Professor Leopold Schmetterer


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Prof Leopold Schmetterer

Professor of Ophthalmology



Prof Schmetterer is Professor of Ophthalmology and head of ocular imaging at Singapore Eye Research Institute. His interests span a wide range of ocular imaging from development of novel technologies to applications in preclincal research and clinical settings. Prof Schmetterer is also interested in clinical trials and is involved in many studies in retina, glaucoma, cornea and dry eye.

He has published more than 280 peer reviewed publications, was invited for more than 200 lectures including more than 15 keynote lectures and has been awarded more than 15 million Euro in research grant funding. He is a member of the Editorial Boards of Progress in Retinal and Eye Research, Scientific Reports, Acta Ophthalmologica, Journal of Ocular Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Current Eye Research and five other journals.

Other concurrent positions
• Head of Imaging at Singapore Eye Research Institute
• Professorship in Vienna on hold (3 years)
Research Focus
Imaging, optical coherence tomography, ocular blood supply, clinical trials
Selected publications:

1. Leitgeb RA, Werkmeister RM, Blatter C, Schmetterer L. Doppler optical coherence tomography. Prog Retin Eye Res. 2014;41:26-43.

2. Aranha Dos Santos V, Schmetterer L, Gröschl M, Garhofer G, Schmidl D, Kucera M, Unterhuber A, Hermand JP, Werkmeister RM. In vivo tear film thickness measurement and tear film dynamics visualization using spectral domain optical coherence tomography.Opt Express. 2015;23:21043-63.

3. Werkmeister RM, Schmidl D, Aschinger GC, Doblhoff-Dier V, Palkovits S, Wirth M, Garhöfer G, Linsenmeier RA, Leitgeb RA, Schmetterer L. Retinal oxygen extraction in humans. Sci Reports 2015;5:15763.

4. Palkovits S, Lasta M, Told R, Schmidl D, Werkmeister RM, Popa Cherecheanu A, Garhöfer G, Schmetterer L. Relation of retinal blood flow and retinal oxygen tension during stimulation with diffuse luminance flicker. Sci Reports 2015;5:18291.

5. Aranha dos Santos V, Schmetterer L, Triggs GJ, Leitgeb RA, Groschl M, Messner A, Schmidl D, Garhofer G, Aschinger G, Werkmeister RM.  Super-resolved thickness maps of thin film phantoms and in vivo visualization of tear film lipid layer using OCT. Biomed Opt Exp 2016 Jun 16;7(7):2650-70

6. Seidel G, Aschinger G, Singer C, Herzog SA, Weger M, Haas A, Werkmeister RM, Schmetterer L, Garhöfer G. Estimating Retinal Blood Flow Velocities by Optical Coherence Tomography. JAMA Ophthalmol. In press