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Office of Medical Education

Office of Education
Prof Jennifer Cleland ​Vice-Dean, Education
Professor of Medical Education Research
Director of Medical Education Research & Scholarship Unit
Prof PANG Weng Sun​ ​Vice-Dean, Clinical Course Lead (Professionalism, Ethics, Law, Leadership and Patient Safety)
6592 3826

Assistant Deans
​Dr Lucy Rosby​ ​Assistant Dean, Years 1 & 2
Senior Lecturer, Medical Education
Assoc Prof KOH Nien Yue Assistant Dean, Year 3
Assoc Prof WONG Teck Yee Assistant Dean, Year 4 
Clinical Course Lead (Early Patient Contact)
Assoc Prof THAM Kum Ying Assistant Dean, Year 5
Principal Lead (Emergency Medicine)
Assoc Prof KWEK Tong Kiat ​Assistant Dean, Admissions & Overseas Electives 
Clinical Module Lead (Cardiorespiratory System)
​Assoc Prof TANG Wern Ee ​Assistant Dean, Family Medicine
Clinical Module Lead (Family Medicine and Community Health)
Clinical Course Lead (Foundations of Clinical Practice/OSCE - Year 2)
Principal Lead (Student Assistantship Programme - Family Medicine)

​6592 3843​
Dr Tanya TIERNEY​ Assistant Dean, Clinical Communication
6592 3054
Asst Prof Jerome Rotgans​ ​Assistant Professor, Medical Education Research
Assistant Dean, Assessment 
Lead for Learning Strategies
​​education Management​​
Ms Ruth CHOE ​Director
6592 1838
​Mr Edwin LIM Deputy Director, Graduate Programmes
6904 2068
Ms Tricia TAN Senior Assistant Director, Curriculum
6592 7914
​Ms ANG Wei Wei Senior Assistant Director, Examinations & Assessments ​
6592 3865​
Ms Jowe CHU​ Assistant Director, Admissions, Projects and Electives ​
6592 3861
​Ms Edna NG ​Assistant Director, Student Progress ​
6592 3862
Ms Ivis WEE
​Manager, Student Life & Support ​
6592 3814

Digital Learning
​Dr NG Kian Bee ​Head ​
​Mr NG Aik Song ​Senior Assistant Director ​
6592 3859

​​Student Wellbeing​

Mr Emmanuel TAN​ Lead for Educational Engagement & Lead for Student Wellbeing​
6592 3846
​Appointment Holders
​​Assoc Prof 
​Principal Lead (Medical Oncology) ​​​​
​Assoc Prof 
Madelynn CHAN
Principal Lead (Rheumatology) ​​
Assoc Prof CHUA Sze Hon Clinical Module Lead (Skin)
Assoc Prof Michelle JONG ​Clinical Lead (Endocrine System) / Principal Lead (Endocrinology) ​​
​Assoc Prof Angeline LAI ​Clinical Module Lead (Child Development and Health)
Assoc Prof LEE Yee Mun Principal Lead (Urology) ​​
​Assoc Prof LEE Hwei Yee  ​Clinical Course Lead (Pathology) ​
​​Assoc Prof Albert LIM​ Clinical Lead (Respiratory Medicine) / Principal Lead (Respiratory Medicine) ​​
Assoc Prof LIM Wee Chian ​Principal Lead (Gastroenterology) ​
​Assoc Prof LIM Yick Hou  ​Clinical Module Lead (Respiratory Medicine)
Assoc Prof ONG Kiat Hoe Clinical Module Lead (Blood & Lymphatic System) / 
Principal Lead (Haematology)
​Assoc Prof ONG Say How Clinical Module Lead (Mental Health) / Principal Lead (Psychiatry) ​​
Assoc Prof SEE Jee Jian ​​Principal Lead (Anaesthesia) ​​
​Assoc Prof Gerald TAN Clinical Course ​Lead (Radiology) ​​​​
​Assoc Prof TAN Choon Hwai Johnson ​Clinical Module Lead (Visual System)/Principal Lead (Ophthalmology) ​
Assoc Prof TAN Teng Hong Principal Lead (Paediatrics) ​​
Assoc Prof Gervais WANSAICHEONG Clinical Course Lead (Quality & Patient Safety)​
​Assoc Prof WONG Lee Yuen ​Clinical Lead (Year 5 Electives (1)) ​
Assoc Prof WONG Wei Chin Clinical Module Lead (Ageing)/Principal Lead (Geriatric Medicine)​
Assoc Prof Fabian YAP Principal Lead (Paediatrics)
​Asst Prof Ieera Madan AGGARWAL ​Clinical Module Lead (Female Reproductive System) ​
Asst Prof Yusuf ALI

Associate Professor of Metabolic ​Disease
Longitudinal Course Lead, MBBS Curriculum, Scientist Course

Lead, Innovations in Medicine​​
​Asst Prof Lester CHAN ​Clinical Module Lead (Musculoskeletal System) ​​​
​Asst Prof CHONG Chin Ted​ Clinical Course Lead (Pharmacology)
​Asst Prof Ivan CHUA Tjun Huat  ​​Principal Lead (Student Assistantship Programme - Orthopaedic Surgery)​ ​
​Asst Prof Deshan Kumar s/o Rajeswaran ​Principal Lead (Rehabilitation Medicine) ​
​Asst Prof FONG Wee Kim Principal Lead (Critical Care Medicine) ​
​Asst Prof Bhanu GUPTA ​Assistant Clinical Module Lead (Mental Health) ​
​​Asst Prof 
Clinical Module Lead (Female Reproductive System) /Principal Lead (Obstetrics and Gynaecology) ​​
​Asst Prof KAU Chung Yuan Assistant Clinical Module Lead (Musculoskeletal System) ​
​Asst Prof Richard LEE Principal Lead (Family Medicine)​
SBA Lead - Year 4 
​Asst Prof LO Su Chun Robert ​Clinical Module Lead (Gastrointestinal System) ​
Asst Prof ​Bairy MANOHAR Giliyar ​Clinical Module Lead (Renal and Urinary System)
Principal Lead (Renal Medicine) 
​Asst Prof Reddy MOGALI ​Head of Anatomy ​
​Asst Prof NEO Han Yee Clinical Course Lead (Professionalism, Ethics, Law, Leadership & Patient Safety) ​
​Asst Prof Ashutosh PRAKASH ​Clinical Course Lead (Radiology)  ​
Asst Prof Jerome ROTGANS ​Assistant Professor (Medical Education Research) / Lead (Course Evaluation)​ ​​
​Asst Prof Kaushal SANGHVI ​SBA Lead (Surgery - Year 5)Principal Lead (Surgery - Year 3 & 5 / Student Assistantship Programme - General Surgery) ​​​
​Asst Prof Endean TAN Principal Lead (Medicine - Year 5) / SBA Lead (Medicine - Year 5) ​​​
​Asst Prof Sheila SRINIVASAN Clinical Module Lead (Nervous System)
​Asst Prof James WEE Principal Lead (Orthopaedic Surgery - Year 3 & Year 5) ​​
​Dr Aung Myint Oo @ Ye Jian Guo ​Clinical Module Lead (Gastrointestinal System)
​Dr Dorai Raj APPADORAI ​​Principal Lead (Medicine - Year 3)
SBA Lead (Medicine - Year 3)
Dr CHIA Siew Chin
​Principal Lead (Palliative Medicine) ​
​Dr CHOONG Caroline Victoria ​Clinical Course Lead for OSCE (Clinical Years)
​Dr Ernest FU ​Principal Lead (Otorhinolaryngology) ​
​Dr FUNG Chak Yuen ​Clinical Module Lead (Ear, Nose and Throat)
​Dr GOH Mui Heng ​SBA Lead (Surgery - Year 3)
​Dr Madeline HO ​Prinicipal Lead (Dermatology) ​​
​Dr HUANG Wenhui ​Assistant Clinical Lead (Year 5 Electives (2)
​Dr Saleem Ahmed Abdul KAREEM  ​Clinical Course Lead for OSCE (Clinical Years) ​
​Dr KOH Ai Ling  ​Assistant Clinical Module Lead (Child Development and Health) ​
​Dr Lee Hsien Xiong Raphael ​Clinical Course Lead for OSCE (Clinical Years - Overall)
​Dr Li Yunkai Andrew ​Clinical Course Lead (Enhanced Campus-based Learning)
​Dr LIM Wen Phei ​Assistant Principal Lead (Psychiatry)
​Dr LIM Wei-Yen ​Clinical Course Lead (Public Health and Epidemiology) 
​Dr MOK Kwang How ​Clinical Module Lead (Cardiology)
Principal Lead (Cardiology)
​Dr NG Peng Soon ​Principal Lead (Neurology) ​
Dr Preman RAJALINGAM​ ​Senior Lecturer, Medical Education  ​
​Dr Mucheli Sharavan SADASIV ​Clinical Module Lead (Infection) / Principal Lead (Infectious Diseases)
Dr SIEW Ching Hsia Caroline Clinical Course Lead (Enhanced Campus-based Learning and OSCE (Clinical Years)
​Dr TAI Yinxia ​Clinical Course Lead for OSCE (Clinical Years)
​Dr Joanne TAN ​​Principal Lead (Student Assistantship Programme - Medicine)
​Dr TAN Shu Yun ​Clinical Course Lead (Clinical Methods)
​Dr Valerie TEO Assistant Clinical Lead (OSCE - Year 2) ​​
Ms Ramani SARAVANAN Senior Assistant Director / Lead (Practical Skills)
6592 3090​​​
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