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Mission & Vision

A​t LKCMedicine, we see ourselves as more than a medical school. We are an institution founded on partnerships and imbued with the belief that we can transform healthcare. That is why at LKCMedicine, we go beyond just teaching medicine. We redefine the medicine of tomorrow: the way it is practised and delivered. More than just a discipline to be studied, we see medicine’s role in our evolving society and how it positively impacts lives today and in the future.

Through the symbiosis of science, engineering and technology in our world-class academic and healthcare curriculum, we strive to make new medical discoveries that will benefit society. We pursue medical innovations, creating cutting-edge approaches to healthcare, so that we can genuinely understand and better respond to patients, wherever they may be. By dedicating ourselves to care intelligently and compassionately for patients, we seek excellence, not only in the domain of medicine, but in the world of healthcare.

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