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Office of Research

​​Office of Research​​​
Prof LIM Kah Leong​ Vice-Dean, Research ​ ​
​Ms Harpreet Kaur ​Secretary, Vice-Dean's (Research) Office
6592 2456​
Assoc Prof TAN Cher Heng​ ​Assistant Dean, Clinical Research ​
​Assoc Prof Kevin PETHE​ ​​Associate Professor of Infectious Disease and Assistant Dean, Research ​​
Assoc Prof ​Fabi​an LIM​ Programme Director, Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine
Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology
6592 3931
Prof Bernhard BOEHM Ong Tiong Tat Chair Professor in Diabetes Research ​
Professor of Metabolic Medicine
6592 3637
​Prof Balazs GULYAS​ Professor of Translational Neuroscience
President's Chair in Translational Neuroscience
6478 9059
​Prof Helen SMITH ​​Director, Centre for Primary Healthcare Research & Innovation
Professor of Family Medicine and Primary Care
6592 3926
Prof WANG Yulan​ ​Director, Singapore Phenome Centre​
Professor of Metabolomics
6904 1106
Assoc Prof Josi​p CAR​ Director, Health Services Outcomes Research Programme
Director, Centre for Population Health Sciences
Associate Professor of Health Services Outcomes Research
6904 7005

​​​​Research Administrative & Support Services
​Dr Andrew ANG Director ​
6592 3971
Dr NG Sean Pin Deputy Director
6592 3167
Mr Darren YEONG ​Senior Assistant Director
6904 7143
​​​Mr Ken WONG Manager, Research Operations and Core Facilities
6592 3975​
​Mr Sufian SUDERMAN Assistant Manager
6592 3980

​​​​Centre for global health
​Dr NG Ee Ling Assistant ​Director ​
6592 3938

​​​​Centre For primary health care research and innovation
​Mr Darren YEONG Senior Assistant ​Director ​
6904 7143

gAmes for heaLth InnoVations cEntre (ALIVE)
​Mr TAN Jun Wen Research Assistant  ​
6904 1223

​​​​​​ Centre for Population Health Sciences (CePHaS)
​Ms Elaine TAN Assistant ​Director ​
6904 7008

​​​​​​ Cognitive Neuroimaging Centre (CONIC)
​Dr Parasuraman PADMANABHAN  Deputy Director
6904 1186

​​​​​​ Singapore Phenome Centre
​Dr Sunil Shankar ADAV Assistant ​Director
6904 6961

​​​​​​ Singapore Brain Bank
​Dr Joan SIM Manager
6592 6952

The Academic Respiratory Initiative for Pulmonary Health (TARIPH)
​Ms Eileen CHEW Assistant ​Manager
6904 7109

​​​​​​ Good Research Practice Office
​Ms Celine LEE Senior Assistant Manager
6592 3982

Research Faculty​​​​​​
Prof George AUGUSTINE Irene Tan Liang Kheng Chair Professor in Neuroscience 
​​Professor of Neuroscience and Mental Health
Prof David BECKER Professor of Tissue Repair and Regeneration
Prof Bernhard BOEHM
​​Scientific Director of Metabolic Disorders Research Programme
Professor of Metabolic Medicine
Prof John CHAMBERS ​Professor of Cardiovascular Epidemiology ​
​Prof George CHANDY ​Professor of Molecular Physiology ​
​Prof Michael FERENCZI ​Professor of Medical Sciences ​
Prof Balazs Gulyas ​Scientific Director of Neuroscience & Mental Health Research Programme
Professor of Translational Neuroscience
Prof Philip INGHAM FRS ​Toh Kian Chui Distinguished Professor 
Professor of Developmental Biology
​Prof Helen SMITH Director, Centre for Primary Healthcare Research & Innovation
Professor of Family Medicine & Primary Care
Prof Maurice van STEENSEL ​Professor of Dermatology and Skin Biology​​
​Prof WANG Yulan​ ​Professor of Metabolomics
Director of Singapore Phenome Centre
Assoc Prof Josip CAR ​Director, Health Services Outcomes Research Programme
Director, Centre for Population Health Sciences
Associate Professor of Health Services Outcomes Research
Assoc Prof Yen CHOO​ ​Associate Professor of Stem Cell Science and Regenerative Medicine  ​
​Assoc Prof Norris Ray DUNN​ ​Associate Professor of Regenerative Medicine  ​
​​Assoc Prof Konstadina GRIVA​​ ​Associate Professor of Health Psychology / Behavioural Medicine ​
​Assoc Prof Suresh JESUTHASAN ​Associate Professor of Behavioural Neuroscience ​
Assoc Prof Fabian LIM​ ​Assistant Dean, Research
Programme Director, Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine
Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology
​Assoc Prof LUO Dahai​ ​Associate Professor of Infection and Immunity ​​
Assoc Prof Joanne NGEOW ​Associate Professor of Genomic Medicine ​​​​​
Assoc Prof Andrew TAN​ ​Vice-Dean, Faculty Affairs
Associate Professor of Metabolic Disorders
Assoc Prof Eric YAP ​Associate Professor of Human and Microbial Genetics​ ​
Assoc Prof YEO Tsin Wen ​Associate Professor of Infectious Disease
PhD Programme Lead for Global Health Awareness Attachment
​Asst Prof Yusuf ALI ​Assistant Professor of Metabolic Disease​ ​
Asst Prof Anna BARRON ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Lorainne Tudor CAR ​Assistant Professor of Evidence Based Medicine ​
Asst Prof Tom CARNEY ​Assistant Professor of Developmental Biology ​
​Asst Prof CH'NG Toh Hean ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Christine CHEUNG ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Sanjay CHOTIRMALL ​Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine ​
Asst Prof GUAN Xue Li ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Franklin ZHONG Lei​ ​Nanyang Assistant Professor (NRF) ​
Asst Prof FOO Jia Nee ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Tsukasa KAMIGAKI​ ​​Assistant Professor of Systems Neuroscience  ​
​Asst Prof Sarah LANGLEY​ ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Marie Loh​​ ​Assistant Professor of Molecular Epidemiology​  ​
Asst Prof Hiroshi MAKINO ​​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof Reddy MOGALI ​Assistant Professor
Head of Anatomy
Asst Prof Yasunori SAHEKI ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
​Asst Prof Navin VERMA ​Assistant Professor of Immunology and Cell Biology ​
​Asst Prof WANG Xiaomeng ​Assistant Professor of Molecular Medicine ​
​Asst Prof Christine WONG​ ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
Asst Prof XIA Yun​ ​Nanyang Assistant Professor ​
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