Assistant Professor Sophie Bellanger


Sum Chee Fang.jpg
Sophie Bellanger was trained at the Pasteur Institute (Paris, France) with Francoise Thierry in Moshe Yaniv’s laboratory. She obtained her Ph.D from the Paris-Sud University in November 2004. Her main project focused on molecular mechanisms underlying deregulation of cell cycle by Human Papillomaviruses (HPV).

She then joined the group of Joelle Sobczak-Thepot at the University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris 6) to investigate the roles of B-type cyclins (B1 and B2) in mitosis entry, mitosis completion and control of re-replication.

In December 2006, she moved to Singapore to join IMB. She started as a research fellow working on mitosis control by HPV in keratinocytes, before being promoted to research scientist in 2010. Over the next 3 years, she directed HPV projects related to cell cycle checkpoints, metabolism and apoptosis.

In October 2013, she was appointed as a Project Leader in IMB to investigate cell cycle and metabolism regulation in skin stem cells, and transition from proliferation to differentiation in human primary keratinocytes.