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Office of Faculty Affairs

​​​​Office of Faculty Affairs​
Assoc Prof Andrew Tan Vice-Dean (Faculty Affairs)​
Associate Professor of Metabolic Disorders
​Ms Harpreet KAUR ​Personal Assistant to Assoc Prof Andrew Tan ​
6592 2456
​Ms Susan CHANG ​Deputy Director, Faculty Affairs ​
6592 7820
​Ms Elissa NG ​Manager (Full Time Faculty Matters, Appraisal, Promotions & Tenure) ​
6592 7819
​Dr Allyson SOON ​Manager (Visiting & Joint Appointments, External Consultancies, Faculty Development & Mentorship) ​
6908 1991
​Ms LOW Lai Yoong ​Manager (Clinical Adjuncts/Educators)​ ​
6592 3612

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