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Innovation & Entrepreneurship

In the past decade alone, Singapore has spent approximately $50 billion on research, innovation and enterprise. A significant portion of this capital was invested in healthcare and biomedical research, a highly competitive sector that has seen record growth globally in this period.

To enhance the impact of biomedical research and provide a return on investment, the School actively cultivates an entrepreneurial culture proficient in translating basic science into products and services that benefit the nation’s health and wealth.

The Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship (OI&E) helps researchers identify and develop opportunities to commercialise new findings.

Office of Innovation & Entrepreneurship​​
​Assoc Prof Yen CHOO ​Executive Director ​
6514 8361
​Dr Andrew ANG ​Director  ​
6592 3971
​Dr NG Sean Pin ​Deputy Director ​
6592 3167
​Mr LIN Guobin Assistant Manager ​
6592 3952
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