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Asst Prof Andy Ho Hau Yan
Assistant Professor






Assistant Professor Andy Ho is an award-winning researcher, educator and psychologist who specialises in life and death education, palliative end-of-life care, psychosocial gerontology, public mental health, holistic therapies and community empowerment. He is an elected member of the prestigious International Work Group on Death, Dying and Bereavement (IWGDDB), a Fellow in Thanatology, and a Marriage and Family Therapist. While serving as reviewer for numerous international academic journals as well as advisor for various non-profit social service organisations, he is also the Founder of the LifeLAB Institute and the Before-Goodbyes Foundation in Singapore, the Founding Advisor of the International Love-Soar Children Grief Awareness Project, and the Founding Host of Death Café Hong Kong.
In the past decade, Asst Prof Ho has successfully fundraised and obtained over S$10 million in research and service funding from competitive grants and major charitable organisations. Leading a team of clinicians and researchers to work closely with governments and the third sector, he has played an instrumental role in the design and implementation of many high-impact knowledge building and knowledge transfer projects. They include pressing issues on dignity and end-of-life care, ageing and long-term care, health equity and social justice, humanitarian aid, and public governance. Asst Prof Ho has published widely and presented globally on these topics, and his innovative work has significantly informed and enhanced health and psychosocial care practices and policies in local and international communities. His scholarly and social contributions have been recognised with distinction by the Association of Death Education and Counselling, the International Palliative Care Network, the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts, the Hong Kong Hospital Authority, and the Hong Kong International Cancer Congress.

Research Focus

Community Health Psychology, Qualitative Psychology, Participatory Action Research.

Selected Publications
1. Ho, A.H.Y., & Tan, G.X.L. (In Press). Protecting Dignity at the End of Life: An Agenda for Human Rights in an Ageing World. In D. Harris & R. Bordere (eds.), Promoting Social Justice in Loss and Grief. New York: Routledge.
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3. Ho, A.H.Y., Potash, J.S., Fong, T.C.T., Ho V.F.L., Chen, E.Y.H., Lau, R.H.W., AuYeung, F.S.W., & Ho, R.T.H. (2015). Psychometric properties of a Chinese version of the Stigma Scale: assessing the complex experiences of stigma and its relationship with self-esteem and depression among people living with mental illness. Comprehensive Psychiatry, 56, 198-205.
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