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Office of Research

​Assistant Dean, Research / Associate Professor of Exercise Physiology / Programme Director for Graduate Diploma in Sports Medicine Assoc Prof Fabian Lim ​6592 3931
​ ​ ​ ​
Scientific Director of Metabolic Disease Research Programme / Professor of Metabolic Medicine ​Prof Bernhard Boehm ​6592 3637
​Scientific Director of Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Programme / Professor of Translational Neuroscience Prof Balazs Gulyas ​6478 9059
​Director of Health Services Outcomes Research Programme and Director of Centre for Population Health Sciences / Associate Professor of Health Services Outcomes Research Assoc Prof Josip Car
​Director of Centre for Primary Health Care Research & Innovation / Professor of Family Medicine and Primary Care Prof Helen Smith
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Research Administrative & Support Services
​Director ​Dr Andrew Ang ​6592 3971
​Director, Animal Research Facilities ​​Dr Sathivel s/o Ponniah ​6904 1401
​Director, Clinical Innovation & Research Development ​​Dr Stephanie Tan Soo Hwei ​6592 2653
​Director, Clinical Research Centre ​Dr Wong Boon Ngin Gerard Alphonsus ​6592 7783
​Deputy Director, Metabolic Disorders, Head of Operation, Singapore Phenome Centre (SPC) ​Dr Ng Sean Pin ​6592 3167
Deputy Director, Head of Operation, Centre for Neuroimaging Research at NTU (CeNReN) ​Dr Parasuraman Padmanabhan ​6904 1186
Senior Assistant Director, Ehealth/ Health Research ICT ​Mr Asif Akram ​6904 7008
​Assistant Director, Advaned Microscopy Facility ​Dr Balakrishnan Kannan ​6514 1256
​Assistant Director, Primary Care Research Network ​Ms Cindy Mah ​6904 7143
​Manager, Neuroscience and Mental Health ​Dr Sundramurthy Kumar ​6904 1185
​Manager, Health Services & Outcomes Research ​Dr Edward Tan 6592 3960
​​Manager, Cardiovascular Epidemiology, Infectious & Immunity, Skin Biology & Dermatology ​​Dr Ng Ee Ling ​​ ​​6592 3938
​Manager, Stem Cell Facility ​Ms Li Pin ​6592 3991
​Manager, Biobank (EMB) ​Mr Wong Chang Hua ​6592 3906
​Manager, Research Operations and Core Facilities ​Mr Ken Wong ​6592 3975
​Manager, Global Health ​Ms Esabelle Yam ​6592 3981
​Senior Assistant Manager, Research and Graduate Affairs ​Ms Karen Guo ​6592 3974
​Assistant Manager, Research Grant Management ​Mr Rueben Sng Jin Ern ​6592 3952
Assistant Manager, Research Operations ​Ms Winnie Tay ​6592 3976
​Assistant Manager, Research Core Facilities ​Ms Manisha Cooray ​6904 7015