor​ ​
​Assoc Prof GOH Siang Hiong ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof HAN How Chuan ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Robert HAWKINS ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof HEE Hwan Tak ​Associate Professor ​ 
​​Assoc Prof Kenneth Heng ​Associate Professor ​
​​Assoc Prof HENG Wee Jin ​​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Selina HO​ ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof HOWE Hwee Siew ​Associate Professor  ​
​Assoc Prof Allyn HUM ​​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Anette JACOBSEN ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Michelle JONG ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof KAW Jon Leng Gregory ​Associate Professor  ​
​Assoc Prof Angela KOH ​Associate Professor ​​
Assoc Prof Adrian KOH
​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof KOH Ee Tzun ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof KOH Jean Aan Mark  ​Associate Professor  ​
Assoc Prof KOH Kwong Fah ​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Mervyn KOH ​​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof KOH Nien Yue ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Patrick KOK Hong Kheong ​Associate Professor  ​
​Assoc Prof KONG Keng He ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof KOO Wen Hsin  ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof JONH Kok Ooi ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Ponnudurai KUPERAN ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof KWEK Tong Kiat ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Angeline LAI ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof LAW Weng Giap ​Associate Professor
​​Assoc Prof Augustinus LAUDE ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof David LEAVESLEY ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof LEE Cheng ​​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof LEE Cheng Chuan ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof LEE Chun Yue ​Associate Professor ​​​
​Assoc Prof LEE Hwei Yee ​Associate Professor ​
​​Assoc Prof LEE Keng Thiam ​​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Evelyn LEE ​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof LEE Yee Mun ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Ian LEONG ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof LEONG Khai Pang ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof LEONG Wai May ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof LEOW Yung Hian ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Thomas LEW ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof LIEU Ping Kong 
​Associate Professor  ​
​Assoc Prof Albert LIM ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Tchoyoson LIM ​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof ​LIM Hoon Chin ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Kevin LIM ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof LIM Poh Lian ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof LIM Siew Hua Noelle Louise ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof LIM Sok Bee ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof LIM Wee Chian ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof LIM Yen Loo ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof James LOH ​Associate Professor
​​Assoc Prof LOH Ngai Kun ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof LOH Tsee Foong ​​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof David LOKE Kok Teik ​​Associate Professor ​​​​​
​Assoc Prof LOO Shi ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof LOW Boon Yong ​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof James LOW ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof LOW Tut Choon ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof LOW Yee ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof LU Jia ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof Arjandas MAHADEV ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Kennet​​h MAK ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof Prakash Kumar MANHARLAL ​Associate Professor ​
​​Assoc Prof Kannan NARASIMHAN 
​Associate Professor ​
​​Assoc Prof Alan NG ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof NG Foo Cheong ​Associate Professor ​​
​​Assoc Prof NG Kee Chong ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof NG Yong Hong​ ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof OH Jean Yi ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof Helen OH May Lin ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof ONG Biauw Chi  ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof Caroline ONG ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Ratnagopal PAVANNI ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof ​PHUA Dong Haur ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof ONG Say How ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof ONG Kiat Hoe ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof PEK Wee Yang ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof PHOA Lee Lan ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Amila Clarence Anthony Charles Yudishtira PUNYADASA ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Habeebul RAHMAN ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Victor RAJADURAI ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Inderjeet Singh RIKHRAJ ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Suresh SAHADEVAN ​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof SEAH Soek Tian Angeline ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof SEE Jee Jian ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof SEE Siew Ju ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Edwin SEET ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof SIAU Chuin ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof SIM Kang ​​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Raveen SHAHDADPURI ​​Associate Professor ​​
Assoc Prof Reyaz SINGAPOREWALLA ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof SIOW Jin Keat ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof TAI Hwei Yee ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TAN Ah Moy ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof TAN Boon Huan ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof TAN Chi'Loong Benedict ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof TAN Cher Heng ​Associate Professor ​
​​Assoc Prof Louis TAN ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof TAN Gek Meng ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Gerald TAN​ ​Associate Professor ​​​
Assoc Prof TAN Hui Ling ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof TAN Choon Hwai Johnson  ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Kevin TAN
​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Nigel TAN​ ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TAN Su-Ming ​​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof TAN Teng Hong ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TAN Thai Lian ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof Jackie TAN A​ssociate Professor
​​Assoc Prof TAN Wei Meng Lawrence​ ​Associate Professor  ​​
​Assoc Prof Terence TANG ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof TANG Wern Ee ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof Subramaniam TAVINTHARAN ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof TAY Jam Chin ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof TAY Seow Yian ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Noel TAY ​​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof TEE Kim Huat Augustine ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof John TEE ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof TEOH Lam Chuan ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof TEOH Oon Hoe ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof THAM Kum Ying ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Umapathi THIRUGNANAM ​​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Terrence THOMAS ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof Bernard THONG ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof THOON Koh Cheng ​​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof TIAN Ho Heng Roger ​Associate Professor ​
​​​Assoc Prof Helen TJIA ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Stephen TSAO ​​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Charles VU ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Gervais WANSAICHEONG ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof Michael WINTHER ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof ​Andrew WONG ​​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof WONG Hon Tym ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof Wong Lee Yuen ​Associate Professor  ​
​​Assoc Prof Mary WONG ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof WONG Merng Koon ​Associate Professor  ​
​Assoc Prof WONG Moh Sim ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof WONG Teck Yee ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof WONG Wei Chin ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof WONG Yue Shuen ​Associate Professor ​
​Assoc Prof WU Huei Yaw ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof Philip YAM ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof YANG Kok Soong ​Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof YANG Wei Lyn ​Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Fabian YAP ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof YAP Lin Kiat Philip Associate Professor​ ​​
Assoc Prof YEO Cheo Lian Associate Professor ​​
​Assoc Prof YEO Seng Beng ​Associate Professor ​
Assoc Prof YIP Chee Chew ​Associate Professor
​Assoc Prof YONG Fok Chuan  ​Associate Professor  ​
​Assoc Prof Vernon YONG ​Associate Professor  ​
​Assoc Prof ZENG Li ​Associate Professor ​​​
​Asst Prof Ranjana ACHARYA ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof ​Ieera Madan AGGARWAL ​Assistant Professor ​​​
​Asst Prof ABDUL HAIUM Abdul Alim ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof ANNITHA Annathurai ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Asst Prof ANG Hou   ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof ANG Seng Bin ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof ANG Su Yin Angelina ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof ARIF Tyebally ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Manohar BAIRY ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Vijayendra BARAL ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Rajat BHATTACHARYYA ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof BIJU Thomas ​Assistant Professor​
​Asst Prof Mark Colin BOXALL ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof CHAN Lai Gwen ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Monica CHAN ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Tommy CHAN ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof CHAN Wai Mon Lester ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof CHANG Chong Ming Benjamin Julian Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Alvin CHANG Shang Ming ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof CHAI Suet Bin ​Assistant Professor ​​
Asst Prof Daniel CHAN Nim Cho ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof CHEAH Soon Min Benjamin ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Christopher CHIA Tze Wei ​Assistant Professor ​​g
​Asst Prof Faith CHIA ​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof CHIA Kok Kiong Jason ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof CHIANG Li Wei ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof CHIO Tze-Wei Martin ​​Assistant Professor​ ​
​Asst Prof CHIONG Yi ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Adrian CHIOW ​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof CHONG Chin Ted ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof CHONG Phek Yoon Angela ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Sylvia CHOO ​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof CHOO Tze Liang Jonathan ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof CHONG Siew Le ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof CHONG Wei Sheng  ​​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof CHUA Hoe Chin
​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Melvin CHUA Peng Wei  ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof CHUA Sze Ming ​Assistant Professor ​​​
​Asst Prof CHUA Mei Chien ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof CHUA Tjun Huat Ivan  ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Cristine DING ​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Molly ENG May Ping ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Prabath Joseph FRANCIS ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof FONG Sing Zern ​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof FONG Wee Kim ​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof ​FOO Chik Loon ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof FOO Fong Yee ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Yu FU ​Assistant Professor​
Asst Prof Sashikumar GANAPATHY ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Indra GANESAN ​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof Poornima GANGARAM ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof GOH Su-Yen ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Asst Prof GOO Tiong Thye Jerry ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Lekha GOPAL ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof Richard Roshan GOVEAS ​Assistant Professor ​​​
​Asst Prof GOSAVI Tushar Divakar ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof GUO Song ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Bhanu GUPTA ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Wahab Syed Shahul HAMEED​ ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof HO Kay Woon  ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof HO Vui Kian ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof HO Yong Howe ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Thowfique Kadavukarayil IBRAHIM ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Yasmin IDU JION ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Prasad Ramanakrishnan IYER ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Saumya Shekhar JAMUAR ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof Rajeswari KATHIRVEL ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof KATHIRVEL Natarajan ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Jeevendra KANAGALINGAM ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof KAU Chung Yuan ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Hari Mansha KHEMLANI ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof Rochelle Melina KINSON ​Assistant Professor​ ​​​​
​Asst Prof Kenneth Gerard KOH Wun Wu  Assistant Professor​ ​
​Asst Prof KOH Li Wearn ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof KOH Meng Kwang Jensen ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof KHOO Poh Choo ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof KON Yin Chian  ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Asst Prof KONG Juin Yee ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof KOR Ai Ching Assistant Professor ​ ​
​Asst Prof KOURA RACHANA Neelum Sukhnandan ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof KUA Ee Chia Joanne ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Gupta Dhanesh KUMAR ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof KUMAR Palanivelu Sendhil ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof James KWAN ​Assistant Professor​
​Asst Prof KWOK Kah Foo Victor ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Manu LAL ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Asst Prof LAM Ching Mei Joyce ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof LAM Kai Yet ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof LAM Ming Ai ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Adrian LAU ​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof Jason LEE ​​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof LEE Kuan Ming Llewellyn ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof LEE Liang Tee ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof Richard LEE Meng Kam ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof LEE Siong-See Joyce  ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof LEE Sze Haur ​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof ​LEE Wai Peng ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof LEE Khai Pin ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof LEK Ngee ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Joseph LEONG Jern-Yi ​Assistant Professor ​
​​Asst Prof LIM Choon Guan ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Donovan LIM Yutong ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof LIM Ivy ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof LIM Kheng Tian​ ​​Assistant Professor​
​Asst Prof Mandy LIM ​​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof Terence LIM ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof LIM Xinhong Assistant Professor​ ​
Asst Prof LIU Shuling ​Assistant Professor ​
​​Asst Prof Robert LO ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Veena LOGARAJAH ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof LOH Hong Pheng Amos ​Assistant Professor​ ​
​Asst Prof LOO Wee Lim ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof LOW Sher Guan ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Asst Prof LOW Tchern Kuang Lambert ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Zaw LWIN ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof MAGADI Gopalakrishna Harish ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof MAH Chou Liang ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Mona MANGHANI ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Surendra MANTOO ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Manisha MATHUR ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Nandhakumar NAGARAJAN ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Sadhana NAGARAJAH ​Assistant Professor ​
​​Asst Prof NEO Han Yee ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Adeline NG ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof NG Chung Wai Mark Assistant Professor​ ​
​​Asst Prof Kelvin NG ​Assistant Professor ​
​​Asst Prof Jared NG ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof NG Han Lip Raymond ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof NG Yih Yng ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Ravichandran NIGILA ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Caroline ONG ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof ONG Yong-Kwang Gene ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof ONG Lin Yin ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof PANG Wee Yang Assistant Professor​ ​
​Asst Prof Stephen PHANG Boon Chye ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Asst Prof Jessie PHOON Wai Leng ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof PHUA Eng Joo ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof POON Woei Bing  ​Assistant Professor  ​
Asst Prof Ashutosh PRAKASH ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Kalpana PRASAD Assistant Professor
Asst Prof Parvathy PATHY ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof POI Choo Hwee ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof POON Kein Boon ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof QUEK Bin Huey ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Lawrence QUEK ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Kumudhini RAJASEGARAN ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof RAJKUMAR Chandran ​Assistant Professor  ​
Asst Prof Barathi RAJENDRA  ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Rajesh RAJAGOPALAN ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Deshan Kumar RAJESWARAN ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Veena RAJKUMAR Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Rambha RAI ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof Rani RAMASON ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Saurabh RASTOGI ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof Jai RAO  ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Asst Prof SAJITH Sreedharan Geetha ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof SIU Wing Yin Vivian ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Assst Prof Vinay Kumar SAHU ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Jens SAMOL Assistant Professor​ ​
Asst Prof Venkata SAMPATH ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Kaushal SANGHVI ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Mala SATKUNANANTHAM ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Somnath SENGUPTA ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Varsha Atul SHAH ​Assistant Professor  ​
​​Asst Prof Vishalkumar SHELAT ​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof Amit SINGHAL ​​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof SOH Shui Yen ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Sheila SRINIVASAN ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Suzanna SULAIMAN ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Meena SUNDRAM ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof SUNDARARAGHAVAN Sreekanthan Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof SUNG Min ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Shephali TAGORE ​Assistant Professor​ ​
​Asst Prof TAN Ee Shien ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof TAN Chung Hui James ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Endean TAN ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Gladys TAN ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Glenn TAN ​​Assistant Professor
​Asst TAN Huei Nuo ​Assistant Professor ​
​​Asst Prof Giles TAN ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof TAN Kok Leong  ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Asst Prof Natalie TAN ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Tracy TAN ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof TAN Pih Lin ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof TAN Shwu Chuin Assistant Professor​ ​
​Asst Prof TAN Wei Lynn Justina ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof TAY Kay Yaw ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof TEO Li Tserng ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof TEO Li-Ming ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof TEO Wei Wen Timothy Assistant Professor​ ​
​Asst Prof THAM Lai Peng Sharon ​Assistant Professor ​​
Asst Prof Sobhana THANGARAJU ​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof TING Kang Seng Simon Assistant Professor​ ​
​Asst Prof TING Teck Wah ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof TOR Phern Chern ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Allison TSO ​Assistant Professor
​​Asst Prof Leah VARDY ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Rashida VASANWALA ​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Shawn VASOO ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Kamal VERMA ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Veronique Celine VIARDOT-FOUCAULT ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof James WEE ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof WEE Liang Hao James ​Assistant Professor ​​
Asst Prof WEI Ker-Chiah ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Limin WIJAYA ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Ramesh WIJAYA ​​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof WONG Bak Siew  ​Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof WONG Chin Fong ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof WONG Choong Yi Peter ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Eric WONG ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof WONG Chui Mae ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof WONG Ho Poh ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Asst Prof WONG Koon Kit Duncan ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof WONG Wai Loong ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof YAP Te-Lu ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Sita Padmini YELESWARAPU ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Crystal YEO  ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof Derrick YEO Chen Kuan ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof YEO Kuei Siong Andy ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof YEO See Cheng ​​Assistant Professor
Asst Prof Sharon YEO ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof YEOH Chai Kheng Ester ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof YIP Chun Wai Assistant Professor​ ​
​Asst Prof YIP Wei Leon Leonard ​Assistant Professor​
​Asst Prof YU Chun Sing ​Assistant Professor  ​
​Asst Prof Sulaiman YUSOF ​Assistant Professor
​Asst Prof YUNG Chee Fu ​Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Mohammad Ashik bin ZAINUDDIN ​Assistant Professor ​​
​Asst Prof ZHANG Weibin Melvyn ​​Assistant Professor  ​
​Dr Thofique ADAMJEE ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Amudha JayanThi ANAND ​Lecturer ​
Dr ANG Joo Shiang ​Lecturer ​​
​Dr ANG Kexin Mavis ​Lecturer​
​Dr Ramaswamy AKHILESWARAN ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Dorai Raj D APPADORAI ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Sridhar ARUNACHALAM​ ​Senior Lecturer ​​​
​Dr BHARADWAJ Srabani ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr David CARMODY ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr CHAI Gin Tsen  Lecturer  ​
​Dr CHAN Meng Fai Joel Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr CHAN Seok Wei Stephrene ​Lecturer  ​
​Dr CHAN Yi Wen Christopher ​Senior Lecturer ​​
Dr CHAN Wai Ho ​​Senior Lecturer
Senior Lecturer
​Dr CHEN Qiping ​Adjunct Lecturer ​
​Dr CHENG Duo Ying ​Lecturer ​
​Dr CHENG Wei Na Suzanne ​Lecturer ​
​Dr CHEONG Yee Ling ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr CHEOW Enquan ​Lecturer ​
Dr CHEW Aik Phon ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr CHEW Chu Shan Elaine Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr CHIA Chi Hock Naville Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr CHIA Hui Yi ​Lecturer ​
​Dr CHIA Siew Chin ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr CHIA Yih Chong Michael ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr CHIA Luck Khng Lecturer ​
​Dr CHIU Li Qi ​Senior Lecturer ​
Dr CHONG Kok Wee ​Lecturer ​
Dr CHONG Shang Yee Senior Lecturer​
​Dr CHUA Mingzhou John ​Lecturer ​
​Dr CHUAH Sai Yee ​Lecturer ​
​Dr Zackary CHUA Kerk Hsiang ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr DAW San San Thinn ​Senior Lecturer  ​
​Dr Christopher DHEEPA ​Lecturer ​
​Dr FAN Bingwen Eugene ​Lecturer ​
​Dr FOK Yu Ting Rachel ​Lecturer ​
​Dr FU Weizhong Ernest ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Kavitha GARUNA MURTHEE ​Lecturer ​
​Dr GIAM Yoke Chin  ​​Senior Lecturer ​​​
​Dr GOH Su Mein  Senior Lecturer  ​
​Dr GOH Guat Keng Yvonne Senior Lecturer​ ​
​Dr GOH Kah Hong Clarence ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Sandeep GOHAR ​Lecturer ​
​Dr Roshni Sadashiv GOKHALE ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr GOON Teik Jin Anthony ​​Senior Lecturer ​
Dr ​GUO Xiaoxuan​ ​Lecturer ​
​Dr HEAH Ya Ting Charmain ​Lecturer ​
​Dr HENG Kang Ee Gregory ​Lecturer​ ​
Dr HENG Wei Quan ​Lecturer ​​
​Dr HENG Yee Kiat ​​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr HO Boon Hor  Lecturer​ ​
​Dr Benjamin Ho  ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr HONG Qiantai ​Lecturer ​
​Dr HUANG Wanwei Agnes ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr HUANG Wenjie ​Senior Lecturer ​​​
​Dr Pooja Agarwal JAYAGOBI ​Senior Lecturer​
​Dr Joseph Carolin JEYANTHI Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Shirish JOHARI ​Lecturer ​
Dr Gary KANG ​Lecturer ​​
​Dr Mohamed Zakir KARUVETIL ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr KAO Nern Hoong ​Lecturer ​
​Dr KYAW Thet Aung ​Lecturer ​
​Dr KOH Aik Ling ​Lecturer ​
​Dr KOH Kim Hwee ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr KOH Yeow Hoay ​Lecturer ​
​Dr KOK Mong Thiam  ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr KONG Jing Wen ​Senior Lecturer
Dr ​LEE Cia Sin​ ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr LEE Kim Huat Jason ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr LEE-OH Chong Leng ​Senior Lecturer
​Dr LEE Chiao Hao ​Lecturer ​​
Dr LEE Cui Wei ​​Lecturer ​​
​Dr LEE Kian Seng Jason  ​Senior Lecturer ​
​​Dr LEE Tau Hong ​​Senior Lecturer ​​
​Dr LEE Wai Ching Deanna ​Lecturer ​
​Dr LEE Wan Sian ​​Lecturer ​​
​Dr LEE York Tien Lecturer ​
​Dr LEE Yue Yen ​Lecturer ​​
​Dr LEE Zhen Xi Joel ​Lecturer ​
​Dr LEONG Chui Ling Cindy ​Lecturer ​
​Dr LEOW Huimin Esther Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr LIANG Fueng Hin Raymond ​Lecturer ​
​Dr LIANG Weiting Michelle  ​Lecturer ​
​Dr LIN Xuling ​Lecturer​
​Dr LING Simon Robert ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr LIM Ang Tee ​Senior Lecturer ​​​
​Dr Lim Chong Soon Daniel Lecturer​ ​
Dr David LIM ​Senior Lecturer
​Dr LIM Ee Wei ​Lecturer ​
​Dr LIM Shanhui Gillian ​Lecturer ​
Dr ​LIM Sze Wern ​Lecturer ​​​
​Dr Mary Yuling LIM ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr LIOW Pei Hsiang ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr LIU Huimin ​Lecturer ​
​DR LIU Yan Lun Allen  ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr LOH Cheng  ​Adjunct Lecturer  ​
​Dr MANAUIS Charmaine Malenab ​Senior Lecturer
​Dr Vicknesan Jeyan MARIMUTTU Lecturer ​
​Dr Sandra Sylvia MASCARENHAS  ​Lecturer ​
Dr Joseph MOLINA ​Senior Lecturer ​​
​Dr Krithikaa NADARAJAN Senior Lecturer
​Dr NG Chee Chin David  ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr NG Chee Yong  ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr David NG ​Senior Lecturer
​Dr Ng Kok Pin ​Lecturer ​
Dr Pamela NG ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr PARK Joon Jae ​Lecturer ​
​Dr NG Peng Soon  Senior Lecturer​ ​
Dr NG Wei Xiang ​Lecturer
​Dr NGASERIN Ng Hui Na Sabrina ​Lecturer ​
​Dr ODATTIL Geetha  Lecturer  ​
​​Dr Andrew ONG ​Senior Lecturer
​Dr ONG Marc Weijie Senior ​Lecturer ​​
Dr OOI Chee Kheong
​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr OON Hwee Boon Hazel ​​Senior Lecturer​ ​
Dr PAN Jiun Yit ​Senior Lecturer​ ​
​​Dr George PAUL ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Nimeshi Sanjila PEIRIS ​Lecturer ​
​Dr PENG Wei Zhen Evelyn ​Lecturer ​
​​Dr PHUA Ser Hon ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr POON Zhimin ​Lecturer ​
​Dr QUAH Yan Ling ​Lecturer ​
​Dr QUEK Yong Jing Daniel​ ​Lecturer
​Dr SACLOLO Rafael Pulido Senior Lecturer ​​
​Dr Sapna SADARANGANI ​Senior Lecturer
Dr Mucheli Sharavan SADASIV​ ​Lecturer ​
​Dr SALEEM AHMED Abdul Kareen ​Lecturer ​
​Dr SEE Keng Kew Terence ​Senior Lecturer ​
Dr SENG Su-Fern Michaela  Lecturer​
Dr SEOW Cherng Jye Senior ​Lecturer
​Dr SEOW Chew Swee ​​Senior Lecturer ​​
​Dr SHUM Cheuk Fan Lecturer ​
​Dr SIEW Jia Xuan  ​Senior Lecturer  ​
​Dr SIEW Jo Keow  Lecturer  ​
​Dr SIEW Ching Hsia Caroline ​Lecturer ​​​​
​Dr SIM Wenyuan  Lecturer  ​
​Dr SIM Siam Wee ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr SIVARAJ Gunasekaran ​Lecturer ​
​Dr TAN Aik Khien Victor ​Lecturer ​
​Dr Su Su ​Lecturer ​
​Dr TAN Bo Chuan ​Lecturer ​
​Dr TAN Choon Chieh ​Senior Lecturer ​
Dr TAN Chuen Wen ​Senior Lecturer
​Dr TAN Feng Ling Grace ​Lecturer ​
​Dr TAN Geak Poh Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr TAN Lean Chin Laurence ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Marcus TAN ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr TAN Ming Yuan ​Lecturer ​
​Dr TAN Wee Ping Melissa ​Senior Lecturer ​
Dr TAN Qiao Li ​Senior Lecturer
​Dr TAN Sern Ting Eugene ​Lecturer ​
​Dr TAN Siyun Lucinda ​Lecturer ​
​Dr TAN Yee Leng  Lecturer​ ​
​Dr Charmaine TANG ​Senior Lecturer ​
Dr TANG Dilin ​Senior Lecturer​
​Dr TANG Ee Ling Serene ​Lecturer ​
​Dr TAY Ghim Hoon Ellen  ​Lecturer ​
​Dr Valerie TAY Su-Lin ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr TAY Wee Ming ​Lecturer ​​
​Dr TAN Wei Min Aaron ​Lecturer ​
​Dr TEE Shang-Ian ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr David TENG ​Lecturer ​​
​Dr TENG Sung Shin ​Lecturer​​
​Dr TEO Hai Yi Clarence Senior Lecturer  ​
Dr TEO Han Jie ​​Lecturer
​Dr TEO Jin Kiat  ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Valerie TEO Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr VALLIAMMAI Nallakarupan ​Lecturer ​
Dr TEOH Mei Lin ​Lecturer
​Dr THAM Huilian Carol  Lecturer​ ​
Dr THAM Yumin Audrey ​Lecturer ​
​Dr THAY Hui Cheng Juliana ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr TOH Bin Chet ​Lecturer ​
​Dr Kabir TOUSIF ​Lecturer​ ​
​Dr TU Tian Ming  Senior Lecturer​​
Dr Raja VELLOO​ ​​Senior Lecturer ​​
​Dr Kumaresh VENKATESAN ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Desai VIJAYADWAJA ​Lecturer ​
​Dr Nirmal Kavalloor VISRUTHAN Lecturer
​Dr Etienne WANG Cho Ee ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr WANG Zhongkai ​Lecturer ​
​Dr WENG Yanyi ​Lecturer ​
Dr Cynthia WONG Senior ​​Lecturer
​Dr Franco WONG ​Senior Lecturer
Dr Kevin WONG ​Senior Lecturer
​Dr WONG Pak Leung Kenneth ​Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr WONG Mun Yee Sharon Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr Sabrina WONG ​Lecturer
​Dr WONG Shi Hui Junice ​Lecturer ​
Dr XU Huiying ​Senior Lecturer
​Dr XU Zheyu Lecturer ​
​Dr YANG Sze Yee ​Lecturer
​Dr YANG Jinghui Lecturer ​
Dr YAO Fengyuan  ​Senior Lecturer ​​
​Dr YEO Koon Wee Benson ​Lecturer ​
​Dr YEO Kee Thai Senior Lecturer ​
​Dr YEO Xue Wei Danson ​Lecturer ​
​Dr YAP Wai Ming  ​Adjunct Associate Professor  ​
​Dr YEOW Siying Lecturer ​
​Dr YIP Wai Yan Lecturer ​
​Dr YOONG Kah Choun Jon ​​Adjunct Assistant Professor ​
​Dr YONG Kok Pin ​Lecturer ​
​Dr YONG Mo Juin ​Lecturer ​
Dr Flora YUAN ​Lecturer
​Dr ZHANG Jia Jia Mandy  ​Lecturer ​
Dr ZHENG Zhimin ​Senior Lecturer ​
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