Associate Professor Ding Yew Yoong

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Dr Ding Yew Yoong
Associate Professor
Dr Ding is a senior consultant geriatrician with the Department of Geriatric Medicine and Institute of Geriatrics & Active Ageing (IGA) at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. He is also a joint faculty at the Ministry of Health's Geriatric Education & Research Institute (GERI), and a visiting consultant at the National Healthcare Group Health Services & Outcome Research (HSOR) unit. He studied public health at the University of Queensland and research methodology at the London School of Economics. He completed an NMRC research fellowship in health services research at the VA Bedford Centre for Health Quality, Outcomes & Economic Research (CHQOER) and Boston University School of Public Health, as well as a HMDP fellowship at the Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences (ICES) in Toronto. He conducts and collaborates on research on health and health care for older people. Dr Ding’s substantive areas of research include frailty, geriatric syndromes, and models of geriatric care, while his methodological interests lie in causal inference, programme evaluation, and structural equation modelling.

Research focus
Dr Ding’s research has a substantive focus on ageing and geriatric medicine, and includes frailty, geriatric syndromes, and models of geriatric care. In addition, the methodological focus of his work is on risk adjustment, causal inference, longitudinal studies, programme evaluation, and structural equation modelling.

Key publications
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