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Maurice van Steensel

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Professor Maurice van Steensel
Professor of Dermatology and Skin Biology
Research Programmes: Skin Diseases & Wound Repair​; Microbiome Medicine​

Professor Maurice van Steensel studied medicine at the Catholic University Nijmegen, Netherlands, obtaining his MD in 1996, and completed a cum laude PhD in genetics and dermatology in 2005 from Maastricht University, Netherlands.

Prof van Steensel is an experienced and highly regarded dermatologist with a PhD in molecular genetics. He is a renowned expert in genetic skin disorders and has improved our understanding of many skin diseases. 

In Singapore, he uses his experience to discover new drugs to treat a range of common skin diseases. He is currently working on acne and oily skin. The results are transforming our insight into these common conditions and his work will soon result in new treatments. Prof van Steensel has a leading role in the new Skin Research Institute of Singapore (SRIS). He wants to conduct science that benefits patients and consumers in Singapore and the rest of the world.

As a clinician-scientist, Prof van Steensel believes that doctors should be able to drive advances in medicine. Thus, they must have a solid training in the sciences. He also thinks that doctors must know a lot about skin. Skin diseases, after all, are among the most common conditions in the world and by several measures, skin can be said to be the largest organ in the body. 

Prof van Steensel is very passionate about Science and skin biology. He inspires and teaches students to become great doctors who care about science (and skin).

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